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Palace of Twilight

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide - Palace of Twilight


Back in Hyrule, we have just a couple things to wrap up before starting the end-game. Warp to Castle Town.

You'll get a letter about the STAR minigame being re-opened. Go in and with your double-clawshot you can easily steal the show, along with an even larger Quiver (100 arrows).

STAR minigame

Also, this is a good chance to complete any unfinished sidequests: Flight-by-fowl, Fruit Pop, Iza's Rapid Ride, Magic Armor, Golden Bugs, any outstanding Heart Piece, Poe Soul, or Howling Stone. Get them all done now.

You'll still have another chance after the Palace of Twilight (technically end-game doesn't start will Hyrule Castle), but beating the Palace wont get you anything new except for 2 more hearts, so you might as well do them now.

Finally, if you have the Magic Armor and a wallet full of rupees, you can try out the Cave of Ordeals in Gerudo Desert. If you cant beat it now, you simply need more practice.

Good luck

One last thing before we continue, warp to Kakariko Bridge.

There is a heart piece off the cliff's edge. Use the double clawshot to get down to it.

H43, 18 3/5

Well, that's it. Warp to the Mirror Chamber and enter the Twilight Realm.

Palace of Twilight

Palace of Twilight

Kind of strange that the portal would lead right to their palace O.o
Anyway, it's time for your epic showdown with Zant, but first you must get past his inane palace. The palace is based heavily on light/dark puzzles and defeating enemies.

Note that all the enemies that appear here are in Shadow form. This doesn't really change them other then appearance.

--== Room 1: Courtyard ==--

Enemies: Kargarok
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Go to the east side and enter the door.

--== Room 2: Infested Ramp ==--

Enemies: Keese, Deku Baba, Zant Head
Chests: 2 (small key, 1 not reachable)
Quest items: 1 (small key)

Work your way past the Deku and Keese. At the end of the hall is a Zant Head. These things have the power to teleport about the room. Their only attack is to fire a very slow magic ball. Reflecting the projectile back at them can stun them. Only standard sword/fang attacks will hurt them.

Defeat the Zant Head to make a chest appear. Claim the key, then use the clawshot (the red grates are targets) to get up to the platform north. Open the door.

--== Room 3: Enter: Dark Fog ==--

Enemies: Zant Head, Shadow Vermin
Chests: 3 (100 rupees, compass, small key)
Quest items: 2 (compass, small key)

The fog in the center of the room will automatically turn you into your wolf form. The only way to get back to normal is to get out of the fog and have Midna transform you. While in the fog, the only way to see clearly is to use your senses.

Defeat the Zant Head to make two chests appear. Go back to the south end and open the chest (watch, it's rigged with shadow vermin) for your compass. Go back through the fog and clawshot your way to the upper platform to get the key.

Your 100 rupees is at the south end on the western platform. You can reach the clawshot target from where you are now.

Exit through the northern door.

--== Room 4: Sol #1 ==--

Enemies: Holo-Zant, Deku Baba, Keese, Shadow Beasts, Shadow Vermin
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Upon entering the room, a holographic form of Zant will appear. This Zant will throw energy orbs into the air, creating portals through which any number of enemies can appear.


The trick to defeating him is wait for him to start powering up the energy ball, then attack him. You can also learn his warp pattern (he warps around the room in a constant fashion, not random) and wait for him at one of his warp points. When he appears, start slashing before he flees.

After a bit, he goes down, but not before giving a parting gift of more fog.

At the north end of the room is the first Sol. The Sols are the light of this realm. Use the clawshot to make the hand drop it, then pick it up using the clawshot as well.

The hand will come to life and begin chasing after you to get the Sol back. The hand moves very slowly, but s invulnerable. If he gets a hold of the Sol, he will carry it back to its earlier resting place. However, if you're quick, you can shoot it with a couple arrows after it picks up the Sol and make him drop it again.

Shadow Hand

The Sol will also dispel the fog, allowing you to walk through it. With Sol in hand, run to the center of the fog and place it in the circular groove. The power will make some stairs appear. You must run up the stairs to sturdy ground, then use the clawshot to reclaim Sol before the hand gets to it.

Like so

--== Room 3: Enter: Dark Fog ==--

Enemies: Shadow Beast, Shadow Vermin, Keese
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Jump down and set the Sol in the center of the fog again. Climb the stairs and reclaim Sol before the hand gets to it.

