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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act 2 (21-26)

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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Act 2 (21-26)

Repo Man

Vittore sends you to collect his car, the Aurora. Try to pick up a uniform before you arrive if you can, the guards outside are seldom alone. Work your way to the cut scene of Franziska that reveals the entrance to the garage. Sneak up and take out the two guards, then RDX the entrance. Move in when clear and sneak as far as you can. When you're close to the Aurora, you'll have to fight it out from there. Once clear, lower the lift and get in the Aurora. Crash through the tunnel, and when you're outside use the car's speed to outrun the chase. If you've taken care of the Road Rage Perk to unlock the Aurora's Nitrous, this will give you a nice speed boost to outrun the alarm.

Hey, you don't make the payments, you don't keep the car.

Boiling Point

A note from Bryman leads you to the Gestapo HQ at the Hotel de Ville to see about Kessler's daughter. This is a long, complicated mission. First, walk around the Hotel until you see the cut scene for the phone wire approach. A series of wires drops you off right where you want to enter the building, but if you want to catch the scenic view at the top, climb up before you head inside.

Marching into the detention area wasn't what I had in mind.

Enter through the window and kill the SS man on the radio. Work your way down stairs toward the library getting as far as you can before having to shoot. From then on in it's a firefight to the end. In the Library pull the book to open the passage. Shoot your way through to the cells and release Luc's man. This is tricky because the place is full of Terror soldiers who take a lot of bullets before going down.

This is probably the toughest set of enemies you've faced yet.

Blow up the boiler to open the thick door, then fight through the fire and smoke to the elevator.

Luckily, the Terror soldiers stay where they are instead of rushing you.

Once outside, fight the Terror guards until they're dead. The elevator you came up will spawn regular soldiers who bring you ammo when you kill them. Take Maria outside and then find a car to drive her to La Villette.

Amazing that you can still walk with all those bullet holes in you.

Lambs To The Slaughter

You have a big fight on your hands as the Nazis attack La Villette, so before you leave the HQ, hit the weapons seller and stock up on everything. You should have the Terror machine gun unlocked now, so buy it if you have the cash and don't forget ammo.

Head upstairs and to the back of the building first. A kind of soldier will arrive called sappers, they show with a red marker, and you need to get them before they reach the building. The best way is to get on the machine gun and fire tons of lead into the engines of the approaching vehicles, making them blow up. You can do the same at the front when the attack shifts to that direction: head up the ladder and get busy. At the side, there is no turret, so use the Terror machine gun to light up the vehicles. When the tank arrives, clear out some soldiers, then blow it up with dynamite or RDX.

Why shooting a vehicle's engine makes it explode, we can't say, but it is effective.

To finish the mission, drive Skylar and the Kesslers to the Catacombs HQ.

Dark Reign

Bryman will help you find Veronique even if Luc won't. First, go back in the HQ and stock up on ammo, you're probably pretty low after the last mission. Head back outside and wait for Bryman's note to be delivered. Next up is a rooftop race to plant 7 bugs on radio devices. The silenced machine gun works great here for keeping a relatively low profile. There's no time to be sneaky, and a loud gun will draw much unwanted attention. Look for an escape box across the street to sit out the alarm.

Try to clear your path with the Viper before you arrive.

Needs of the Few... Or The One

Byman sends a note about where to meet him next, so head to his yellow pin on your map. This is a heck of a mission ahead. Bryman has arrange a zeppelin ride, so head through the closest checkpoint and find a uniform, then take a short swim to the zeppelin docking station. Sneak up to the top and find the radio. When the zeppelin arrives, climb on board and take a ride to Norte Dame.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

Get out there and make your way down to the overlook of the execution area, but check out the scenic view first. Stop the execution of Veronique by sniping the Terror guard on the gallows, then cover her from up top. When the fighting slows a bit, jump on to the cable and move down to ground level.

Don't snipe too long—the sooner you get down there and get Veronique in the truck the better.

Jump in the back of Bryman's stolen truck to man the machine gun. Protect the truck's health as you drive, watch for airplanes as well as vehicles. Destroy the roadblock, then keep trying to protect the truck; if it blows up the mission is over. When you escape the alarm, take Veronique back to HQ.

I sure hope this truck is reliable.

From The Ashes

The race around Paris ends with the planned big explosion—if you fall behind, don't give up. You just might find the leading group has waited for you so you can win. Don't forget to use the boost on the straight sections. But the Nazis aren't happy about losing the race, and you'll have to escape the alarm. You can jump in a German race car, but outrunning a Stage 4 alarm is tough. So make it to the Fight Back zone and be patient while you rack up enough kills to end the alarm.

When you win the race, jump in the Silver Claw II and take off to find the Fight Back Zone.

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Mar 12th 2014 Guest
In lambs to the slaughter, a tactic is to go out the back and head to the turret guy on left.. Place a RDX ON THE ROAD and wait behind the two metal cases when the sturmwagon drives in blow it up and presto no sapper now run back out and RDX the road again and blam. 2 more and you get the call to go to the front. Go around the side towards the front throw dynamite at the turret guy go near the entrance and RDX the road in front of the turret WHEN THE STURMWAGON COMES IN BLAM. repeat 3 or four times and you get the call to go to the side entrance. Throw dynamite at the nazis and RDX THE ROAD BLAM. When the tank comes well you get the idea
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