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Follow the dark path or use the light

General Tips

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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General Tips

Game Saves
You can save your progress at any time, with a couple of qualificatons to this statement. You cannot save mission progress until that mission is complete. And you cannot save your location at a given spot on the map. But you can save any progress you've made toward earning Perks, any Nazi items destroyed, cigarettes smoked, etc. So when you load a game you will spawn at a headquarters, not where you were when you saved, and be sure to complete a mission before you quit the game or you'll have to start the mission from the beginning next time you play. Each game save tells you the last mission completed.

You have 15 save slots, plus an AUTO save. Beware of the auto save if you go back and play a previous mission for some reason. Be sure to put your progress in one of the 15 slots before you do this, or you will lose anything you've done that is stored in the Auto save at your first checkpoint. When working on Perk counts especially, save frequently to your most recent save slot.

Use the Rooftops and the Countryside to Escape
Staying out of line of sight is a great benefit when escaping an alarm. There are lots of places to hide on the rooftops, and tree lines and houses in the countryside are good as well.

Drain pipes are MUCH faster than jumping from window to window, so use them whenever possible.

When you're spotted, the red alarm circle re-centers on your location, so try to stay hidden when escaping. Also, bring a fast car to outrun small alarms, especially when you're on the edge of occupied territory. Alarms are easier to outrun if you can get out of the black and white areas or out into the country where there are fewer Nazis to spot you.

Use the GPS
Have the GPS plot a route for you by dropping a pin as your destination. This is particularly useful for long drive away from town, but also for finding locations not automatically plotted when on a mission, or when you want to remember a location on the map. When someone gives you a mission, a yellow route will show on the GPS if you're in a car, but not if you're on foot, so to see where you're supposed to go, hop in a vehicle. (See above video The Map and Game Areas section about GPS correction.)

Non-Stealthy Stealth Kills
Beware of sudden yellow alerts caused by the discovery of a Nazi dead body you left behind. You may have gotten away with a stealth kill, but if another soldier finds the dead body, you may find yourself in an unanticipated situation.

Music on the Radio
When driving, you can change the song by hitting Right on the d-pad (Xbox 360).

Fast Travel
There is no Fast Travel feature, but there is a way around a long drive back to HQ after a mission. Once you have the Mission Complete screen, save progress into one of the 15 slots, then load that save. This will respawn you back at a HQ and save you the drive. It may not be the HQ you want, but in most cases this will be faster than driving back to Paris if you're far away.

Saving citizens from Nazi Harassment
There are two types of harassment to stop: the firing squad and the truck collection. Sometimes you will see a few citizens lined up against a wall with one or more Nazis preparing to shoot them. Most of the time you will see a single Nazi with a gun on a citizen, sometimes with a second Nazi cheering him on. Both cases count if you kill the threatening Nazis so the citizens can escape.

Try to get the accusing Nazi without being seen so you can slip away without an alarm.

However, if you come across a case of the truck harassment, in which the threatened citizen will be put in a Nazi truck and taken away instead of shot on the spot, you must kill the Nazi before the animation related to the truck starts. Sometimes you may think you've done it, only to have the truck arrive and the citizen get in the back in spite of the fact that the Nazi who phoned it in is lying dead on the sidewalk. The citizen will not flee to save his life if you wait too long to save him.

If you wait too long and the collection truck arrives, the citizen will not flee.

If you are trying to get this achievement, drive around in black and white zones where there are lots of Nazis; they are more aggressive about harassment here than they are in colorful, strong Will To Fight areas. Look for soldiers suddenly running, because these are probably entering the harassment routine. With some effort you can find areas where Nazis spawn right before you come around the corner, and before long one or more will start a harassment you can stop.

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