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Mountable Machines

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Horizon Forbidden West is a stunning, massive, open-world game. You’ll be frequently facing machines in all shapes and sizes. While some are deadly, there are certain machine types that you can “tame” by overriding them, allowing you to turn them into mounts that you can use to travel faster and cover a lot of distance with the least amount of effort. In this short page, we will discuss how you can identify which machines to mount, and provide the list of all machines that you can mount in the game.

Mounting Basics

There are four machine types that you can use as mounts in the game. Early in the game, you’ll have the ability to override Chargers and use them as mounts, as part of the story. However, for the other mounts, you’ll need to unlock their respective cauldrons so you can override them then actually find them in the wild, sneaking behind, and overriding them.

Some of these mountable machines have multiple other variants. You can usually mount the elemental versions of these machines though you can’t tame the Apex versions. When you scan a machine using your focus, you’ll still be able to see the indicator if it can be mounted or not. Please see our list below to know which machine versions can be mounted.

Once you have overridden and secured a mount, you’ll be able to summon it conveniently wherever mounts are allowed by selecting the Summon Mount icon and pressing the DPAD button from the Hunter’s Kit menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. Overriding another mountable machine will replace the one you currently have.

Mounts can also be attacked and damaged. That’s why if you’re not really going to rush in and perform mounted combat, it’s better to just dismount and leave your trusty mount at a safe distance. Damaged mounts can still be repaired using Metal Shards; however, destroyed mounts are permanently lost and cannot be revived.

Mounts are permanently overridden; the only way you’ll lose them is when they get destroyed or you have overridden another mountable machine. You can further improve your damage, defense, and repair cost using mounts by learning the necessary skills under the Machine Master skill tree.


This is the first machine type that you’ll be able to override and tame in the game. It’s quick but won’t be able to take that much damage, making it ideal only for traveling and not in actual combat. This mount is perfect for hit and run tactics.

Mountable Variants:

No variants.

Cauldron: None (Available by default)


These warthog-like machines are quite speedy for their size, plus, they’re also reliable in combat. Due to their size, you’ll have a harder time maneuvering them in tight spots or paths with a lot of obstructions. If left alone, these scavengers will be able to dig up random stuff in the immediate area as well.

Mountable Variants:

* Acid Bristleback

* Fire Bristleback

Cauldron: (Repair Bay Tau)

You’ll gain access to this cauldron during the main quest “The Dying Lands” in Plainsong.


Clawstriders look intimidating and badass as heck. They’re reliable combat machines, capable of performing quick and weak attacks, or slow, but heavy pounce attacks. They only travel at average speed but they’re always ready for combat if you need it. Unlike bristlebacks, they’re also very maneuverable, allowing you to easily tackle tight paths filled with obstructions.

Mountable Variants:

* Acid Clawstider

* Fire Clawstider

Cauldron: IOTA

This is the same cauldron where you have to raise the Tallneck that covers Salt Bite so overriding the cauldron’s core will fix and release the damaged tallneck while also unlocking new overrides, including the ability to mount Clawstriders.


The only flying mount in the game (and series), the Sunwing offers unrivaled accessibility, fastest travel speed, and of course, the best views. There are certain tasks in the game that can only be accessed by flying and dropping from above. It’s not great for combat so make sure to land it at a safe distance when trying to clear hostile territory. Thankfully, the ability to override this machine is part of the main story (read below).

Mountable Variants:

No variants.

Cauldron: Gemini

This is the inactive Cauldron that you can visit southwest of the Scalding Spear. This seems to be related to the Tallneck in the Shining Wastes as well. You’ll have to continue along the main story and clear the main quest “The Wings of the Ten” to gain the ability to override Sunwings.

That concludes our Mountable Machines list for Horizon Forbidden West. We hope that this information helps you in your exploration and adventure. For more content regarding Horizon Forbidden West, please refer to our online guide here at Supercheats.

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