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Hero Cantare Guild Guide

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What is a Guild in Hero Cantare? This is a feature that lets you join a group called a guild, and you’ll be able to access some exclusive features as long as you are part of one. There are specific dungeons, quests, buffs, and rewards when you are part of a guild. In order to unlock this feature, you’ll have to achieve Rank 10 for your account Level.


Once you have joined a guild, or created one, you’ll be able to go to the guild hideout by default. Your main profile character will appear here, along with the other guild members. You can leave a message here by typing on the chat bubble. The hideout will show your guild information such as the guild name, level, members, as well as guild funds.

Guild Information

Guild Members: When you check the Guild Members button, you’ll be able to see the players who are a part of your guild. This will include their activity time, how many times they have finished labyrinth, or if they have donated yet or not. On the left side you have options to check if you’re a guild master, or you can leave the guild if you are just a member.

Guild Member List

Donation: The donation button lets you give Level-Up materials up to five times in a day. When you donate, you’ll provide guild capital as well as gain guild exp. These are used in order to help level up the guild’s Skills.

Donation Rewards

Attendance Rewards: When checking the attendance rewards, you’ll be able to get gold as an individual reward, and guild exp as your contribution reward. Your individual reward is sent to your mailbox each day during the reset of the server’s time.

Guild Attendance Rewards

Guild Buffs

Guild Buffs are passive skills that are provided for all guild members. The Guild Master, or an executive can choose which guild buffs can be focused on in terms of upgrading or purchasing. The level of the buff will determine the percentage bonus. Here are the following guild buff bonuses available:

Guild Buff Bonus Given
Level-Up Materials City Search Level-up Materials +%
Gold City Search Golds +%
Skill Materials [Story] Skill Material Drop Rate +%
PVE Crit Hit Rate UP PVE Crit Hit Rate UP +%
Guild Buffs

Upgrading and Purchasing: In order to upgrade or purchase a guild buff are only available for the Guild Master and an executive. So, in order to get a guild buff effect, they will have to activate it first and it will last up to 6 hours.

Guild Labyrinth

The Guild Labyrinth is an exclusive dungeon where you get to defeat enemies using collective effort. Here you’ll be able to attempt to defeat a series of bosses, and there are three difficulties available (Easy, Normal, and Hard).

Guild Labyrinth Levels

You can challenge the Guild Labyrinth up to three times a day only. When you press a number, you’ll be able to view the details of the boss and view how much HP must be taken out. The ranking will show each member’s damage contribution If they participated.

Boss Details

The Bosses have high hp, and you’re limited to a number of turns only so you will have to provide as much damage as you can. You can use up to 6 characters per run. Rewards can be claimed once a labyrinth season has concluded. You can obtain a reward if you were able to defeat a boss prior.

Up to 6 characters can be used

The Guild Labyrinth Ranking button shows the whole server’s progress for the current season and last season, you’ll be able to view their ranking in terms of damage.

Guild Labyrinth Ranking

Ranking Reward: Based on your guild’s performance per season, the top 30 ranks of the Guild Labyrinth will be provided with Guild Coins and Essence of Mana as their rewards.

Guild Ranking Rewards

Guild Store

The Guild store provides you with a variety of items that can help you with upgrading, you can also gain accessories here as well as materials that are used for other features of the game. The items featured will depend on the store level, and you will need Guild Coins in order to purchase them.

Store Items

Guild Missions

Guild Missions are tasks that you can do daily, as well as weekly in order to get rewards. The main reward that you’ll get for completing these missions are Guild Coins which are used at the store. You can also get other rewards here such as Gold, Level-Up Materials, Adventure Tickets, Advancement Materials, Gems, Essence of Dimension, as well as Skill Upgrade Material Boxes.

Guild Mission List

Daily Missions:

Daily Mission Amount Required
Challenge Guild Labyrinth 2 Times
Guild Resource Donation 2 Times
Guild Resource Exchange 3 Times
(Event) Challenge Advent Boss 5 Times

Weekly Missions:

Weekly Mission Amount Required
Try opening Portal 50 Times
Challenge Guild Labyrinth 10 Times
Challenge Team Arena 20 Times
Challenge Advent Boss 50 Times

Resource Exchange

This section lets you exchange items with other guild members each day. Here, you’ll be able to get support from other guild members and get up to two items based on the material choices available The items that you ask for will be sent to your mailbox if someone grants your support request.

Material Choices

In order to support others, you will need to press the Support Button on the right side. The item that they are looking for will be listed on the left. You can support guild members up to a total of 10 times in a day.

Support Request

Very Helpful
Not Useful

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