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Controls & Basic Movement

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide - Controls and Basic Movement



Wii Remote
A – Special actions (climb, push, jump attack)
B – Item slot
D-pad – Item slots
Up (D-pad) – Call Midna
- - Brings up item menu
- Pause menu
2 – toggles the mini map
1 – toggles the big map

Joy stick – Move
Z – Lock on/raise shield 
C – First person view

Shake the Wii Remote for regular attacks
Z A for a jump attack
Shake the Nunchuck for a spin attack
Z Joy stick A to dodge

Jumping always confuses people. There is no jump button. Link jumps automatically when you run over a cliff or walk up to a ledge he can reach. If the ledge is too high, he wont jump to it.

Pressing the Z button centers the camera behind you when theres nothing to lock on to, and as such can be used to get a better camera angle.

Some actions will use the pointer (like aiming the Bow). If you point at the screen when not aiming a weapon, Navi (or a Navi-like fairy) will appear on the screen.

To assign an item to a slot, press the – button, point at an item, and press the button you want to assign it to.


Also Link

Wolf Link has almost the exact same controls, except the D-pad and B.

Left and right – Animal sense
Down – dig
B – Have Midna “paint” targets

Up still calls Midna. Also, tap the A button while moving to move faster.

In wolf form, you cant talk to humans any more, but you can talk to animals.

You wont have the B button attack right away, but you'll be using it a lot later. Hold down the B button and a circle will come out around you. Any enemy that enters that circle gets “painted” for an attack. Release B to lunge at all the enemies within the circle.

Wolf Link cant use items, but he can use his senses to see things Link cant. He can also dig in the ground to uncover items.



Your trusty steed. You have much more control over Epona then before. Now you can use just about any item while riding her, including your sword. The controls are the same as in human form.

The A button enables a dash while you're moving. If you're standing still, A button mounts/dismounts her. Dash also allows you to jump over gates.

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Comments for Controls & Basic Movement

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Sep 26th 2015 Guest
I can't pause the game! Please help
ID #611629
Dec 23rd 2014 Guest
How do you accsess maps i forgot
ID #489176
Dec 23rd 2014 Guest
How do I jump from ledge to tree stump to tree stump. It's in the beginning of the game when I'm trying to save the kid from the monkey in the forest. I've been jumping for two days and I'm so confused! Please help me!!!!
ID #489026
Mar 14th 2016 Guest
How did you beat this part please help
ID #640371
Dec 3rd 2014 Guest
Is there a way of using a d-pad controller with this game.I would love to play with it.
ID #479787
Jul 27th 2014 Guest
this game should have been using the gamepad
ID #426028
Jul 5th 2014 Guest
how to get goats into the barn
ID #412620
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
How do you grab on to an overhead pulley as link?
ID #235032
Sep 22nd 2016 Guest
My link won't jump either, I got one pulley, then the next two I can't jump to...
ID #683244
Jul 28th 2012 Guest
help me beet lakebed temple
ID #169582
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
Can't give away the bee larvae...I keep eating it!
ID #161369
Apr 4th 2012 Guest
I cant seem to run jump and throw all at the same time. I'm sure it sounds stupid as all get out but I'm stuck in the forest like a idiot
ID #129283
Dec 21st 2011 Guest
to swim u need ZORA ARMOR
ID #97179
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
How do go under water?
--> You will get a pair of heavy steel (?) boots for wrestling one of the Gorons in the mine. In later stages, equip the boots and you'll sink to the bottom of the water. You can't swim nicely like in Monster Hunter, just sink to the bottom and walk around. Unequip the boots to float back to the surface.

How do we jump from the horse while running?
--> You can't jump off the horse while it is running. You have to wait until it stops completely then press A to dismount.
ID #56385
Jun 20th 2011 Guest
plz tell me how do we jump from the horse while running
ID #50559
Jun 17th 2011 Guest
this really helped out thank you!
ID #49998
Nov 19th 2010 Guest
how do you go under water
ID #18642