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Hero Cantare Equipment Guide

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What are Equipment in Hero Cantare? There are a lot of items in the game that may confuse you at first, and this can include equipment. When checking your inventory's equipment section, you'll be able to organize all of the items of this category that you have obtained in the game. In this guide, we'll discuss the different types available, and how you can upgrade them as well.

== Equipment Sets== When checking out your hero information, you should be able to see your equipment slots on the lower left side. Pressing the "Auto Equip" button will let you use items from different sets. There are 8 equipment sets available in the game, and they provide you with the following effects:

Equipment Types Effects
Damage Set Focuses on increasing your ATK Stat
Vitality Set Focuses on increasing your HP Stat
Destruction Set Focuses on your Crit Hit Rate Stat
Protection Set Focuses on providing you with shields at the start of combat
Bloodsucking Set Focuses on absorbing damage as HP
Resistance Set Focuses on increasing your Debuff Resist Stat
Guardian Set Focuses on increasing your DEF Stat
Crit Hit Set Focuses on increasing your Crit DMG Stat
Equipment Sets
Equipment Sets

The most common of these two sets are the Damage and Vitality ones since they drop frequently when playing the game's Story Mode. The other sets on the other hand, might require you to farm specific sections in the story, or by completing specific dungeons that provide these items.

Set Effects: Whenever you equip these sets, you will also be able to see some set effects where you can get bonus stats based on the pieces that you have. Your aim is to have 4 pieces per set to maximize the bonus potential when equipping items.

Set Bonuses
Set Bonuses

How to upgrade Equipment

You might be wondering how you can upgrade your equipment. In Hero Cantare, equipment come in the following rarities: C, B, A, S, and SS. For each rarity, there are 3 levels that you will have to go through which are shown in the + number (For example: C+1, C+2, +C+3).

Upgrading your equipment in this game lets you evolve your items into advanced rarities. In order to upgrade, you need 3 pieces of equipment of the same rarity, in order for them to rank to the next Level. For example, upgrading a C+1 item will require 3 pieces, and this will turn to a C+2 item. You will then need 3 pieces of a C+2 item in order for them to become C+3.

Upgrade Requirement
Upgrade Requirement

Not only do equipment advance in levels, they also advance in rarity. Having a C+3 item upgraded will become a B+1 item. This means that you can eventually upgrade your items to SS using this method. This is a good way for you to progress with strengthening your characters as it provides you an incentive on obtaining any equipment types since they can all be used for upgrading.

Exclusive Equipment

The Exclusive equipment tab will provide a section for items that you’re able to get from equipment summoning. They are stronger than regular equipment, but their pull rates are low. (As of the moment, we haven’t been able to pull one yet).

Exclusive Equipment Section
Exclusive Equipment Section

This concludes our Hero Cantare Equipment guide. Since there are different set effects available in the game, it would be best to choose a set that can mix well with your character's own stats and Skills. You should be able to check more about your character in detail by looking at what they are capable off.

Don't forget to check our Hero Information Guide for more details on what you can expect from your character. You'll be able to check how to make them stronger and what items you can use to provide them with better effects.

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