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Heart Piece Location Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Heart Piece Location Guide - Zelda: Twilight Princess

Heart Piece

Heart piece collecting has been in every Zelda game I can think of. Collecting 5 heart pieces will give you an extra heart. And who doesn't like being harder to kill?

Some of them are blatantly obvious, while others will take you into dark areas of Hyrule you wouldn't have known existed otherwise.

While all the locations are listed in the main guide, it requires you play through using the guide. Here I'll list all the locations again, along with any requirements for reaching it.

In this guide, the pieces are split up into sections of Hyrule (like the Poe souls), but the heart piece number is the same as in the main guide.

Remember when calculating your heart pieces and remaining hearts that you get a full heart container at the end of every temple, except for Hyrule Castle. That's 8 hearts. AND don't forget the 3 you started the game with. That's 11 hearts that don't come from pieces.

Ordona Province


Items required: None
Location: Faron Woods
Enter the swamp at the north end of the woods, before the forest temple. There is a cave at the northwest end. Inside, light the two torches to reveal a chest. If you do this after the poison fog, you'll need to use your lantern to stave off the fog in order to enter the cave.


Items required: None
Location: Ordon Village
In Ordon Village, go to the ranch at the south end. Talk to Fado while on Epona. He'll ask you to herd his goats into the barn. The time to beat is 1:30, I think. I've never completed it over that and I always get the heart piece.


Items required: Dominion Rod
Location: Faron Woods
In the area of the lantern salesman, there are some bobmable rocks. Blow them up to reveal a passage that leads to a stone sentinel where you get a character for the Sky Book. Use the Dominion Rod to move the statue in the hole in the ground, as shown. Transform into a wolf and use Midna to leap to the ledge with the heart piece.

Faron Province


Items required: Bombs
Location: Sacred Grove
After obtaining the master sword, return to the place you fought Skullkid. There is a bombable rock in that area. Blow it up and use wolf link to dig under it. Defeat all the enemies to make a chest appear.


Items required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Hyrule Field
By the south end of the bridge in the middle of the field is a tree. Look up in the tree to see the heart piece.

Eldin Province


Items required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Hyrule Field (south)
Near Kakariko Bridge, go up the cliff east. Look over the edge to see this piece precariously perched on a stone pillar.


Items required: Double Clawshot
Location: Hyrule Field (south)
The same place as H05, use the clawshot target and grapple around to the east side of the southern pillar.


Items required: Bombs, lantern
Location: Hyrule field (south)(lantern cave)
At the southern most point in the Eldin Province is a bombable rock up against the sheer cliff walls. Blow it up to reveal a cave. Use the map above to find the heart piece.


Items required: Bow and Arrow
Location: Kakariko Village
After your Goron Mines adventure, return to Kakariko Village and seek out Talo at the highest point in the village (get a boost from the Goron below him). He'll ask for Bow lessons. Jump back down and find Malo near the spirit spring. Talk to him and accept the challenge. If you complete it with out using the Hawkeye, you get a heart piece.


Items required: Bomb arrow, Gale Boomerang
Location: Kakariko Village
At the south end of the village beside the spirit spring are some bombable rocks on the cliff. Blow them up with a bomb arrow, then use the Gale Boomerang to get it down.


Items required: Bombs, Iron Boots
Location: Kakariko Village
Below where H10 was, blow up the bombable rocks at ground level. Wonder the path behind them to come out at the spirit spring. Jump in an sink to the bottom with the boots. A chest at the north end is what you seek.


Items required: None
Location: Death Mountain
On your way up Death Mountain (after Goron Mines), you'll meet a Goron that asks if you want a boost up. Say yes and hop on. Face east and grab onto the ledge above when he throws you. Walk the cliff around north till you come to a hole in the wall. Fall down the hole and open the chest.


Items required: Bomb arrows
Location: Hyrule Field (north)
Take the northern exit out of Kakariko Village. As you exit the valley, there are some bombable rocks on the left side of the road. Blow them up and walk up the path behind them. Keep going up, then you'll drop down and jump over a gap. Climb the vines. Now this is very important, look across left; you'll see some vines and a bombable rock sitting on top of them. Use your bomb arrows to destroy the rock. Now go towards it and jump the gap, grabbing onto the vines. Once at the top, look left to see a chest down below. Carefully jump down to that platform and open the chest for another heart piece.


