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Items / Treasure

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide

Items / Treasure

This list is a work in progress. 'Various' will be specified soon.

|Treasure Name:       |Worth: |How to obtain:                                  |
|Jewel bangle         |  1000 |Dropped by Big man Majini's                     |
|Ivory Relief         |  2000 |Dropped by the first Cephalo you encounter      |
|Gold Ring            |  5000 |Dropped by Executioner Majini/Chainsaw Majini's |
|Antique clock        |  2000 |In a building in Chapter 2-1                    |
|Diamond (Square)     |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Diamond (Pear)       |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Diamond (Oval)       |  4000 |Various                                         |
|Diamond (Brilliant)  |  4000 |Various                                         |
|Diamond (Trilliant)  |  4000 |Various                                         |
|Emerald (Square)     |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Emerald (Pear)       |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Emerald (Trilliant)  |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Emerald (Marquise)   |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Sapphire (Square)    |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Sapphire (Pear)      |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Sapphire (Trilliant) |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Sapphire (Marquise)  |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Ruby (Square)        |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Ruby (Pear)          |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Ruby (Oval)          |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Ruby (Trilliant)     |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Ruby (Marquise)      |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Topaz (Pear)         |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Topaz (Square)       |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Topaz (Brilliant)    |  2500 |Various                                         |
|Lion heart           |  2500 |Possible drop from Licker Beta's                |
|Blue enigma          |  3000 |Possible drop from Giant Majini's               |
|Power stone          |  5000 |Possible drop from Reapers                      |
|Soul Gem             | 10000 |Dropped by Popokarimu after the 2nd battle      |
|Jewel Beetle         |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Chalice (silver)     |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Chalice (Gold)       |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Idol (silver)        |  2000 |Various                                         |
|Idol (Gold)          |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Beetle (Brown)       |  1000 |Various                                         |
|Beetle (Gold)        |  3000 |Various                                         |
|Ceremonial Mask      |  4000 |Various                                         |
|Venom fang           |  3000 |Dropped by Chainsaw Majini's                    |
|Dead bride's necklace|  2000 |Found on the conveyor belt with Dead Brides     |
|Royal necklace       |  5000 |C5-3:Found in a cabin after R. Launcher Majini's|

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Comments for Items / Treasure

34 comments, latest first.
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Jan 5th 2015 Guest
The list is missing the Heart of Africa diamond heart. You find it in the room where you have to fight Albert and Jill
ID #496884
Jan 23rd 2014 Guest
you can shoot chickens and run around them to scare them in the marsh lands usually to find the eggs. you can get find them there or in chapter one.
ID #347248
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
The Topaz Marquise is actually in 1-1. When you and Sheva somersault through the glass window after your first encounter with the Majini I, you will be attacked by a huge hoard of 40+ Majini I. You'll know you're in the right place because Sheva will be screaming about running away. Stand your ground and blast those fools til you kill the one with the dynamite. He may not be the last Majini to appear but he's the one who drops the Topaz Marquise. Best to bring your own upgraded short-range weapon of choice with plenty of back up ammo to get through all those suckers. BTW: if you listen to Sheva and run into the building, she'll lock the door behind and trigger a checkpoint so you'll have to reload from the beginning of the level.
ID #266580
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
the golden egg you get in the mushlands.....just fallow the chickens and they should drop one
ID #248503
Sep 7th 2012 QueenVirus
Btw I have a book that while it doesn't show where they are all located it does show all the tresures and there is no star shaped ones.
ID #184025
Sep 7th 2012 QueenVirus
looking for Topaz(marquise) and Topaz(oval) please help
ID #183949
Jul 19th 2012 Guest
Forgot the heart of africa which u get during the first encounter with wesker but u must defeat him under 7 mins to get it
ID #165989
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
where is the gold egg??

ID #163048
Mar 6th 2012 david78
ruby (brilliant) please can anyone help thanks
ID #120850
Feb 22nd 2012 bikersteve62
missing 6 jewels anyone know where to find them i cant find the last six plus i need help with 2-3 professional please help thanks

ID #117444
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
Where is the rotten egg?
ID #115012
Jan 10th 2012 Guest
how do i get all 4 eggs
ID #104563
Dec 4th 2011 Guest
The star jewel doesn't exist. your buddy was obviously messing with you.

ID #92598
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
looking for emerald brillent any clues
ID #82581
Oct 18th 2011 Guest
So whats the deal with the star jewel that was metioned above is that a real jewel or what i have all of the jewels but that hasnt poped up yet does any one have any clues or tips about it
ID #81295