From here.

Once you have Sol again, go south to the door. You'll have to toss it up on the ledge then climb up and pick it back up. Jump off the platform and enter the door.

--== Room 2: Infested Ramp ==--

Enemies: Shadow Vermin, Keese, Deku Baba
Chests: 1 (not reachable)
Quest items: None

Run up the ramp avoiding the enemies as best you can. It's fairly likely that one of them will hit you. Just ignore it and pick up Sol quickly before it rolls back down.

--== Room 1: Courtyard ==--

Enemies: Kargarok
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Walk Sol up to the center platform where there is another slot for it. Set it down to activate a moving light platform that can take you west (you can also run around with Sol and release the dark curse put on the Twili people).

--== Room 5: Fog Pool ==--

Enemies: Keese, Shadow Vermin, Zant Head
Chests: 4 (small key, 50 rupees, 2 not reachable)
Quest items: 1 (small key)

Use the clawshot on the target hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Lower yourself to the moving platform and jump off to the platform with two black orbs. A Zant Head will appear and start firing at you from across the platforms. Don't worry about him just yet. Focus on timing your jumps and getting to the stable ground near the door.

Once there, wait for the Zant Head to be near enough to you that you can reach him without jumping. After he goes down, grab the key and enter the door.

--== Room 6: Alcoves ==--

Enemies: Zant Head, Keese, Shadow Beast
Chests: 4 (small key, map, 50 rupees x2)
Quest items: 2 (small key, map)

Walk into the fog in the center of the room. Use Midna to paint all the shadow beasts to take them down at once.

Unlike the other rooms, there are multiple Zant Heads in this room. You must defeat all of them to continue. I wouldn't worry about focusing on one at a time, as they teleport at random and aren't really that hard.

Once they are down, grapple to the clawshot target at the north end of the room by the door. Use that target to get to the target hanging from the ceiling. Grapple from target to target on the ceiling to get to the alcoves on the east and west side of the room. Some hold rupees, some hearts, some quest items. Once you get the small key and the map, exit through the northern door.

--== Room 7: Sol #2 ==--

Enemies: Holo-Zant, Deku Baba, Keese, Shadow Beasts, Shadow Vermin
Chests: None
Quest items: None

This fight against Holo-Zant plays out exactly like it did before. Use the same strategy. He even gives you the same present (cheapskate >.>)

Again, use the clawshot to retrieve Sol from it's guardian. Place it in the center of the room and run up the stairs. Turn back and grab Sol with the clawshot and run out of the room.

--== Room 6: Alcoves ==--

Enemies: Shadow Vermin, Keese, Shadow Beasts
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Setting Sol down in the center of the room will raise some stairs circling around. Problem is, you cant get to any of them (too high).

You're SUPPOSE to use the stairs to block the hand while you work your way around the room with the clawshot. That, however, is a pain.

Solution: Pick up Sol again, then put it back down onto its groove Run over to one of the platforms on the west side BEFORE it rises up, so that when it does rise it takes you with it. At the south end there is some solid ground you can retrieve Sol from and safely jump down to the southern door.

From here

--== Room 5: Fog Pool ==--

Enemies: Shadow Vermin, Keese, Shadow Beast
Chests: 2 (not reachable)
Quest items: None

Fall down into the pit. There should be a dark orb in the fog right near where you landed (up against the north wall). These are light-sensitive orbs. Hold Sol up to it long enough for it to activate.

Run Sol to the north end of the room and set it in a place where it wont roll. Grapple to the target on the ceiling and lower yourself to the moving platform. On the platform with the two light-sensitive orbs, grapple Sol to you and wait for the orbs to activate. A platform will appear under you and transport you to the door.

--== Room 1: Courtyard ==--

Enemies: Kargarok
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Step on the glowing platform to be taken back to the center. Set Sol in its place. You now receive the Light Sword. This sword only works in the Twilight Realm, and is super powerful against shadow creatures (taking out most with one hit). With this sword, you now have the power to clear away the fog on-demand. It's not like Sol, however, you have to swing the sword for the fog to clear.

With this in hand, we need to return to rooms 2 and 5.

--== Room 5: Fog Pool ==--

Enemies: Keese, Shadow Vermin
Chests: 2 (heart piece, 50 rupees)
Quest items: None

Grapple to the center platform again and stand for a second. On the left and right side of the shadow pool there should be two glowing platforms in the ground. Use the sword to clear the fog. Ride the west one up and jump off into the northern alcove to claim a piece of heart.