Items Required: Master Sword
Location: Kakariko Village/Hyrule Field (north)
This is part of the Magic Armor sidequest. Donate 1000 Rupees to the Goron in Malo Mart, then talk to the Goron sitting outside the store. He'll ask you to transport some spring water. Say yes. When hauling the water, stay on the southern edge and follow the cliff around or else the Leevers will get you. Stop and put down the barrel when you come to the Bulblins to snipe them. After you deliver the water, the Goron rolls past and leaves a heart piece.


Items Required: Dominion Rod
Location: Eldin Bridge
There is a stone sentinel at the north end of the bride (you had to move it to get a character for the Sky Book). Take control and walk it all the way to the southern end of the bridge. Place it in the gap on the west side as shown. Jump across and climb the ladder.


Items required: Clawshot, Iron Boots
Location: Hyrule Field (north of Eldin Bridge)
Use the clawshot on the target above. Walk the cliff to a cave. The cave is much like Goron Mines. Jump off the end of the bridge and equip the Iron Boots in mid-air to be pulled to the wall. Do this two more times to reach the end. Light the two torches you land by for 100 rupees and open the other chest for a heart piece.


Items required: Spinner, bombs
Location: Hyrule Field (north of Eldin Bridge)
Opposite the entrance to the Hidden Village near the rope bridge, you should notice a spinner track. Get on and ride it down to a small patch of grass. Dig in the center to find a secret area. Defeat all the Stalfos to win a heart piece.


Items required: None
Location: Hidden Village
Go through the window of the second building in the west, then through another window in the back of the building to find the Cucco Leader. Talk to it (in wolf form) and play his game of tracking down all 20 cats. The positioning of the cats is pretty much the same as the Bulblins. There are a couple you may have problems with.

There is one at the second story inside the house that lead to the Cucco leader:


And one in the barn at the end of town that you have to jump to from another ledge (after grappling up to the balcony).


Once you talk to all 20, see the leader again. He tells you your prize is near Impaz house. Run up there for a heart piece.

Lanayru Province


Items required: None
Location: Castle Town
In north east side of Castle Town is a priest. He asks you donate money “for the sake of Hyrule.” Give him 1000 rupees and you get a heart piece. (I guess helping you does help Hyrule. Heart pieces are expensive in that case X_x)


Items required: Spinner
Location: Hyrule Field
At the east side of the field there are two paths. Go to the north end of the eastern path. Ride the spinner track on the east wall, jumping as the track ends. After a few jumps, you come to the platform with your prize.


Items required: Bombs, ball and chain
Location: Hyrule Field
At the north end of the field, look for a bombable rock in the lower rocky area (pictured). Inside, use the ball and chain to break the ice. You now have to complete three insane block sliding puzzles. Solution below:

First Puzzle

Second Puzzle

Third Puzzle



Items required: Clawshot
Location: Fishing spot
Go to Zora's River. There is a door in the cliff at the north end of the area that leads to the fishing spot. The heart piece is on the rock structure in the middle of the lake. Swim out and use the clawshot to get it down. It wont be given to you till you get out of the water.

Lake Hylia


Items required: None
Location: Lake Hylia
Talk to Fyer (the clown) and have him launch you up on a normal flight. In the building, talk to Falbi and play his game. Grab a Cucco and jump off, aiming for the second platform (the one that's not spinning). Go in a straight line, adjusting your speed with the joy stick.


Items required: Master Sword
Location: Lake Hylia
At the west coast and before the clowns cannon are some howl grasses. At this point in the game, a little bird floats there. Talk to him to play the Fruit Pop Flight Challenge. You need 10,000 points to win. The trick is to aim only for strawberries.


Items required: Bombs, arrows, lantern
Location: Lake Hylia (Lantern cave)
You must complete the Lantern Cave (entrance above). It's not that hard and it's linear. In the last room, light both torches to reveal the piece.


Items required: Clawshot
Location: Lake Hylia (Spirit Spring)
Inside the Spirit Spring, walk the path clockwise. Use the Clawshot to get over the gap. At the back of the spring is a door. Light both torches in this room to get your heart piece.

Desert Province


Items required: None
Location: Enemy Camp
In the North west corner of the enemy camp is a boar roasting over a fire. Turns out he swallowed a heart piece. Slice him open to retrieve it.

