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Hero Information Guide

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What is the Hero section of the game in Hero Cantare? You'll need to know how to manage all of your units if you are to progress through this game. In this guide, we'll discuss this section and what you're able to do with your heroes. This section is one of the default features that are unlocked when you start, since this is where you'll be managing the characters that you have received through your summons.

Hero Page
Hero Page

Getting your characters

If you haven't checked our rerolling guide yet, please check this page for more information in order for you to get your SS characters: Hero Cantare Reroll Guide

You may also check our tier list in order for you to know which characters you can aim for in order to help your progression in the game since there are different areas where a certain character excels. You may refer to our tier list through the following section: Hero Cantare Tier List

What are the contents of Hero Information?

So what will you see in the Hero Information section? In Hero Cantare, the Hero section will show you all of the heroes that you have collected so far, they are displayed by rank by default and you can sort/filter them through the lower left side of the screen. You can sort heroes through rarity, stats, grade, type, and attributes through the Sort/Filter button on the lower left side.


Why is sorting necessary in Hero Cantare? When you are starting out, you'll indeed be focusing on strengthening a select number of your heroes which will make them appear at the top of your list. However, there are many features in this game that can have restrictions in terms of the amount of characters, their attribute, and their type. Some dungeons may require these conditions, so getting to sort your characters will be easier for you in order to know which characters you have that are applicable.

Hero Grade, Type, and Attribute

Aside from the stats that are shown on the left side of the Sort/Flter option, it's important to know the following criteria of your characters as well based on their category. In Hero Cantare, there are items and dungeons that may affect these categories so you'll need to know how they function. When using the Sort/Filter button, you can sort them through the stats below:

Sort/Filter Options
Sort/Filter Options

Grade: Grade refers to the star rating of your character. The higher your character's grade is, the stronger they become since you get to unlock more ways to increase your character's stats. They can range from 1 star being the weakest, and all the way up to 6 star which is the strongest that they can attain.

Type: There are 6 types of heroes in this game. They signify a character's style based on their background story. There are dungeons in this game such as the Hero Tower where there can be restrictions upon entry, such as allowing specific types only. There are also items that have bonuses with specific types of heroes. The different types of heroes are as follows:

* Martial Art

* Weapon

* Element

* Skill

* God

* Evil

Attribute: Hero attributes refer to a character's elemental affinity. The different attributes in this game add a mechanic where specific elements are strong against another, this can help you when clearing specific enemies in order you'll know their weakness. The different elements in this game are as follows:

* Fire

* Ice

* Nature

* Light

* Darkness

So what do attributes exactly do in Hero Cantare? The elements follow a pattern on how strong they are against each other. If you want to know how to defeat an enemy fast, knowing which element to use will be advantageous for you. Elemental strengths are as follows:

Fire > Ice > Nature > Fire and so on. While Light and Darkness are strong against each other.

So how will you know an enemy's element in the game? You can easily tell what element they are by looking at the color of their level when shown in the screen. Fire = Red, Ice = Blue, Nature = Green, Light/Darkness = Yellow.

How to check elements
How to check elements

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the elements in this game, it will be easier for you to form up a team in order to defeat a specific enemy. Don't forget to use the Sort/Filter button to know which characters you have pulled so far.

== Checking your Hero's Info== How do you check your Hero's info in Hero Cantare? This will be an area that you will have to frequent often. It's important to know what your character is capable of so you'll know how to use them in the game. In order to check a Hero’s information, you will have to press a specific character of your choice.

Stats/Level/Grade/Skillls: The Hero info will display your character’s name, level, type, attribute, and stats. Pressing the “I” button will show the complete list of their stats, this will let you know what area your current character excels in. The icons at the bottom will show you their Skills that you can use when chaining blocks during a battle.

Hero Info
Hero Info

Equipment/Artifacts: On the lower left section of the Hero Info area, you'll see different item slots. This section also lets you assign different equipment and artifacts for your character. These are items that

increase your character's stats, and they can get bonus effects based on the item set you are wearing, or based on the specific item effects that are assigned.

How do you level up your character in Hero Cantare?

In order for you to progress through the game's story, as well as through other sections of the game, you will need to level up through the Hero Info section. You’ll have to press the up arrow for Level Up and this can cost you the following materials:

* Gold

* Level-up Materials

* Advancement Materials

Level Up
Level Up

Level Caps: One thing that you'll have to take note of are level caps. Your basic leveling will use up Gold and Level-Up Materials, and they increase per level of your character. You should also take note of another feature which are Level Caps. When you reach a level cap, you won't be able to level up your character further unless you use Advancement Materials.

How do you increase your Hero Grade?

What is the importance of your character's Grade in Hero Cantare? This is one of the ways that you can strengthen your character, aside from maximizing your current Hero's level. It's important to take note of your Grade since this grants you access to more stats, and it's one of your end-game activities if you want to maximize a character's potential. In order to increase your Hero Grade, you’ll need to press the Up Arrow near your Hero’s rarity.

Increasing Hero Grade
Increasing Hero Grade

Materials needed: Here you’ll need your specific hero’s Memory Shards, their specific Elemental Shards (Fire, Ice, Nature, Chaos), and their specified Memory Stones (A, S, SS). The materials will change as you increase your grade. The amount that you need will increased as you increase your Grade further.

Materials Needed
Materials Needed

Where do you get memory shards?: You can focus on increasing your character's grade only if you have enough of their memory shards. These can be obtained from pulling duplicates of your hero from the Portal, as well as by participating in a Hero Dungeon for the specific character of your choice.

These are the basics of your Hero Information. Hopefully they'll provide you with a better grasp in terms of the game's mechanics, so you'll be able to know more about your character and how to strengthen them. If you want to check more information about how to play the game, you may refer to our following page as well: How do you play Hero Cantare?

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