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How to Find Apex Machines

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Horizon Forbidden West is a stunning, massive, open-world game where you’ll encounter all types of enemies. Among the various threats and wondrous machines roaming this post-apocalyptic world, you might also chance upon Apex machines. In this short article, we will briefly discuss what Apex machines are and how you can reliably find them.

What are Apex Machines

Apex machines are the deadlier variants of normal machines, due to the corruption of Hephaestus. Also known as “Hunter Killers”, they’ll usually have different resistances and heightened aggressiveness to boot. Make sure to scan them with your focus before engaging them so you won’t get off guard! Apex machines can be easily identified by the dark purple lights emanating from their bodies. When not on alert or attack mode, these machines will usually emit bright blue lights.

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So why do you need to hunt them if they’re that deadly? Well, simply because they’re the only source of Apex (Machine) Hearts. These valuable parts are required to upgrade high-level/legendary gear, which are hard enough to get on their own. Also, it seems that you can only get one Heart per defeated Apex Machine so if a gear or weapon requires more than one Heart, you’ll need to defeat the specific apex machine several times to get enough.

How to Find Apex Machines

Apex machines don’t have their own dedicated sites that you can visit. Instead, they share the same spawn points as their normal counterparts. The important thing to remember however is that Apex Machines are most likely to spawn at night. This important factor is not even mentioned in the game’s lore, cutscenes, or NPC dialogues but thanks to the observation of the player base, it’s a general consensus that this is the truth of the matter.

The game also has a regular day/night cycle. Thankfully, there’s a way to conveniently change the time of day without waiting for the normal cycle schedule. Enter the Progress Time option in Shelters. Simply interact with the stool in front of the campfire then select the option to progress time. From there, you can select what time of the day you would like to progress to. Use this method often when hunting for Apex machines for convenience.

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Take note that even at night, there’s no guarantee that an Apex machine will spawn. The chance of that happening is just higher at night. If you visit a machine site and discover that the normal variant is roaming there, you can fast travel to another nearby campfire then return to the closest campfire to the site you’re visiting to “refresh” the spawn point. Repeat this step until the apex version appears. Even after defeating that Apex machine, you can still use the same method described above to reset the site and respawn the machine there.

It’s worth noting that difficulty will not affect the chances of spawning Apex machines. Playing on Easy or Story difficulties will not affect the quality of drops either so if you’re hunting large apex machines like Thunderjaws, Slaughterspines, Stormbird, etc, don’t hesitate to lower the difficulty so you can kill them quickly and farm more efficiently.

Additionally, it seems your overall progress in the game does affect the spawn rate to some extent. It doesn’t make sense for the game to spawn Apex machines if a player can’t even beat the normal variant after all. Regardless, the fact that you’re hunting them for their hearts is proof enough that you need these materials high-level/end-game gear.

That concludes our article about how to find Apex Machines in Horizon Forbidden West. We hope that this information helps you in your exploration and adventure. For more content regarding Horizon Forbidden West, please refer to our online guide here at Supercheats.

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