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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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There are ten Perk categories, each with three slots for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The bronze perks are pretty easy, and some of the gold very challenging. As you'd expect, the reward for each level is generally proportional to the difficulty of achieving it. Some happen when you aren't trying, and others seem intended to require specific attempts to accomplish. You can track your progress on several of the perks, such as War on Terror and Road Rage in the Stats menus as you are chasing them.

Don't forget the Luck of the Irish and St. Paddy's Day upgrades in the black market to unlock one silver and one gold perk if you're having trouble.


Brawling I: Fightin' Irish
This is the only brawling perk that involves brawling, and it should happen within the first moments of the game. Knocking out two Nazis earns the Haymaker reward, which gives Sean a serious punch in his brawling skills.

Brawling II: Sucker Punch
Complete your first ten stealth kills from behind and you earn the Sucker Punch attack, which lets you deal a surprise knock out blow when facing an enemy.

Brawling III: Grim Reaper
One of the more challenging perks, it rewards you with a skill you'll use all the time, so if you can accomplish this early in the game you'll be glad. You need to find and stealth kill five Nazi generals. Finding them is pretty easy: they show on your map with pulsing yellow suspicion halos. Finding generals who are good targets for stealth kills is more difficult; each one has two bodyguards, and the generals' expanded suspicion zone makes them hard to sneak up on unless they're alone and you have a clear path to their blind spots.

One way to kill a Nazi general.

Look for generals who are in confined spaces so their bodyguards can't easily be replaced after you've eliminated them. (There are two good candidates in courtyards northeast of La Villette, and another in Sacre Coeur.) Distract and draw away a guard or two, as shown here, or snipe the guards to isolate the general, then sneak up and get him with a stealth kill. You'll unlock Touch of Death, and never go back to twisting necks.


Hardware I: Gunslinger
Probably the easiest perk to get, just kill five Nazis with bullets and earn Gunslinger, which grants reduced recoil with the automatic weapons.

Hardware II: War On Terror
It will be a while before you see any Terror Nazis unless you find yourself in a Level 4 alarm, but when you kill five Terror Nazis, you unlock the .44 cal pistol from arms dealers.

Hardware III: Paint The Town Red
To unlock the Panzershrek bazooka, you need to destroy a Zepplin and a Wulf tank during the same alarm. Use the Siegfaust Mk2 launcher, but it only holds 3 shells with the upgrade you can buy on the black market, so you don't get many chances to miss. Wulfs don't come out until a Level 5 alarm, so bring lots of ammo; use the Terror sniper rifle if you've completed the Longshot perk as it holds a whopping 200 rounds. You can try this perk from a Nazi tower in Paris that has an anti-aircraft gun mounted on it. Use the big gun to shoot the Zepplins, then the Siegfaust to destroy a Wulf.


Sniper I: Marksman
Similar to Gunslinger, just kill five Nazis while aiming through a sniper scope. It's a while before you unlock scoped weapons to buy, so climb Nazi sniper towers and take them off Nazi snipers. Grants reduced drift while looking through a scope.

Sniper II: Eagle Eye
Fifteen headshots while aiming through a scope earns you reduced recoil when sniping. This is another perk that can be sped up by finding a good spot, getting a few headshots, then coming back to take down guards that respawn.

Why do they keep coming back? They're following orders.

Sniper III: Longshot
Ten double-kills through a scope unlocks the Terror sniper rifle on the black market. This is a pretty easy Gold perk to get, as shown below, and a sniper rifle on demand is very useful, so a little time invested pays of until you've unlocked the other scoped rifles. The trick is to find a place where two guards will respawn after you've killed them, and there are many places around Paris where this happens. Just make sure you aren't seen when you fire, get your double kill, escape the suspicion zone, go back a minute later when the guards have been replaced, and repeat.

For a while this is a very dangerous post for Nazi guards.


Demolitions I: A Nasty Surprise
Blow up three Nazi vehicles to unlock the trap ability to plant explosives in a car. Plant the trap, drive at your target, bail out before it gets there, and it will explode when it hits something. Quite effective!

Demolitions II: Mad Bomber
This one seems tricky but five minutes in plenty of time to blow up five Nazi vehicles. It helps to plan a route by scouting the target vehicles ahead of time, then making a run to blow them all up. Save you game before you try and if you run out of time or get caught in an alarm, load the game without saving and try again. It's worth spending some time getting the perk because it unlocks RDX, an explosive you can detonate remotely. You'll want to do this one early in the game to unlock RDX, and when there are still lots of vehicles around to blow up.

You have plenty of time if you work out a route.

Demolitions III: Block Buster
Destroy three Wulf tanks using RDX or dynamite and earn a more powerful RDX package. The hardest part about this is finding three Wulf tanks. There are some scattered around the countryside and they can be identified by the big barrel on the back.

There's no mistaking a Wulf for any other vehicle.


Sabotage I: Short Fuse
Destroy two Nazi installations such as a guard tower or fueling station and earn speedier planting of dynamite and RDX.

Sabotage II: I Fell Towers
Similar to above but specializing in guard or sniper towers. Just plant your explosive at the bottom of the ladder and get out of the blast radius. This one is definitely worth doing early as it allows you to carry more explosives with you for the rest of the game.

Sabotage III-Urban Renewal
You must blow up 4 train bridges, and you get the first one in the Rolling Thunder mission in Act II. After that mission, the Bridge Kit is available on the black market. There are several bridges to blow up around the map, and bringing them down is not very tricky as long as you patently remove the guard towers and some/most of the guards patrolling the target bridge. When you do all four, planting explosives while disguised in not suspicious. Doing this perk right after Rolling Thunder will save lots of time—kind of funny how you can then walk right up to a tank with Nazis watching you and strap RDX to the side, they don't bat an eye.


