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The Saboteur Guide and Walkthrough

The Saboteur Walkthrough and Guide

by Just One More  

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The Saboteur is an action/RPG game set in Nazi-occupied Paris that mixes elements of Crackdown and Splinter Cell, with some leveling up of your character and lots of sneaking around with a disguise on to avoid a shootout. You play Sean Devlin, an Irishman with a need for revenge against the Nazis and the abilities to climb like a monkey, fight like Mike Tyson, sprint for miles and swear like a sailor. As the story unfolds, you learn why he is motivated to join the fledgling Paris resistance three months after the German invasion. The game is full of movie references, word play and double entendre, as well as tips of the hat to other video games. The music is great, including songs from Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, as well as original music in the style of the period and an OST that does a great job of setting the mood. There is also a lot of humor, coming mostly from the main character. Veteran video game voice actor Robin Aktin Downes does a fantastic job as Sean Devlin, and though his Irish accent comes and goes, he delivers some hilarious dialogue beautifully. Overall the game is very enjoyable for the variety of missions, music and good game controls, and in spite of some curious AI behavior, some odd character animations, and how several of the main questions posed during the story go completely forgotten.

You spend most of your time disguised among Nazi soldiers performing tasks for the French resistance just after the Nazi invasion of Paris in1940. The game offers some amusing alternatives to fighting when you’re being chased by Nazis. Various characters send Sean on missions of various types, such as sabotage, assassination, theft, rescue and sometimes just giving someone a ride somewhere. At any point between missions you are free to attack the hundreds of Freeplay targets to earn credits on the black market, where you buy ammo, weapons and support from the Resistance.

Northern France, from the west coast to the German border, has been compressed in the game to an area you can drive across in a matter of minutes. Even some points of interest from the Loire Valley have been smushed up into play so that you can visit the chateaux of Chambord and Chenonceau. Most of the game’s action takes place in Paris, and as you destroy the Nazis’ strength in a given area, the local people recover the Will To Fight, making the grey, depressed look of heavily occupied Nazi areas return to their former color. A complicated main plot is supported by various side missions that take you to many parts of the famous city, each one earning you credit and offering opportunities to earn various Perks which increase your skills and abilities in the game. When the main story is finished, you return to Paris to continue the fight by taking down as many Freeplay targets as you wish.

Preface: The Saboteur is an M rated game containing profanity, violence, sexual situations and nudity with The Midnight Show upgrade active. The videos on this guide may contain profanity. The videos were made while playing on Normal difficulty on an Xbox 360.


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    the game cant be saved from where u want instead of this it can be save from the last check point
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