Peak Province


Item requirements: None
Location: Peak Province
You must have beaten the ruins. Warp to the point there. Walk up the cliff to find Yeto and Yeta. Challenge Yeto to a race. Once you beat him (not hard), talk to Yeta and race her. She is much faster and takes a shortcut that is impossible to beat unless you take it as well. The shortcut is here:

Jump up on this ledge


This section goes over every heart piece found within a temple or dungeon. Since some can be pretty far in, it would be a wise idea to get them on your way through the dungeon, so you don't have to go all the way back through later.

--== Forest Temple ==--


Items required: None
Location: Room 7: Deku Like Room
Throw a bomb in the Deku Like in the east to have him shrivel up and reveal the chest.


Items required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Room 9: Monkey #4
Jump down and cross the tile worm bridge. Use the boomerang to put out all the torches in this area, lowering the way to the chest.

--== Goron Mines ==--


Items required: Iron Boots
Location: Room 3: Quick-jump Room
You must enter from the upper east side. Use the iron boots in the magnet to get sucked to the ceiling. Walk the northern path to find the heart piece.


Items required: Iron Boots
Location: Room 7: Beamos
Use the Iron Boots to walk up the magnetic wall. Take the right hand path to end up at a chest.

--== Lakebed Temple ==--


Items required: Clawshot
Location: Room 3: Water Escalator
Use the clawshot on the target over the chandelier. Chest is on the chandelier.


Items required: Clawshot
Location: Room 4: Ruined Room
Move the bridge in Room 3 so that the water flows into Room 4. Enter and walk across the bridge that is now floating in room 4. Stand on the switch in the floor to open the gates, then clawshot yourself to the target beside the chest.

--== Arbiter's Grounds ==--


Items required: Clawshot
Location: Room 3: Blue Flame
Use the clawshot target to get over the sand in the northeast corner of the room.


Items required: Spinner
Location: Room 18: Spinner Madness
You need to get to the middle of this room by getting over the sand and onto the track at the south west end of the room. The heart piece is just to the west of where you land.

--== Snowpeak Ruins ==--


Items required: Ball and Chain, Clawshot
Location: Room 13: Frozen Spiral
Work your way to the top of the spiral. Enter the southern nook. Look for an uneven section of ground and hit it with the ball and chain. The hole in the floor leads to the heart piece.


Items required: Ball and Chain, Clawshot
Location: Room 1: Entrance Hall
Upon entering the ruins, use the clawshot on the target hanging on the northeastern wall. Face west and target the chandelier. Use the ball and chain to get the chandelier moving. Jump to it, but don't jump across. Rather, turn south to see two more chandeliers. Kill the ice keese with arrows. Get the next one moving and jump to it, then do the same with the next to reach the chest and a heart piece.

--== Temple of Time ==--

NOTE: these next two hearts are written as if you do NOT have the large statue (needed to complete the temple) with you.


Items required: Dominion Rod
Location: Room 6: Half a Room
Hit the crystal in to move the walls. Use the Dominion on a small statue on the other side of the fence. Walk the statue to the switch just behind the electric barrier to deactivate it. Hit the crystal again to move the walls, revealing the chest.


Items required: Dominion Rod
Location: Room 4: Twin Armos
Grab a statue and haul it to the southern end of the room. Throw it on the western ledge behind the fence. Use the rod to walk it down north till it falls on a switch. Go back up and do the same on the east side (there is already a statue there) to reveals a chest with a heart piece.


Items required: Dominion Rod
Location: Sacred Grove (past)
At the south side of the room by the stairs are two statues in the wall, one in the west and one in the east. The one in the west reveals a passage to the heart piece (note that if you are in the future, you can go to the area where the heart piece is [the area with the Male Snail] and see an old broken chest :) )

--== City in the Sky ==--


Items required: Double clawshot
Location: Room 13: Big Deku Baba
Use the clawshots to get to a point where you have to walk along a narrow ledge. Get across the ledge, then look for another ledge just ahead that is hugging the wall and leads into a nook. Grab the edge and shimmy along it (you cant pull yourself up). In the nook is the heart piece.


Items required: Double clashot
Location: Room 14: Peahat Insanity
It's technically in Room 14, but you can only get to it from Room 15: Eastern Bridge (upper). Grapple to the Peahat overhead and keep going. You should notice that here is a second line of Peahats over to your left, that eventually merges with your path, forming a Y pattern. Get to the Peahat that merges the two, then turn and take the other path back.