H44, 18 4/5

Use a spin attack on the center platform to activate both orbs and exit.

--== Room 2: Infested Ramp ==--

Enemies: Keese, Deku Baba
Chests: 1 (Heart piece)
Quest items: None

There are waterfalls of dark fog on the left and right of this room. Go to the second one on the east side and clear it away. Clear the fog from the hall behind it and use the clawshot to get up to the chest.

[thumb=H45.jpg titleH45, 19 0/5]

And that's it! That was the last heart piece!
Now to make our way through the rest of the palace. Go back to the courtyard.

--== Room 1: Courtyard ==--

Walk up the northern path and use the sword to clear away the wall of fog. Jump across and enter the door.

--== Room 8: Mini-Sols ==--

Enemies: Shadow Beasts, Keese, Shadow Vermin, Deku Baba, Zant Head
Chests: 1 (small key)
Quest items: 1 (small key)

Use the sword to clear the fog. At the back of the room are two smaller Sols. Pick them up and put them in the grooves inside the fog.

Walk up the stairs that appear. Use the sword on the light-sensitive orb at the top to activate a floating platform. Ride it to the next ledge.

This ledge has multiple Zant Heads on it. Defeat all of them to get the key. Stand in the center of the light orbs and use a spin attack to activate all three. Ride the platform up and enter the door. 

--== Room 9: Twilight Balcony ==--

Enemies: Zant Head, Kargarok, Shadow Beasts
Chests: 2 (small key, big key)
Quest items: 2 (small key, big key)

There is a large dark fog waterfall in the west side. Clear the fog and jump through. Use the double clawshots to work your way to the top to get the Big Key. Clear the fog again and jump back through.

You'll now want to kill all the Kargarok in this room. Use arrows to get their attention (but not necessarily to kill them, as that would take 4 arrows per).

After they are all down, activate the orbs on the east platform and ride the light platform to a small island with a Zant head. Destroy the head to make more appear on the main platform. Activate the light orbs here to get back over and destroy the other Zant Heads. Grab your key and exit.

--== Room 10: Light Platforming ==--

Enemies: Zant Head, Shadow Vermin, Keese, Shadow Beasts, Deku Baba
Chests: 1 (small key)
Quest items: 1 (small key)

Just in, you'll be assaulted by shadow beasts. Take them all down. Clear the fog to find more light orbs. Use a spin attack to activate them all.

Ride the platform up. More platforms will appear around it. Jump to the eastern one. It will lead to two more platforms. Take the northern one. As it approaches the ledge, grapple to it. Jump to the next light platform and ride it up.

The first Zant Head

As it approaches the next ledge, grapple to it like before. Defeat the Zant Head on this ledge. After the head goes down, another one appears on the eastern platform. Grapple to the point south of you, then use that to get to the point hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Lower yourself to the moving platform below. Defeat the Zant Head and claim the key. A new light platform will appear. Use that to reach the door.

The second Zant Head

--== Room 11: King's Hall ==--

Enemies: Shadow Beasts
Chests: None
Quest items: None

You will be assaulted by several waves of Shadow Beasts. You can easily defeat them all with the light sword.

--== Room 12: Throne Room: Boss: Usurper King - Zant ==--

Enemies: Zant
Chests: None
Quest items: None

Zant will tell the history of his madness, and reveal is his but an unwitting pawn in Ganondorf's quest.

Usurper King – Zant

The fight against Zant will take you to several of the old temples. Each stage takes on a drastically different form. However, what he should realize is that you've bested all the bosses in these areas already, what chance does he have repeating a losing strategy?

Stage 1: Forest Temple

Stage 1:
This stage is very easy. Dodge his energy shots and use the Gale Boomerang to draw him to you. Hack away till he warps back and starts over. Note that if you try to block all the energy shots, the last few will knock you off balance and hurt you.

Stage 2: Goron Mines

Stage 2:
He will try to fling you off the platform by jumping on it. Use the Iron Boots to stay on. Wait till he starts firing energy balls. Block them, then unequip the boots and rush over while his is taking a breath. Repeat till the next stage.

