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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act 1 (11-17)

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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Act 1 (11-17)

Wrath of God

Another delivery mission like Special Delivery, simply drive Father Denis to deliver a bomb of his own.

Legio Patria Nostra

This mission seems complex at first but it's actually a piece of cake if you're a bit patient and bring the right gear. As usual, bring a full load of dynamite and RDX, but also bring a silenced pistol with the clip upgrade for extra ammo, and make sure it's full. Uniform up and walk right in the front door. Do the rocket first by placing a charge on its fin, then work your way around the area, making sure to be clear of the suspicion radius when you blow the RDX or when the dynamite goes off. Use the silenced pistol to take down the smaller Zeppelins from a discreet location. The large Zeppelin will catch fire from a large explosion beneath it. Piece of cake.

This is one of several missions with multiple targets that list your progress on the bottom of the first Stats page.

Patience, Grasshopper.

Red Wedding

It's useful here to have upgraded your grenade capacity with the Cheap Thrill perk if you haven't already done so. A machine gun with lots of rounds is good, too, because you'll be facing a lot of enemies. Bring a fast car to the wedding and leave it facing away from the bridge.

There are several options for hiding spots, but behind the wedding ceremony works well to eliminate the primary target. From then on you need to kill all the Nazis without killing any civilians. Once that's done, a lot of soldiers will arrive to block your only exit. This is where those extra grenades come in handy. Use a few on the first wave of soldiers to thin them out, but save a couple for the end of the bridge when you get there because more vehicles may arrive to block your way. If you're getting low on ammo, pick up a Nazi weapon, which should also have plenty of ammo on the ground for resupply. When you get to your car, take off to escape the alarm.

It's a nice day for a red wedding.

Slipped Me A Mickey

You're now done with the local missions, so head to Le Havre to find Skylar and begin the plot line that moves you to Act II. You can save having to check the map often by dropping a marker in Le Havre and following the purple line on your GPS.

Buried Secrets

After meeting with Skylar and Bishop, drive all the way back to the cemetery to begin a pretty long mission. After talking to Skylar, enter the tunnel and either wait for the conversation about you to end before stealth killing the Nazi who stays when his conversation is done, or pick up a uniform on the next level from the lone guard. No you can take a slow, careful walk up the path to the mausoleum, but there's a short cut by going directly to your left and climbing up a series of steps in the terrain. Watch your stealth meter and get as close to the mausoleum entrance as you can. At the entrance, you'll see that you've missed the show, and that there are some heavyweight Nazis still inside. You're going to raise the alarm here, nothing you can do about it. Your path to the next section is inside the mausoleum. To the left is a ladder that leads down below where the Nazis are standing and you just need to reach it and descend before they can kill you; they won't follow you down the ladder. Make a run for it and hop down.

Head up and to your left for the direct route to the mausoleum.

Follow the path down to the box location, and when you reach the Nazis in the basement, watch out for a flamethrower soldier. Shoot the tanks on his back if you can, but avoid getting torched. Once the enemies are dead, approach the box for a cut scene. Don't get your hopes up about finding out what's in the box, by the way.

Now you need to get the box out of there, and Skylar has found a truck for you. Leave the cemetery and make it fast because you have a Truck Health progress bar, so if the truck takes too much abuse it'll fail, as will the mission. Head for the fight back zone, which can be hard to find as the GPS's yellow route may be difficult to see behind the red Alarm overlay. So use the video to see where you're supposed to go. If you haven't used a fight back zone yet to escape an alarm, here's your chance to see how it works. You'll have a Kills progress bar and when you've filled it up, the alarm ends for some unexplainable reason. So stick to cover, be patient so you don't die, and keep shooting until you reach your kill goal. Then drive the truck back to an Underground garage.

Piece of… uh, cake.

A Trip Up The Coast

A simple delivery mission, just drive Skylar and the box back to Le Havre.

Vive Le Vengeance

The finale to Act I, you will chase Dierker onto a Zeppelin to try to kill him. Once you take control of the truck, you're all set with papers and a uniform to get past the checkpoint and up to the front gate of the citadel. It's locked, so you'll need to blow it open with some explosives. Wait for the zone to settle, then stroll in the front gate.

The Nazis in this game really aren't very bright.

When you enter the citadel and make it past the first guards, you'll see your destination marker on the other side of a locked gate. You can't blow this one up, so head to the right and up the stairs. Watch your sneak meter as you follow directions along the up and over route. Climb the tower and then begin down interior staircase. The last two guards are too close together to pass without resetting your meter, so pause on the landing between them, then head down to the next checkpoint at the bottom of the stairs, where you'll see the destination marker to your right.

It's a long path you take to get about 20 yards.

Ok, here's where it gets tricky. Keep sneaking past the guards until you reach the metal stairs that lead up to the Zeppelin platform. There will be a sniper at the first turn of the stairs, and he's no problem. But the officer at the next landing may be. If he has spawned in the middle of the walkway, there is just no way around him and you'll have to fight the rest of the way. This is no big deal as the section ends as soon as you enter the Zeppelin, and no one will chase you from the platform. Just get past the flamethrower and up the stairs alive.

He is on ze zeppelin, he is not our problem!

Once you're in the Zeppelin, there are several cut scenes in between your action, and you just follow the ladders and jumps to the final scene where Dierker escapes with a parachute. You don't need one, though, you're SEAN DEVLIN!!

Who thought an enormous balloon of flammable gas was a good idea?

When you wake up on the beach, swim to the dock and sneak past the guards back to HQ. Don't worry if you get killed, the game will take you to HQ rather than make you try again.

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Comments for Act 1 (11-17)

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Apr 28th 2011 Guest
The Red Wedding mission can be easier, Hide behind any of the hiding spots (I used the middle one) Allows you to shoot the target then you can wipe out the extra guys.

Here is where it gets easy, rather than face all the guards etc, run towards the cliff and jump into the water, then you run through the park without any trouble or enemies
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