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PS3 Trophies

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide

PS3 Trophies

                            Bronze Trophies (38):
   |Achievement Name:              |How to unlock:                         |
   |Completed Chapter 1-1          |Complete Chapter 1-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 1-2          |Complete Chapter 1-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 2-1          |Complete Chapter 2-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 2-2          |Complete Chapter 2-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 2-3          |Complete Chapter 2-3 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 3-1          |Complete Chapter 3-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 3-2          |Complete Chapter 3-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 3-3          |Complete Chapter 3-3 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 4-1          |Complete Chapter 4-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 4-2          |Complete Chapter 4-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 5-1          |Complete Chapter 5-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 5-2          |Complete Chapter 5-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 5-3          |Complete Chapter 5-3 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 6-1          |Complete Chapter 6-1 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 6-2          |Complete Chapter 6-2 (any difficulty)  |
   |Completed Chapter 6-3          |Complete Chapter 6-3 (any difficulty)  |
   |Recruit                        |Complete all Chapters on Amateur       |
   |Soldier                        |Complete all Chapters on Normal        |
   |Egg Hunt                       |Find all 4 types of eggs               |
   |A Friend in Need               |Save your partner 10 times during HELP |
   |Lifeguard                      |Save your partner 10 times during DYING|
   |Exploding Heads                |Get 20 headshots                       |
   |A Cut Above                    |Defeat 5 enemies with your Knife       |
   |Cattle Prod                    |Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun Rod    |
   |Crowd Control                  |Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling Gun |
   |Bull's-eye                     |Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow     |
   |Get Physical                   |Defeat 20 enemies with melee attacks   |
   |The Works                      |Chain a maximum melee combo            |
   |Fireworks                      |Shoot enemy's Molotov/Dynamite/Grenade |
   |Meat Shower                    |Kill 3 Majini's with 1 Grenade/Bomb    |
   |Go Into the Light              |Defeat 2 enemies with 1 Flash Grenade  |
   |Ride the Lightning             |Kill a Majini with an Electricity Box  |
   |Stop, Drop, & Roll             |Kill 3 Majini at once with oil barrels |
   |Baptism by Fire                |Kill 3 Majini with drum/gas tanks      |
   |Masters of Removing            |Work together to save someone special  |
   |Egg on Your Face               |Kill a Majini with a rotten egg        |
   |Heart Stopper                  |Kill a certain enemy by stabbing heart |
   |*Bad Blood                     |Damage the 1st Final Boss several times|
    * Denotes a secret trophy. Highlight to show.
                             Silver Trophies (11):
 |Veteran                |Complete all Chapters on Veteran                   |
 |All Dressed Up         |Purchase all alternative costumes                  |
 |Stockpile              |Obtain all available weapons                       |
 |Take It to the Max     |Completely upgrade all weapons                     |
 |They Belong in a Museum|Obtain all treasures in the game                   |
 |Badge of Honor         |Find all BSAA Emblems                              |
 |They're ACTION Figures!|Collect all figurines                              |
 |Lead Aspirin           |Kill a Majini with headshot while it's jumping     |
 |Be the Knife           |Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife            |
 |Drive By               |Stop an armored truck by killing the driver        |
 |Who Do You Trust?      |Build up a certain level of trust with your partner|
                              Gold Trophies (1):
   |*War Hero                      |Complete all Chapters on Professional  |
    * Denotes a secret trophy. Highlight to show.

                             Platinum Trophy (1):
                         o Get all other 50 Trophies.

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Comments for PS3 Trophies

5 comments, latest first.
Mar 21st 2012 Guest
i know all bsaa locations
ID #125087
Aug 18th 2011 Guest
save someone special is the level where you take tht red thing of Jill's chest, you have to take it off when she is standing up, not laying on the floor
ID #68254
Aug 10th 2011 beowulf35
who is the someone special that you have to save for the trophie
Masters of Removing???
ID #65998
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
were are the hidden trophy
ID #62580
Apr 25th 2011 Guest
why are the multiplayer trophies not on here

ID #39815