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Hero Cantare Skills Guide

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What are your character's skills capable of in Hero Cantare? Here, we'll discuss the different skills types available in this game as well as how you'll be able to use them. There are many characters in the game and they have different skill properties as well, reading up on your hero skills and knowing how to strengthen them will be needed in order for you to progress in this game.

To know more about your character and the different mechanics of a Hero in the game, don't forget to check our Hero Information Guide for more information.

How to use Skills

Before we dig deep into the skills in the game, you'll have to know how to use your basic skills. When you start the game, you'll be going through a quick tutorial in first, and you'll be introduced on how to use them. The core gameplay in Hero Cantare is for you to chain blocks in order to determine which skill you'll be using.

During a battle, your character's icon will appear as blocks at the bottom area. You will need to stack blocks to determine what skill you will be using. The blocks that are chained will represent your skill usage as follows:

1 Block = Skill 1

2 Blocks = Skill 2

3 Blocks = Skill 3

How to use skills
How to use skills

You can find more information about the game's battle mechanics by referring to our following guide: How do you play Hero Cantare?

Checking a Hero's skill details

Now that you know how to use skills, you'll want to know more about a specific character's skills. In order to do this, open the hero page and select a character of your choice. Once you look at their "Info" page, you'll see your hero's skills there through the icons on the lower side will show your character’s skills. If you press this section, your skill descriptions will be displayed here.

Skill List
Skill List

Now that you know about chaining blocks, Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3 are the ones you use depending on how many blocks that you have stacked. All skills start at Level 1, and you'll have the base effects as seen in the skill's description.

How do you upgrade skills?

So how do you upgrade skills in Hero Cantare? This is important because there will be instances in the game where you might reach a plateau and can't progress forward. You may level up your character, increase their grade, and more. One of the best ways to strengthening your characters is through upgrading their skills.

In order to upgrade them, press a skill of your choice. Your skill’s progression will be shown, and you’ll be asked to use a specific stone depending on your character’s Attribute, as well as leveling materials. If you're using a Fire attribute character, you'll need Fire Skill Upgrade Stones respectively.

Skill Upgrade Details
Skill Upgrade Details

What kinds of skill upgrade stones are available?

So how many kinds of skill upgrade stones are available in Hero Cantare? These are materials you'll need based on your character's attribute such as Fire, Ice, Nature, Light, and Darkness. Later on you'll also need a Mana Crystal for enforcing skills. In regards to the attribute stones, there are different types available in this game as follows:

* Miraculous (Attribute) Stone

* Necromantic (Attribute) Stone

* Superior Miraculous (Attribute) Stone

* Superior Necromantic (Attribute) Stone

How to get upgrade stones: Now that you know the materials that are needed, you'll want to check for a place to find them. Upgrade stones are drops that you can obtain from the following locations:

* Store Mode

* Portal Character Pull

* City Search

When should you upgrade skills?

You might be wondering when you'll need to upgrade the skills of your hero. The materials that you'll be using are rare in terms of amount so you might want to save them as much as possible. In order to maximize your resources, you should level up your skills sparingly. Here are some instances that you can follow if you need to upgrade:

1. Upgrade your skills on characters that you will definitely use in the long run: There are a lot of characters in the game, it might be tempting for you to upgrade a lot of their skills. You should take note though that skill upgrade materials are limited Resources, it's best to use them on characters that will be permanent members of your party.

2. UpGrade your skills if you have reached a point where you cannot progress: There are a lot of ways to strengthen your character such as leveling them up, increasing their grade, and providing them with Equipment. Upgrade your skills last, since their base skills are enough to bring you far in the game.

How do I unlock EX Skills?

You might be wondering what the EX Skills are that you have encountered during the tutorial, so what are they? These are powerful skills that characters can use if you have unlocked them through the awaken tree. Not all characters have an EX skill, so you will need to check first.

How to check if a Hero has an EX Skill: In order to check your character if they have an EX skill, you'll have to open the Awaken page. Look at the list if icons and check if there is one with an "EX" word in it. In order to unlock it, you'll have to use a specific character's memory, as well as an Attribute shard.

How do you use EX Skills?: Once you have unlocked an EX Skill, you'll need to activate them during a battle by completing a specific requirement. When your character has learned an EX Skill, there will be 5 diamonds at the bottom of their HP bar. Using a skill will Light up a diamond (1 Chain = 1 Diamond).

Activate your EX Skill
Activate your EX Skill

Once you have lit up all 5 Diamonds, your EX Skill can appear as one of the blocks in the next turn. If this skill doesn't appear yet, you can stack up chains of other characters and end your turn. An EX Skill will have a purple Light effect.

EX Skill Appearing
EX Skill Appearing

If you use your EX Skill, you'll activate an animated cut-scene, and you'll use a strong skill depending on your character. You can only strengthen your EX Skill through the Awaken tree unlike your basic skills so take note of this, you'll need more memory shards of your character as well as Attribute shards.

EX Skill Animation
EX Skill Animation

Now that you know the basic skill types, EX Skills, and how to upgrade them, we hope that you'll be able to form your team in order for you to progress the game. Skills in Hero Cantare are chaining blocks are important, since the order that you command them will be vital during a battle.

Remember as well that skills cannot be used all the time since you need to manage your mana. Check out our following page for more information: How do you play Hero Cantare?

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