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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act 2 (1-10)

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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Act 2 (1-10)

Since you are at Le Havre, you might as well get Wilcox's missions out of the way. They involve a lot of driving, which really points out one of this game's weak points: no Fast Travel option.

Behind the Convent Gate

Wilcox's two missions involve a lot of patient sneaking and blowing things up. The first one is at L'Ossuaire, where the Nazis are messing around with some newfangled thingy called radar. There is a sniper at the entrance who will donate his uniform to your cause, and from there, work your way around blowing up various installations. When you're ready to head inside, a grenade should take care of the Nazi general, and once he's dead, you've got a little fight on your hands. This section is complicated by machine gun turrets, so take cover behind a crate and lob a grenade, or snipe the gunner if you want. Blow up each terminal, and don't forget to collect the post card on the floor behind the right side machine gun before you blow that radio station. Head back to Wilcox for some more charming Scottish attitude.

Better Dying Through Chemistry

This is another mission that will test your patience. First, it's a long drive to the chemical factory so get your fastest car and head out after stocking up on dynamite, RDX, grenades and a silenced pistol. Make sure to slow and stop for checkpoints. Easy Nazi uniforms are scarce around the factory, so hope out of the car when you get close, around Place de la Bastille, and pick one up. Enter the chemical factory, either through the main gate or by hopping a low point in the wall. Slowly move from target to target destroying them. When you have to enter the main building, you can pass the sand bags on the right side as you approach, though one entrance is blocked by a barrel. Shoot a barrel by a machine gunner with your silenced pistol and wait to settle the alarm. Come back and walk past the gunner into the factory. Just as you did when approaching the zeppelin a few missions ago, move slowly, watching guard patterns, and don't be afraid of a certain amount of detection. Inside the main building, RDX on one of the corner tanks will take out multiple targets with one blast, even on the outside of the building. Be patient and blow everything up. If you make a mistake, be ready for a big alarm. If you run out of RDX, there is an arms dealer not far away, so you can go out and come back in if you must. This one takes quite a while if you sneak, so here is a video of a portion of the mission.

Sneaky sneaky boom boom.

A Whisper or a Roar

To destroy all three trucks in the convoy, you can either climb up to the roof opposite the fueling station as shown in the cut scene and use the big guns to shoot the trucks, or sneak in and plant explosives on the fuel tanks. The latter is safer as the trucks will try to escape once you start shooting. One RDX on the fuel tanks takes out all three trucks at once, and this is a great way to get the A Real Hellion perk if you don't already have it.

Family Feud

This isn't a mission per se, just a chat with Vittore about what Sean is doing.


After the first three missions, this is the only active one, so take a long drive to a new part of town to find a new contact, Margot. She wants you to break her guy out of jail. Once you're at the location, find a disguise and approach the front entrance to find a locked gate. RDX it and walk back outside to trigger the bomb. Watch out for the general across from the entrance. Once the alarm has passed, walk into the now open cell area and stealth kill a flamethrower guard, then kill the other. Make sure you do this in the shadows near the entrance, or a tower guard may see you and blow the whistle. Let Bryman out of the cell and he will follow you. Watch your suspicion meter and stroll right out the front door to your car, then drive him back to see Margot.

Fahrenheit Four Fifty

A general who has been burning books must die! Pick up a disguise and head toward the voice of the psycho Nazi art-hater. There are a ton of soldiers at the front and the general is in a tank, but he's vulnerable from behind. Have a fast car ready to bail, then snipe the loudmouth and take off to escape the alarm.

Another general who has left his rear vulnerable.


Drive to the GPS marker and collect a uniform from the guard in the tower at the corner. Then collect the postcard in the grass before heading to the elevator. Ambush the guard on the roof, use the radio, pick up the launcher and blow the armored car back whence it came. Run around to the right toward the green Alarm box to cancel the alarm, then escape.

Bulletproof, but not Panzershrekproof.

Symphony of Destruction

To cross the Louvre complex after getting a disguise, you could walk, but why not take the tank as far is it will go? That's about 3/4 of the distance. Hop out and continue on foot through the archway. Once there, it's a simple matter of blowing up the tower. When you do that and return through the arches, your tank should be waiting for the drive back to the main gate. That's it for Margot's missions. Let's go racing!

On Your Marks... Get Set...

Skylar leaves you a note about a street race, which starts just in front of the Western HQ. Talk to Horst, then get your fastest car. Race through the city slowing for no one. When you beat the time, you get the Leadfoot perk and unlock some more racing events. To find the next race, look for the checkered flag icon on the map.

The course is a bit tricky, so you may have to try it a few times to get a winning time.

Back in The Saddle

A two-lap country race that earns you Skylar's car in the garage as the Speed Demon perk. You need to get a good start and on the second lap be close behind the first one or two cars. If you get too far behind they're gone and you'll have a hard time catching up.

Don't be afraid to race dirty to win.

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Comments for Act 2 (1-10)

2 comments, latest first.
Sep 22nd 2012 Guest
I cant figure out where to do the 2nd country race.Ive already done the first one but I dont know if Im suposed to get a letter?Please help!?

ID #188181
Oct 22nd 2011 Guest
At the top of champagne ardenne where you get the silver dart, there is a door at the bottom of the cliff. How do we get on the other side to get the freeplay target? we have tried to find a trap door and blow it up. Please Help
ID #82004