Merging Peahat viewed from the west, you want the right path

Drop down to the ledge at the end and enter the door. Grab open the chest for a heart piece.

--== Twilight Palace ==--


Items required: Light Sword
Location: Room 5: Fog Pool
Grapple to the center platform again and stand for a second. On the left and right side of the shadow pool there should be two glowing platforms in the ground. Use the sword to clear the fog. Ride the west one up and jump off into the northern alcove to claim a piece of heart.


Items required: Light Sword
Location: Room 2: Infested Ramp
There are waterfalls of dark fog on the left and right of this room. Go to the second one on the east side and clear it away. Clear the fog from the hall behind it and use the clawshot to get up to the chest.

The End

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Apr 11th 2014 Username99999999
Whoever said that their are other pieces of heart don't know what they are talking about. You start out with 3 hearts, and you get heart containers from 8 of the 9 dungeons. So if you avoided all of the pieces of heart, you would have 11 hearts. So if you can get a maximum of 20 hearts, then you can only get nine more hearts, and if each heart is composed of 5 pieces of heart, that means that there are only 45 pieces of heart in the game. You can check, there are 45 pieces of heart on this page.
ID #373791
Apr 11th 2014 Username99999999
Whoever said that their are pieces of heart not mentioned obviously don't know what they are talking about. You start out with three pieces of heart, and you get a heart container for 8 of the 9 dungeons. So, if you didn't get any pieces of heart, you would have 11 hearts. Subtract that from 20 and you get 9, and multiply that by the 5 pieces of heart it takes to make a heart container, and you get a total of 45 heart containers. That's exactly how many their are listed on this website.
ID #373789
Mar 17th 2014 Guest
I found a heart piece that isn't in this list Smile If you go to the end of the eldin bridge leading into the path for zora's domain, you should see a long ledge at the cliff. Face at it and get you clawshot out and look for a clawshot target. Go up there and fall onto the ledge. Once on it, go all the way to east and you should see a cave, go into the cave and work your way down while fighting the enimies. After your all the way down light the two torches to get rupees and open the non-invisible chest to get your heart piece. To get out just walk out the other entrance and get your clawshot out again to look for clawshot targets.
ID #365223
May 4th 2015 Guest
it's listed as heart 38
ID #551801
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
Um didn't you forget the heart pieces in all of the temples?
ID #264778
May 4th 2015 Guest
They're listed below the random heart pieces
ID #551802
Jan 15th 2013 Guest
It was those damn sliding block puzzles. The only thing stopping me from getting all of them was that. UGH. thanks for the help!
ID #243055
Oct 3rd 2012 Guest
should be in order
ID #191232
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
don't know but ill try. thanks see ya
ID #169267
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
Thanks at last! got all Hearts & Poes, played every side game, nothing left to do.....only taken 300 for Skyward Sword.....
ID #166389
May 3rd 2012 Guest
thx but try to do it in french for people then he or she can read in english
ID #138997
Mar 22nd 2012 Guest
There's another heart piece at Snowpeak after you defeat the ruins. Instead of walking towards yeto and yeta, turn around and walk a short way and you'll see a door in the rock face. Go through into a cave and destroy the ice with your ball and chain, defeat the enemies and light the torches, and a chest will appear.
ID #125139
May 4th 2015 Guest
it's not a heart piece, it's an orange rupee (100)
ID #551803
Feb 20th 2012 Guest
"Heart piece collecting has been in every Zelda game I can think of."There are no heart pieces in LoZ Spirit Tracks. Just saying...LoZ FTW!
ID #116962
Feb 17th 2012 Guest
This is really going to help!!!!!
ID #115764
Feb 7th 2012 Guest
i have a second location in sacred grove the fortion teller it is where you push the block down to make stairs
ID #113050
May 4th 2015 Guest
This doesn't exist
ID #551805
Jan 16th 2012 Guest
The room with the spiders in one of the rooms in the Temple of Time. its an easy temple i thought so what i just did is went back and took every chest bc it was just easier. but yeah Temple of Time for the spider room
ID #106596
Dec 5th 2011 Guest
Good Guide. For H06 is is actually 3:00 to get the heart piece
ID #92933