Stage 3: Lakebed Temple

Stage 3:
You'll need to immediately equip the Zora Armor. Besides that, you'll need the clawshot and iron boots. Zant will appear in a large stone head. Block or dodge his energy shots, then use the clawshot and iron boots to drag him out. Hit him a few times and he'll retreat.

The next part he summons multiple stone heads. Get in the center of the area and try to predict which one he'll be in. when he starts firing energy balls, swim past them towards him. When he stops, anchor yourself and pull him out again. Repeat till he gives up on this area.

Stage 4: Forest Temple Revisited

Stage 4:
This time he uses the mini-boss room. Watch him as he teleports around on the pillars. Wait for him to stop and start firing. Roll into that pillar twice to knock him off and attack.

Stage 5: Snowpeak Ruins

Stage 5:
He'll grow huge and float in the air above you. Keep moving to avoid getting stomped on. When he comes down, turn about and use the Ball and Chain on his foot. He'll shrink down and hop about. Track him and give him a good whack.

Stage 6: Hyrule Castle

Stage 6:
This is the final stage. Don't touch the barrier around the area or you'll get hurt. Zant has two main attacks: spinning and slashing. He'll teleport in and start doing one of them. If he starts slashing, use the backslice to get behind and strike. If he is spinning, dodge him a couple times till he stops to get a breather; attack him while he isn't moving.

The last stage is the hardest as you never really get a good attack in and it takes longer to bring him down. Once he does though, you are put back in the throne room.

Grab the heart container for a full 20 hearts and use Midna to warp out.

The final showdown is upon us! Onward, to Hyrule Castle!

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Dec 25th 2014 Guest
ineedto findthemirroroftwilightcityin sky
ID #489823
Feb 23rd 2014 Guest
mostly what i do is that if i cant beat the hand at first, i go to the town square and get out of the room and come back with 50 guards around me Smile and evil zelda is posesed so thats why she attacks you. reminds me of the boss in ocoreaina of time lol
ID #358269
Jun 4th 2013 Guest
Three things about the shadow hand:
1. The walkthrough guy said to shoot him with a couple arrows to make him drop the Sol, but you can hit him with the clawshot too.
2. In the alcoves room after you get the Sol, do what the guy says you're SUPPOSED to do. It's just as easy as what he says to do but it's less scary as the hand can't chase you until the stairs go back down.
3. You can hit the Hand with the clawshot three times to stun him for ten seconds, so you can do whatever you need to do with the Sol without the fear of the hand getting it.
ID #287750
Nov 10th 2012 PraiserInTheShadows
That shadow hand was scarier than any Zelda boss I have played. Like it defiently had mt adrienaline running.
ID #207235
Sep 17th 2012 Guest
I went to the hot spring at death mountain and there was a ZORA there!!!!!! lol: ) and when I talked to her she said she said she was leaving soon
ID #186984
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
We finished this game in LESS than three days! Thx it helped soooo much.
ID #161808
Mar 5th 2012 Guest
You have to do the spin attack
ID #120737
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
This walkthrough is awesome! I can't imagine how long it must have taken this man to make this.
ID #98034
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
Yeah. I was scared silly! I played the game seven times,but I'm still creeped out by it! Yeah,that other comment person is right. Go to the cave of ordeals. I only went there once. I completed it with a half of heart left because of those stupid re-deads!
ID #97489
Nov 14th 2011 Guest
Lol. Bosses never got my adrenaline running like that creepy hand did!
ID #87565
Sep 8th 2011 Guest
The hand thing that chases you when you are escaping with the Sol is one of the scariest things I've experienced in this game!
ID #73292
Jul 20th 2011 Guest
the last 3 poe souls are in the cave of ordeals (:
ID #59435
May 20th 2011 Oot Fanatic
I agree! Zant was really a letdown, until you acually come to fight him, he seemed like a tough and worthy foe, then you see him pouting like a spoiled child and his rather lame repetitive fighting strategy, this guy COULD have been alot better, at least I lost more than ten hearts on this boss though that's only because it took so long!
ID #44030
May 1st 2011 Guest
I nevert thought Zant would turn out to be some madman i sat there for like five minutes staring in complete awe at him and his unevil like actions i thought he would be like this evil demon like guy not that THING! Creepy... Thanks anyways Smile
ID #40930
Apr 18th 2011 Guest
Thanks i needed help i read all your walkthroughs and got perfect P.S anybody know why there is a super weird ending about evil zelda !!?
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