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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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We've got cheats that will give you infinite rupees, bombs, and arrows. We also have the Sacred Grove statue puzzle solution.

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We have 79 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle Solution
The following is the solution to the Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle after completing the 3rd temple: Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up.
In the Gerudo Desert find the 'Gerudo Mesa' and the 'Cave of Ordeals' to unlock Fairies and later Great Fairies at each spring around Hyrule. The smaller Fairies can be bottled and will restore 8 hearts when they are used. Great Faires will give you a full bottle of Great Fairy Tears which fully heal you and temporarily increase your attack if you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Both have an infinite supply when they have been unlocked.
Unlock Fairies in the Ordon Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 10 rooms...

2 ways to gain REALLY EASY money

1. Kill a bunch of birds in one area as fast as you can. Soon enough money will fall from the sky. About 30 rupees nothing too great.
2. Actually this is easy but takes a long time. Collect 60 poe Souls and give them to Jovani. He will no longer be frozen in gold and his cat gives away all of his money. The cat should give you a silver Rupee (200 Rupees). Just leave the town without warping and come back to Jovani's house and the cat will give you 200 Rupees more. Hope it helped.

Weird !!

If you keep hitting a chicken you will be able to control it for a while.

Fishing pole stuck to your hand glitch

To do this glitch you need a fishing pole(obviously)and it would help to have the clawshot. If you don't want to travel far then just stay in ordon. Go to that one tree with the bee hive on it. Destroy it so you wont get stung. Put the fishing pole on either Y or X. Then clawshot up or climb up all the way, but stay on the vines. Then press A and either Y or X so that you fall,get fishing pole, then get back on vines. Keep reapeting till the bottom. If done right, No matter what you do (except going inside building, leaving area,or warping) the fishing pole wont come off. If you have the iron boots and the zora suit, the go underwater with both and hold the C stick down. You will be fishing without your fishing pole. If you get a record sized fish or a money bag, it will be floating in f..

Ganondorf's an idiot

When you are fighting Ganondorf with his sword equip your fishing rod and Lock-On to him and cast.Ganondorf will look at the hook like the idiot he is and you can hit him.(This may count as cheating to your friends)

Beat the Boss

I'm going to tell you how to beat all the bosses up to the Sacred Grove, Temple of Time
1.Faron Woods boss:take your boomerang and target the bomb the monkey is carrying and the main plant. Do this several times to win.
2.Goron mines boss:take your Heroes Bow and shoot the crystal on his head. While he is stumbling around, grab the chain and put on the iron boots. Hit the crystal on his head when he falls.
3.Lakebed temple boss:clawshot the eye and hit it with your sword. It will then swim around. Clawshot the eye again and stab repeatedly.
4.Gerudo Desert boss:use the spinner to hit it's support bone. When it is just a head, jump from one side to the other when it hurls something at you. Get close enough to jump and hit the head. When it is o..

Ooccoo Glitch

You can only do this once you reach the Arbiter's Grounds, when you can become a wolf whenever you like. If you see Ooccoo in a jar, transform into a wolf and break it. Ooccoo will recognize you as "the nice young fellow who helped me out the other day!" even though you're in wolf form.

Speedy horse

When you jump on your horse's back(mount from behind), you will do an automatic dash

Sinking Lure

This is not really a "Cheat", but this is how to get the "Sinking Lure". I don't know if this is the only "Area" to get it. I found it there.
1. Go to the "Fishing Hole".
2. Go to the "Building" but don't go inside.
3. Go to the "Dock" and turn left.
4. Go to the "Wall" and turn right.
5. Go straight ahead and fish in that area.
P.S. I think this is the best "Lure" in the game. The fish go "Crazy" when you use it.

Easy money!!!

In order to do this cheat you need the bow,bombs and the ability to transform into a wolf anytime. Go to kakariko village and get to the top of the shaman dudes house. Up above you there is a bell, if you look inside it should be sparkling silver. Now combine your arrows with your bombs and shoot the sparkling area inside the bell with a bomb arrow and a silver rupee should fall out.

Chicken Control

All you need to do is find a chicken (Cucco) and attack it as much as you can, and eventually you'll be able to control it for a short period of time.
P.S I don't know if this works on the Wii version, I only hae GameCube.

