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Follow the dark path or use the light

Act 2 (11-20)

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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Act 2 (11-20)

The Big Gun

Now for Luc's note: he has chosen a tough place to meet, crawling with soldiers, so don't go disguised. He sends you off to see Bryman, who will give you RDX if you haven't earned it yet. In a nice change, you don't have to travel half way across the map; the entrance is right there. Bad news is that this is a very challenging mission, especially at the end. Head in and pick up a uniform from the first guard. Put it on and move as quickly as you can around to the left to avoid the guard who will come find the dead body. He will raise a local alert, so you want to be far away. For a while you can follow the pathway, always watching your yellow circle to make sure it doesn't max. When you find a spot out of sight to let your suspicion drop, do so at every opportunity. Time is less an issue than it seems here, the trick is not raising the alarm. You might also get unlucky with a guard's pattern from one try to the next.

Eventually you will come to a corridor with a machine gunner at the end. You can get past him, but not the second gunner around the corner. So before you head down toward the first, hop up to a landing to the left and make your way from there along the rooftops. Kept left as much as possible and when you get to the corner of the block, follow it to the right, but still stay to the left edge of the roofs. When you can go no further, you'll be below a large red Nazi flag draped on the side of a building and can hop down to a large platform with a general and a flamethrower. Stay to the left as you head for the stairs.

Here's where it gets tricky. You can only get so far up the stairs before the alarm triggers and you have to fight your way to the gun, then blow it up, then escape. Bring a shotgun or machine gun for close up work and a rifle for the various snipers. If a Zeppelin arrives, pick up the panzershrek on the lower platform and blow it up. Then do your best to escape the alarm. Make sure you blow up the gun to get the Mission Complete. Then if you don't escape the alarm, you can respawn at HQ.

Some missions are a cakewalk, this one is not.

Rolling Thunder

This is an even more complicated mission that once again, you can't sneak your way out of. First go to the bridge with Skylar and plant the charges. This is pretty easy once you grab a uniform from the first guard you find beneath the tracks. Then go with Skylar to meet Wilcox.

It takes a lot of explosive to make a bridge go boom.

Getting on the train is easy with a guard's uniform, but once you're on, it's a heck of a ride. Move forward on top of the train to plant the explosive, then keep going, minding your sneak meter as best you can. Eventually there will be too many Nazis all around and the alarm will go up. Shoot as many as you can to fight your way forward, past Kessler's car, to the engine. You must jam the throttle to keep the train going by reaching the engine and moving the green lever. Then go back to Kesslser's car, where a cut scene takes over. Once done, drive Kessler and Skylar back to HQ at La Villette.

The fight as you move up the train can be tricky.

Hard Bargain

Not much of a mission, just find Santos and pay him 500 for new papers.

South of the Seine

Take Luc to a meeting with the new underground leader, Mingo. The meeting is an ambush, and after a moment of fighting, get all three members into a car. If you brought a 2-seater, a sedan will be waiting for you. Escape the alarm and drive the trio to your new HQ. The best thing about this mission is that completing it unlocks the Viper SMG, a silenced SMG: all the stealth of the silenced pistol with plenty of punch and a 240-round capacity.

The Bavarian Candidate

What starts out as a simple ride for a brainwashed Nazi turns into a short fire fight. Bring a machine gun and rifle and fight into Bauer's hideout once Kwong's plan fails.

Have a dirty brain? Try Dr. Kwong's brainwashing services.

Set Us Up The Bomb

At some point you'll have to make one last long drive out to see Wilcox at Le Havre. Chateau Chambord is being used for bad science and has 12 power stations and a rocket to be destroyed. This mission is very similar to the chemical factory, same strategy. Be patient and blow up the targets.

The rocket is off by itself, so it doesn't matter if you do it first or last.

Access to the interior of the castle is at the rear via metal stairs that lead first up and then back down to the lower interior. In the front corners are spiral staircases leading to the top targets.

Climbing around the top of the castle is slow-going.

Of the castle targets, finish with the one on the upper level, front and center, and take the cable down to the ground.

To visit Chambord today you'd never guess it once had all this Nazi equipment in place.

Guardian Angel

Since we're tying up loose ends, let's get rid of, or take care of, rather, Dr. Kwong. At St. Sulpice, reach the sniper's nest by starting up the scaffolding at the back of the church. Note the alarm box on the sniping level, where two Nazi snipers patrol. Climb the final scaffolding to the top for a scenic view. Cover Kwong from the rooftop so he can escape in the car.

Now that's what I call sniping!

Deutschland Uber Phallus

After an amusing talk from Kwong, head to the nearby Pantheon to see the big gun. Get a uniform and head straight in the front door. There is an elevator on the left behind some explosive barrels, and start there on a trip that involves ladders and more elevators, all the way to the top.

Apparently if you have a uniform on you can go pretty much anywhere you want to in the Third Reich.

Sometimes you will have to watch your sneak meter to get by the guards.

Are the Nazis compensating for something?

Go past the gun for a scenic view if you want, then put RDX anywhere on the gun or its support and blow it. Either rope down the front to the lower building, or fight your way down the ladders, whichever is more fun. If you take the rope and find yourself at the front of the large building, follow the yellow lanterns back down to ground level.

Yeah, great view, now how do I get back down?

Loose Lips

Now for Duval's missions. The first is a sad tale of lost love involving a charming double entendre in the title. You must find his former fiancée and recover her locket after killing her. You can walk to this mission, and you need a uniform anyway, so forget the car. If you walk in the front, the time taken by the cut scene will result in am alarm unless your turn around right away. Once you're clear, walk back in and go to the back of the stage. There are two ladders leading up to an area with two patrolling soldiers. Take each out, then take out the sniper in the tower behind the stage. Snipe your target while she sings on stage and then use one of the alarm boxes to cancel the alarm. You can now go collect the locket and return to Duval. He's no longer at HQ, by the way, so look for his yellow pin on your map.

Wow, this is a tough room.

The Hunter or The Hunted

As soon as you rendezvous with the contact, the alarm goes off and you're in a fire fight. Hope you brought a sniper rifle, because your job is to eliminate snipers on the rooftops so your colleagues can approach. Once you have the three on the main street, move up to take down any more snipers you see inside the courtyard area. Move in through the arch and climb a pipe to the rooftop. Move along the left side and climb around a building with a red banner. Climb to its roof and keep moving forward until you have a clear shot of the Wolf. Backtrack to the green hatch marker to clear the alarm. Only Vittore has a mission for you at this point and he's back at The Belle.

The members of this wolf's pack have big guns.

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