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Hero Cantare Awakening Guide

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What is Awakening in Hero Cantare? In this guide, we'll be discussing the Awakening System, this is a section of the game where you can unlock slots for your character that can increase their stats, gain Skills, and even obtain exclusive relics. Awakening is an important aspect in Hero Cantare because unlocking these slots will determine the over all strength of your character aside from their Level and Grade.

Hero Awakening Tree

So how do you access Awakening for a character? You will need to check a specific character's information through the Hero page and then press the "Awake" tab. Once you open this, you will find a tree with a lot of icons. Awakening is a system that lets you increase the stats of your character, and you can obtain skills, and even a exclusive relic. When you start off, you’ll have 4 passive skills that you can unlock depending on your choice. You can press the highlighted stat to see more details.

Awakening Tree
Awakening Tree

How do you unlock Awakening slots?

Now that you've seen the Awaken Tree, you will need to unlock different slots in order to begin expanding it. In order to awaken your character, press on an icon that's highlighted. You’ll need to use a Memory Stone, other materials will be needed as you expand your tree as well such as attribute shards. These items can be obtained from recruiting characters through the portal, as well as playing the Dimension Gap. Awakening your character is important because the the stats that you obtain can stack up and strengthen your character.

Buff Details
Buff Details

Grade Requirements: You should take note that not all awakening slots can be unlocked as you wish. As you progress through the Awaken tree, there will be other requirements aside from the memory stone and shards. Your current grade will determine if you can obtain an awakening slot or not. The slots can be unlocked from a small grade when you start, and you'll need a higher grade as you expand further. You can refer to the grade requirements from the photo below:

Credit: Hero Cantare Official Facebook
Credit: Hero Cantare Official Facebook

Unlocking Passive Skills, Relic Slots, and Exclusive Relics

Now that you know how to unlock awakening slots, what would be the first ones that you'll have to aim? Every awakening slot is important since they will strengthen your character, however there are 2 sections in the awaken tree that you must attend to first due to their importance.

You can unlock two passive Skills and two Relic Slots through the Awakening Tree. These are the icons that are on the upper middle and lower middle sections of the awakening tree. The reason you'll want to unlock these first is due to the effects they can give in order to maximize your character's abilities.

Passive and Relic Slots
Passive and Relic Slots

Passive Skills: These are effects that can activate upon meeting certain requirements based on the description. They can provide your characters with additional buffs which will improve their gameplay.

Relic Slots: These are slots that you can access through the Relic tab in the Hero Info page. A Relic is an item that can grant you a buff, similar to a passive Skill, but you are free to choose which relic to equip to your character.

Exclusive Relics: There are also characters in the game that can gain an Exclusive Relic by expanding the awakening tree. This provides them a Relic item that only they can use since it is meant to work with their other Skills. You can unlock exclusive relics by looking for the specific icon as shown below:

Exclusive Relic Slot
Exclusive Relic Slot

Awakening Bonus Passives

Aside from unlocking specific slots to get effects, you'll also gain a bonus when unlocking the amount of slots that you have so far. These bonuses are called Awakening Passives, you can view this as a progress bar on the upper side of the awakening tree as shown below:

Bonus Passives
Bonus Passives

Awakening Bonus Requirements: There are three bonus passives that you can unlock through awakening, and they are provided to you based on the milestones that you have achieved in terms of the number of slots. You can unlock the passives once you have achieved the following slots unlocked:

1st Passive: 22 Awakening Slots unlocked

2nd Passive: 40 Awakening Slots unlocked

3rd Passive: 54 Awakening Slots unlocked

Bonus Passive Effect
Bonus Passive Effect

This concludes our awakening guide for your Heroes. This system may be overwhelming at first, but this will be a part of your progress as you journey into the game. Make sure to make the most out of your Resources by only awakening characters that will definitely be a part of your party. Managing your heroes is needed since there are different modes in the game that may need specific types of characters. If you're planning to have a character part of your main party, make sure to awaken them to bring out their full potential.

You can check more about a character's details through our Hero Information Guide

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