Golden tunic

This only works once. If you have a full lantern take it out. Then get abottle of lantern oil. Equip it then while the lantern is out press the botton that has the bottle of oil. Link should drink the lantern oil then start glowing for like 30 seconds.

Infinite Red Potion (must be at forest temple):T..

Infinite Red Potion (must be at forest temple):
To get infinite red potion just go in the forest temple find ooccoo and teleport out of the forest temple, then walk/run back to the little shop outside the forest temple with the big pots filled with red and yellow potion. Walk into that shop and get a bottle out and get some red potion, stay in the shop and don't pay for the potion and teleport back into the the forest temple FREE RED POTION! You can get as much red potion as you want without paying!

Random Stuff

Okay,some random stuff I found while playing the game. At the ranch your guy works at,go and hit the goats with stuff. He will charge at you. You can stop him or get reared back on your butt. Or go in as a wolf and get beat up. In the ranch is a spot to dig. It leads to a bunch of jars.

Go in to castle town as a wolf and scare as many dudes as you can in the main square. A bunch of guards will be coming at you. Don't worry. They are scared of you. Use a fully charged spin attack as a wolf to scare them. Some dudes drop stuff.

With the piece of heart at the fishing hole, instead of useing a pole to get it, you can put on the zora armor and use the clawshot on it. It will dissappear in the water. Swim around to find it. WA..

Be a CHICKEN!!!!!

T be a chicken hit it with your sword like 5-8 times and you can be it for a limited time. <(^_^)>

fix broken eldin bridge!

First, if you already went to the dessert once, you have to pay to go back to the dessert and if you see the big tower on the left go straight towards it.
After that you'll see a monster flying back & forth, then get your clawshot out and shoot the monster on the bottom and hang on until you get on the cliff and then go straight to the tower and talk to midna and then warp to the eldin bridge and now you've fixed the bridge, trust me I beat the whole game and I'm only 11!
Roxson A.K.A PlAyAh0709

making green off of trees

This may sound odd but in ordon and by ordon spring if you roll into the trees, money may come down!

Magic dancing goron!!!(glitch)

How to do.Once you have beaten the fire temple ore magma temple ore what ever it's called I just know it second temple.well once you beat it the gorons will ask you if you want to go up then they bend down put small rocks on his back when he bent down.BUT DO NOT DOOOO NOTTTT!!!!I MEAN DO NOT CLIMB ON HIS BACK WHEN THERES ROCKS ON freases the game but press start and save and then hit do not continue and and then click on that file and then it work again.

Thank you.

cheap red potion, oil etc.

Ok go to the bird shop in the forest by the entrance to the temple and fill your bottle and then put in one rupee and he will just call you a cheapskate


If you equip arrows and bombs and you go to the north of kakario village and shoot a bolbin with it, the bolbin will fall over on inpact like it's dead but it will get back up. You can make them run off the side by making them face toward to and slice with your sword. They will take off and die. Tee hee.

What to do when you have to format

This goes for any game I just put it here because this is a good game. So when it has the retarded message "This Memory Card is corrupted and needs to be formmated. Just switch the game and it will work again if it doesn't work try a different game. Eventually it will work. You can also try the same games. I'm not sure if it will work for everyone since I've only tried it on my Gamecube. But good luck anyway.

Got some more info! In Electronic Gaming Magazin..

Got some more info! In Electronic Gaming Magazine, it said that Ganon is still the villain!
Tell you more when I get some more info!

Kinda gross

In the village you start at go to the house near the entrance to the village climb up on the roof(optional)use something to hit the beehive down(such as the slingshot), the hive will fall and you can use a bottle to scoop up the larvae.
Note: this recovers 3(4 not sure) hearts and you can use it as many times as prefered

Spin your sword

This is more of an easter egg but once you press A right after defeat an large enemie (keese and other small enemies don't count) and link will spin his sword and put in his sword case.

Easy money

It doesn't give you alot of money, but it works if you want to buy the invincibal amour. Go to the Hyrule town and exit it to your left, you should come to this area with some helmasaurs,moblins and the plant things. Anyway use a roll attack into trees there and one tree should drop rupees, consiting of
Green,blue,and yellow.Then go back to the town and repeat. Hope it saves time and it's quick. Gook Luck fininshing the game!


