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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act 1 (1-10)

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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Act 1 (1-10)

Once you complete the prologue, many missions can be completed in any order you choose, though some do not activate until others are completed. The order below is only one that you may follow if you wish. You may in general want to do all side missions that are active before moving on to the main story mission indicated by the Gold character initials on your map.

Back in Paris, Luc has a new mission for you as you begin your ever-growing involvement with the Parisian Resistance.


Drive Luc to the canal, then cross the bridge and grab a guard's uniform before heading into the facility. Once inside, practice the skills you will need for the rest of the game. When your yellow suspicion ring gets too close to full, back off and let it settle down to white, then to empty. Work your way to the lone guard with the cell keys and stealth kill him to keep things quiet. Open the cell doors, and find that Luc has been injured. You must all head to the basement to survive the bombing, so move quickly into what will be your first resistance headquarters.

Bottle Shock

Santos wants a bottle of champagne in exchange for the medicine Luc needs. When you reach the location, a disguise will help but isn't necessary.  As usual, you have several ways to approach the goal, by being very sneaky or by shooting, waiting out the alarm, then grabbing the target when the fuss has died down. If you do set off an alarm, look for a skylight escape space above the bottle area. When you have the bottle, return it to Santos, then talk to Veronique.

The Black Market

Santos will offer his services to you for a favor. This is you introduction to Nazi generals, who will be part of a useful perk later. But first you must sabotage a tower above the black market location. Place dynamite on the ladder and get to a safe distance before it blows. The Nazi general will show on your map as a pulsing yellow halo, because he and certain other Nazi officers have higher detection abilities. No need to be stealthy in this case if you wan to shoot 'em up. Once the general is dead, blow up the armored car and make your escape. The black market is now open for business, so check out what it has to offer before your next mission.

Grand Theft Limo

Santos wants just one more thing, for now. He wants to claim a limo from a general, which is a simple grab and run job. Approach from above and drop down on the right side of the car. Hop in a take off, blasting through the gate. Return the car to La Villette to unlock the first garage around town.

Thirty Pieces of Lead

A simple mission to follow General Kleib and find the traitor who ratted Vittore out. Be careful of the general's high suspicion ability, then kill the traitor once he has met with the general. For fun you can stealth kill the general and put his clothes on to give the traitor a nasty surprise when he shows up for his meeting.

Liberty or Death

This is the first challenging mission, if you try to sneak. But as soon as you let the first prisoner out of his cell, the alarm goes off and you're on the run. If you shoot, the alarm goes up higher, so the best thing to do is let the prisoners out as quickly as you can and run from the alarm. The prisoners will find their own ways out of danger without your help, so all you need to do is let them out and escape.

Sneaking around just slows you down on this mission.

When you complete this level you unlock the Backup Strike function. When you call a Backup Strike, members of the Resistance come to your aid to fight the Nazis. You can upgrade their weapons and health on the black market.

Belly of the Beast

It would be easy enough to kill Colonel Gower if you didn't have to deliver Le Crochet's message, too. Have a getaway car ready nearby and find Gower in the Red Light district by Gare De L'Est. Wait until Gower leaves his guards and kill them first so you can get close to Gower to deliver Le Crochet's regards. Escape the alarm and you're done with this mission.

This one is up close and personal.

Special Delivery

A simple delivery mission with Veronique, the only small trick being to escape an alarm after her package explodes.

Unforgivable Sins

How often does a priest ask you to assassinate someone? Use the ladder in the scaffolding on the side of the church to reach the top, taking care of a sniper on the way who'll give up his scoped rifle if you didn't bring your own.

Getting into position.

Don't shoot the target too early or the game will say you scared him away.

He's dead, isn't he?

After you make the shot, there shouldn't be an alarm if you can wait out the suspicion zone.

oving targets are harder to hit.

While you're up there, take a side trip to a couple of the scenic views and collect a postcard:

There are two scenic views and a postcard to collect nearby.


Look for the ambassador with the red armband when all four figures meet in the middle of the square. If you leave a fast car close by, escaping the alarm should be no problem.

Why go to all that trouble and then wear an armband?

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