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How do you play Hero Cantare?

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So how do you play Hero Cantare? This game has a specific battle system that may be confusing at first, not only that but this game has different modes that you can participate in. Battling in this game can be daunting at first but we're here to help you out. In this guide, we'll discuss how to use your characters in the game. There are many features available in this game where you fight but they all follow one Type of battle format. Here, we’ll discuss how you to play the game with the basics.

How to Battle

How does battling work in Hero Cantare? This isn't the typical game where using one button will correspond to a specific attack. In order to battle in the game, you’ll have to use skills versus opponents like any other game, but the execution is what differentiates it. In Hero Cantare, the skill that you use will depend on how many block chains you perform with your character. In order to create a block chain, you will have to drag your character’s icon and stack it on top of another icon that is the same. The skill usage will depend as follows:

1 Block = Skill 1

2 Blocks = Skill 2

3 Blocks = Skill 3

How to use skills
How to use skills

All characters have 3 Skills that they can use, therefore you’ll need to be familiar with how many blocks are needed if you want to use a Skill. Each turn will provide characters with different blocks at random, so you will need to chain them strategically.

Assign Attack Order
Assign Attack Order

Once you are ready with the Chain Blocks, you can double tap your character's chain Skill, or swipe them towards the empty slot above and fill in the slots to determine the attack order. You will see a bar with empty slots, and you’ll see the order from when your opponent will hit.

The Red Dots refer to an Opponent's slot, while the Blue Dots refer to your Hero slot. You need to choose which characters attack in what order. You can press “Ready” in order to start initiating the attack.

Managing Battle Mana

Can skills be used as much as you want in Hero Cantare? That will not be the case since there's an additional system that you need to follow. The number on the left side of your character blocks refer to your Battle Mana. In order to make a block chain, this will consume Mana depending on how much stacks that you make.

2 Chain Skills require 1 Mana

3 Chain Skills require 3 Mana

As stated in the image as well, you recover 2 Mana each turn, and 3 Mana are added for Guild Labyrinth. This system is added so you will need to be strategic with the use of your chain Skills. You can opt for multiple 1 Chain skills, or a limited number 2-3 chain skills if possible.

Battle Mana
Battle Mana

EX Skill Block

What are EX Skills in the game? This is a skill that you'll be able to unlock later through the game's Awakening system. EX Skills are powerful special skills that your character can use in order to defeat your enemies. When you start out, this skill isn’t available for you yet. You will have to unlock it by awakening your character and learning the corresponding ex skill. These skills will have a purple light when you’ll use them.

Ex Skill
Ex Skill

Party Formation

In most modes of the game, your party has a simple formation. You have the Front Row, and the Back Row. Enemies will most likely try to hit your characters in the Front Row, so you will have to place your tanks there and keep your DPS and Supports at a safe distance. There will be instances however, where some opponents can bypass the front row, and they can hit the back row so be careful.

Front and Back Row
Front and Back Row

This concludes our guide on how to play Hero Cantare. This covers the basics of the game, but there are a lot of features available that you'll have to look into. If you have characters ready after Rerolling, you can check more information about your characters through our Hero Information Guide.

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