Want a bomb that is awsome? I made the new Tornado Bomb and the Homing Tornado Bomb. Ok, for the TO(Tornado Bomb)have the Gale Boomerang,and throw a regular bomb,and use the GB(Gale Boomerang) and if dome right,it should pick it up and WON'T blow up until it hits a wall.(just press the button that the GB is on,DON'T lock on,and you don't have to throw it,just pull out the bomb and press the button the GB is on). The HTB(Homing Tornado Bomb), you just have to do the same, but lock on the bomb, and a target.(remeber that you lock on the BOMB and then the TARGET).
-Awsome Bomb Game- Do the same with the TO,and keep doing that with the same bomb over and over,until it hit a wall and blows up. I got 6 in a row. Try to beat it!

Magic Armour Quest

First, you need to go to the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village and contribute a total of 1000 Rupees to the elder Goron on the left - this will repair the West Bridge in Castle Town. Then you'll have to donate another 2000 Rupees to finance a shop in Castle Town - you can get the Magic Armor there for 598 Rupees!
As for running with the Barrel of Hot Spring Water - it has a bit to do with luck, it took me a few tries - just keep running and hope the birds and ground guys don't come after you. Anyway, go East, make your way to the West side of Castle Town and throw the Barrel at the Goron laying there to get a Heart Piece and open a Shop on the Southern Road!

24 Golden Bugs = 1000 Rupee Wallet

On the South Road of Castle Town, go into the far east house and talk to Agitha. She'll ask you to collect Golden Bugs for her - if you have one, give it to her for the Big Wallet which holds 600 Rupees. For any more Golden Bugs, you'll get 50 Rupees each or if you complete a pair (Male and Female), you'll get 100 Rupees. If you find and give her all 24 Golden Bugs, you'll get the Giant Wallet which holds the maximum of 1000 Rupees!


Go to Elden Bridge and wait until you can see the bolbin riders at the edge of the cliff. Make sure they don't see you or it won't work. Get the Hero's Bow and the Hawkeye. Fuse them and shoot the rider in front. If you had a clean shot, then he will fall off and the pig thingy will run off the cliff.

Be a CHICKEN!!!!!

T be a chicken hit it with your sword like 5-8 times and you can be it for a limited time. <(^_^)>

bee larva

When you shoot the hive down, if you scoop up and eat the larva it will heal you 2 1/2 hearts.


Give The golden weird guy that you meet when trying to get to the princess the second time to heal minda 20 poe souls to make him move and get farie tears. Big whop. Give him 40 more to get $Unlimited$Rupees$

Midna talks

Hey I'm not sure if anyone realized this But when you talk to Midna Sometimes she says inteligable stuff like "What is it puppy?"

free money

At the last castle (Ganons castle) the triforest thing when you frist walk in.Grab your bow and hawks eye and go to the door right behind it.Shoot below the tip of the triforest and about 35 rubees fall out.(If you need more arrows break the barrels and one of them will have ten arrows).

Long Jump

(This is most useful in the Sky Temple) Okay so first, take out your boomerang and throw it. Next, take out your sword.Then,a bit before the boomerang is about to come back to you, do your jump attack and there you go! The reason why this is so useful in the sky temple, is because you don't have to take the oocoos AND it can be a MAJOR short cut in a lot of rooms.(This can work anywhere but on over a pit/gap.)

Loading Glitch

Okay. First Push the Map button and Z and the same time and get out of the map to try to get used to doing it and if midna talks to you like 4 times than when your in the map click z and warp to another area. If done right, you shoud be asked by midna "What is it ****". Now if you go through a loading zone, you won't go anywhere. Hope it works! Look for other tuts on YT for wii versions for it.

To defeat Morpheel

You use the Clawshot and sword but beware Morpheel's tentacles,which he uses to grab and put Link in his mouth.

Easy Heart Piece from archery challenge , Kakariko Village.

In this Challenge, the final target is invisible . You need to have the Hawkeye for this to work . Use the hawkeye to aim at the pole and then SWITCH IT OFF. Then fire the arrow as normal. Bazinga , the target is hit and you will get a heart piece without the frustration.


A great spin and a jump strike won't make Ganondorf fall backward. So you can cause extra damage! But after a while of hitting him a lot he will fall backward.

Killing the bugs on the bird.

Hi, I am on the last fary and I need to know how to kill them on the bird so I can fill my Vestle of Light!!! Please help, and ASAP!!! Thanks for all your help and your time helping me. :D

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