Mayhem I: Throwing a Party
Throw five Nazis to their deaths and unlock the Crowd Clearer throw.

Mayhem II: Road Rage
Run over 20 Nazis to unlock the Aurora's Nitrous upgrade.

Mayhem III: The Right of Way
Destroy 20 Nazi vehicles with a single vehicle. This one is pretty easy when you know how to do it. Don't waste time trying to use a passenger car. Find a Nazi APC with a gun and go shootin'. There are several vehicles you can use, but an AR 33 is waiting right behind Sacre Coeur and does the job nicely.

The roads are dangerous for Nazi vehicles.


These perks are all accomplished via in-game missions and are described or shown in the Act II and Act III sections.

Racing I: Lead Foot
For the On You Marks… Get Set… mission, Skylar will tip you off via a note about some street racing in town. Bring your fastest car and beat the time trial time to earn the Silver Claw in your garage.

Racing II: Speed Demon
Winning the first country race in the Back In The Saddle mission, unlocks Skylar's car, the Drake Custom, in the garage.

Racing I: Godspeed
Winning the second country race in Act III unlocks the Silver Claw Mk. II in the garage.


Mechanics I: Joy Rider
Hijack a car and return it to the garage to unlock the Altair racecar.

Mechanics II: Hijacker
Collect all twelve Nazi vehicles in your garage to earn free repairs. This perk is an excellent choice for the Luck o' The Irish upgrade as the required vehicles include two Gestapo cars that are a challenge to collect.

Mechanics III: Wheelman
Collect ALL vehicles in the game and you can store tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers in your garage. A great candidate for the St. Paddy's Day upgrade because in addition to the Gestapo vehicles, you need to find all tanks and APCs with open hatches so you can get in and drive them away, or hijack them during alarms, which can be a challenge.


Evasion I: Fugitive
Escape Level 2 alarms five times to unlock the Getaway Strike, which allows you to have a getaway car delivered on command.

Set the green circle where you want your getaway car to be delivered.

Evasion II: Escape Artist
Escape a Level 3 alarm and earn the ability to choose which model in the garage is delivered as a getaway car.

Evasion III: Europe's Most Wanted
Escape a Level 5 alarm, wherein the entire map is red, and earn the ability to use hiding spots on subsequent Level 4 alarms. Getting this perk is easier than it sounds: there are only two escape spots that work for a Level 5 alarm. The first is out at the abandoned Morini farm, and the second, better choice is in the bar at the top of the Eiffel Tower. To get this perk, bring a sniper rifle and a launcher to the first level of the tower and start sniping. Gradually build up the alarm levels by killing more Nazis, and use the launcher to shoot down the first three Zeppelins that come to bother you. No Nazis will come up the elevator for some reason, they just get really angry on the street below. When you're up to Level 5, continue up to the bar and use the escape option there.

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Comments for Perks

13 comments, latest first.
Mar 22nd 2015 Guest
The Armed Bower can also be found in the castle area where Wilcox sends you for the destruction of the power generation units.
ID #531880
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
isnt there an easier way to collect the perks for racing ? i suck with those driving skills..
ID #466584
Dec 25th 2013 Guest
how to throw 5 nazi to their death
ID #333860
Jul 6th 2013 Guest
I cleared all the white dots on the map, but the Stats say I've missed a Nazi tower in Paris Area 3. Any ideas? I've gone to all the gun salesman, mechanic, and headquarters icons in Paris 3 to see if there's a white dot hiding behind any of them and there aren't any.

Any ideas
ID #295520
Jan 9th 2013 Guest
Easiest way to complete the Racing perks Country races is to get out of the vehicle before entering the yellow circle and then point your HANDGUN at the drivers to make them leave their vehicles. Don't shoot them though Smile
Also the explosions perk to do the Bridge one you have to continue through the story mode to get something called the "Bridge Killer". You have to go through a short tutorial so you will know how to use it. All the bridges are at the top of the map and two are right beside each other.
ID #240290
Sep 9th 2012 Guest

you can get a tank and try destroy 20 vehicles with it
ID #184669
Sep 3rd 2012 Guest
Unfortunately for me, I have already destroyed all the white dots on my map before going for Mayhem III which leaves me no big guns on any rooftops or higher places to shoot at 20 vehicles. Please is there any other way to accomplish this? Another platinum would be nice =)
ID #183046
Feb 17th 2012 Guest
i cant blow up all 4 briges only 3 i've looked on the map and gone to every brige it doesnt come up with the R1 sign when i go there it does the yellow arrows but no R1 sign and i've completed the campane. what do i do?
ID #115771
Aug 2nd 2011 Guest
there may be 10 perks in the game but you've only listed 9. the explosions perk has been completely skipped, pain is it's the one i'm having issues with!
ID #63490
May 17th 2011 Sith735
anyone know where the kaiser bulletproof is .
ID #43531
Apr 8th 2011 Guest
There is a much easier way to stealth kill generals while in Nazi disguise. Simply locate a general who is near a building and climb down behind him and his body gaurds. Almost all generals are spawned near a building. Then just casually walk up to the general and snap his neck. If you have a silenced weapon, then would be a good time to eliminate the gaurds. OR you can let them blow their whistles and just run for it!
ID #36449
Feb 28th 2011 Guest
the armed bauer is in germany, inside the compound where Jules gets killed at the beginning of the game
ID #30941
Jul 13th 2010 Guest
Easiest way to earn demolition II mad bomber perk is to go to your garage and just spawn a Nazi vehicle. Plant explosive and respawn another one till you've blown up the 5 vehicles. Remember to drive out of the garage to blow up vehicles. Just park it near meat packing warehouse wall.
ID #4391