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Follow the dark path or use the light


Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide


1. What difficulties are there?
Amateur (Easy), Normal, Veteran (Hard), and Professional (Very Hard).  You can unlock Professional by finishing the game on Veteran.

2. How do I get Infinite Ammo for weapons?
There are several requirements.  First of all, beat the game once on any difficulty.  Second, you’ll need to max out all upgrades for that one gun.  You’ll now have unlocked the possibility to use infinite ammo, but you’ll first need to go to the menu: Play Game --> Bonus Features, and use points to buy free the infinite ammo options.  And even after this you’re not quite there.  Go to the menu again: Play Game --> Special Settings --> Infinite Ammo, and turn it ‘ON’.  You’ll now be able to use the infinite ammo for the weapons you’ve unlocked it it.  Obviously, if you play online, the other needs to allow for the usage of infinite ammo, or it will not be possible.
On a related note, in order to get a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo, you’ll need to beat the game under 5 hours on any difficulty (so I heard).

3. How do I start a split-screen Co-Op section?
Yes, I too throught this was tricky to find.  Start a game regularly and press Start on a second controller to have a player join in Split Screen.  There are no menu options to select this way of Co-Op, this is the only way.


4. How do I kill the final boss?
Get behind him and target the weak orange bulb on its back.  A whirlwind attack of tentacles will first be performed by him.  After this, (as Chris) quickly get behind the final boss and restrain it.  Your partner can now stab the boss from the front, ending the battle.

5. Does the final boss really die?
I’ve already seen this question several times, so I’d better address it here.  The argument is that the rockets “miss” the final boss.  While it’s true that they don’t hit him in the eye, it’s quite obvious that the blast radius, along with, well, all other circumstances should kill any organic being in the universe.  Evidence that supports this is that there is no sign of the final boss after the blast.  Where would he go?  Swimming?
Consider this: If Capcom brought the final boss back, wouldn’t they lose all credibility?  The company themselves has stated that this part would be the end of the series as we all knew it.  I’d personally say that this is one of the things that has finally come to an end. 

6. What do you unlock for getting an A or S ranking on all chapters?
You might be dissapointed, but for getting an A on every chapter you’ll unlock the Jill (Rare) figurine, and scoring an S-rank on all chapters will net you a Wesker figurine. 

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PS 3 | Xbox 360

Comments for FAQs

5 comments, latest first.
Oct 29th 2012 Amethsytthehawk
if anyone needs lots of money you would play on the caves4-1 go through it thourouhly(dont care if i spelt it wrong) and you should end up with atleast 40,000 by the end.
ID #202913
Jan 25th 2012 Guest
ID #109280
May 25th 2011 DREEEEEAD
how do u play as jill or josh?
ID #44866
Apr 20th 2011 X__x
The only way to get an easy 2500 points to get more Unlimited Ammo weapons is from Chapter 6-2 when you fight the final Uroboros on the ship in Professional. If you're good, you'll speed through the level to the final fight and then hold off killing the thing in three shots from the Unlimited Rocket Launcher by destroying those things it produces when it shakes. If you do that, S rank is easy to obtain on 6-2, earning you 2500 points a rundown.
ID #38664
Apr 9th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] is there any way to exchange ur money for points? or a cheater to get more points?
ID #36632