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Hero Cantare Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

Hero Cantare Cheats and Tips

When starting the game, aim to get at least two SS characters

When you start playing Hero Cantare, you'll have to go through the game's tutorial. You can then start your first roll through the gacha. Once you claim your items from your mailbox, you can go to the Portal and then roll for a character. If you didn't get a SS character, you can go to settings and then reset your data there. For your second SS character, you can get one for free by completing Stage 1-5 and you'll be given a summon cube.

Focus on leveling up two characters when playing story mode

When leveling up characters, you'll end up using resources which are important. In order to go through the game's story, it's advisable for you to level up your characters that you will actually use. Having two characters maxed out with their level are able to go through the game's story mode enough. Gold and Level up materials become scarce at the beginning, so you will want to focus on leveling two characters first. You can then level up the others once you've hit a point where you cannot progress further, or if you have the characters that you want already.

Play through the story and at complete at least Stage 8-25

A lot of the features in the game are locked based on your account's level, as well as your progression through the game's story mode. In order to unlock all sections of the game that has been released so far, complete the game's story up to Stage 8-25. This way you have access to all areas in the game's features.

Play through the Story's Hard mode if you cannot progress further in Normal Mode

The Normal mode of the game has 20 chapters, with lots of stages in them. This is the same for Hard Mode, but your progression between difficulties is different. If you have reached a point in Normal Mode where you cannot progress further, you can play Hard Mode and start from Chapter 1 onward.

Aim to complete the story by focusing on clearing it first, you can repeat stages later

Each stage in a story's chapter has a 3-star rating. Completing the stage yields a 1-star rating which gives your first-time clear rewards. This includes Gold which is important for leveling up your character, so focus on clearing stages first instead of finishing them on 3-Star. Stages can be checked back later; you should aim getting your characters stronger first.

Unlock your character's passive skills and relic slots

Aside from a character's basic skills, they have unlockable passive skills and relics slots that you can use to strengthen them further. If you check a hero's information, you can find these at the “Awake” section. Passive skills are located at the north side of the Awaken tree and Relic Slots are found at the southern side. Passive skills provide you with a huge boost in terms of your character's effectiveness, while relic slots let you equip them with relics that have different kinds of effects.

When playing in the Arena, make sure to organize your team before fighting

When challenging opponents in Arena, your opponent's Team Power will be displayed near their name. If their power is higher than yours, you can get more points for winning. The placement of your characters will determine their skill usage as follows: Slots 1 and 2 will use 2 Chain skills, Slot 3 will use a 3 Chain Skill, while Slot 4 will use a 1 Chain skill. For team arena, you will have to use three teams and you will need to win 2 times. Make sure to have an even spread of levels across all teams in order to increase your chances of winning.

Play through the game's Story and claim your Story Rush rewards

When playing through the game's story, make sure to check your Story Rush rewards. This is the golden icon on the upper left side of the screen's story mode. Here, you'll get rewards based on your story's progression. This is a good way for you to get Gold, Level Up Materials, Essence of Dimension, and even some characters and memory shards.

Earn Hero Points to level up your Hero Road and get rewards

When playing the game's Story Mode, Arena, and awakening your characters, you earn Hero Points. This levels up your Hero Road which can be seen at the game's main screen. The more points you earn, the more the Hero Road progresses and you'll get rewards based on how much points you have. Different items can be obtained here such as Gold, Level Up Materials, Essence of Dimension, Shards, and more.

You can watch Ads in your system mail up to three times to get rewards

If you open your mailbox, there's a button there that lets you watch an Ad. Watch this up to three times to claim rewards that include Gold, Stamina, and other items.

You can get up to three free summon chances through the game's Portal. Each day once the game resets at server time, you can claim up to three free hero summon. Each draw will require you to wait an hour in between, and you can then use Time Accelerators to let you draw some more. Time Accelerators can be obtained from doing your daily missions.

Look out for Redeem Codes

Look out for Redeem Codes that sometimes become available. Full details on where to find Hero Cantare Redeem Codes and how to activate them can be found on this page of our walkthrough: Hero Cantare Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes are Sometimes Available

Claim your Quick City Search rewards at the game's story mode

There's a feature in the Story Mode called Quick City Search. This feature farms gold, level up materials, exp and more for you and you can accumulate rewards up to 24 hours' worth. Make sure to claim these daily since this is one of the main ways to level up your account, and it's a good way for you to get gold and materials.

Add friends in order for you to send and receive gold

You can send gold to people on your friends list, and you can receive gold from them as well. If you have a friend list full of active players, you can send gold to all of them and you can receive more gold in return. This is a good way for you to get extra gold aside from playing through the game's story.

Check out our Hero Cantare walkthrough guide for things such as Tier Lists, How to Reroll, Forging Items, Relic Management, and much more

Hero Cantare walkthrough and guide

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Hero Cantare FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What are the Gacha rates for heroes?
There are 3 ranks for characters available: SS, S, and A. When pulling characters from the Portal, you can get the heroes at the following rates: SS Pick Up= 2%, SS = 1%, S = 13%, A = 84%
Can I get another SS Hero from the Gold Selector Cube?
The Gold selector cube lets you draw unlimited times, and you can get one SS Character from it. You can only claim one SS character, so you will need to draw until the hero that you want appears.
What do I need to level up my character?
In order to level up your character, you will need Gold, Level Up Materials, and Advancement materials. There are stages where you level up characters using Gold and Level Up materials, and then you’ll need advancement materials in order to break the cap. You can level your characters accordingly: 1-10, 11-30, 31-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90. You will also need shards based on your character’s Attribute such as Fire Shard, Water Shard, Nature Shard, Ice Shard, and Chaos Shard.
Are there free characters in the game?
Aside from your SS Hero from the Gold Summon Cube, you can get A-SS Summon tickets by leveling up your Story Rush and Hero Road. You can also get Black-March Bam through the Relay Missions, as well as White, and Green-April Yuri Ha from Story rush.
What time is the daily reset for the game?
The daily reset for the game is 12:00 AM UTC-7:00

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How can you find the EX skill in SS heros to awaken?
I was wondering if there was any place where we could see what the rate of relics were?
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