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Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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Want to clone weapons, get infinite ammo or have your character wear their alternate costume? We have those answers here along with plenty of others like how to unlock New Game + or get the infinite rocket launcher.

More Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 53 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil 5 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Resident Evil 5 Questions & Answers page.

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'Desperate Escape' DLC - Unlock Professional Mode

This difficulty setting becomes an available option when you complete 'Desperate Escape' on the Veteren difficulty.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

The following character costumes become available when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Chris Redfield (Safari):

Complete Chapters 1 - 6.

Unlock Sheva (Clubbin'):

Complete Chapters 1 - 6.

Unlock Chris Redfield (S.T.A.R.S. Uniform):

Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 25 BSAA Emblems.

Unlock Sheva (Tribal):

Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 30 BSAA Emblems.

Useful Ammunition in Mercenaries Mode

A good way to get ammunition that will be more useful to you is to drop weapons that you don't use because the ammunition that drops during the game is distributed based on the type of weapons you have. Unofficial Guide to Resident Evil 5

Our complete guide to Resident Evil 5 is now online.

As well as a written walkthrough of the game, there are 30+ videos with detailed gameplay and strategies to beat all the bosses in the game.

Efforts have been made to make the guide as 'Spoiler-Free' as possible so to not ruin any of the surprises throughout the game.

There is also a BSAA Emblem location guide which gives you details and an image where to find each emblem.

There is also a review of the game and some exclusive wallpapers which you can use on your desktop.

Click here to go to our Resident Evil 5 Guide

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Unlock Jill Valentine

Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock Jill Valentine as a Playable Character on your next playthrough.

Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher

Beat the game under 5 hours (Get 'S' Rank) on any difficulty setting and then going to 'Bonus Features' and turning 'Infinite Ammo' on.

Labyrinth Video, Chapter 4-1: Caves

If you are stuck in the Labyrinth, this video should help show you the way through this large puzzle.

More Resident Evil 5 videos can been seen here:

Resident Evil 5 Videos

Unlimited Money

At the start of Chapter 2-1 you will be in a garage with two Humvees, lots of breakable crates, and a machine gun. Pick up any useful items including the machine gun and at the end of the game select 'Yes' to overwrite your current equipment. Then at the 'Main' menu continue the game and you will notice that you have gained your items. From here you can sell the machine gun back for quick money and repeat the process over again. Doing this is an easy way to help upgrade your weapons early in the game and max your ammo out.

Unlock Graphic Filters

When you beat the game on the indicated setting the corresponding graphic filter will become available to buy for 0 pts at the 'Bonus Features' selection.

Unlock Retro (Sephia):

Beat the game on Normal difficulty

Unlock Classic Horror (Black & White):

Beat the game on Amateur difficulty

Unlock Noise (Grain effect):

Beat the game on Veteran difficulty

Unlock Versus DLC Characters

When you have downloaded the Versus DLC you can buy the following characters at the 'Bonus Features' menu using your accumulated Exchange Points. These characters have slightly different weapon sets when compared to their Mercenaries mode counterparts.

Unlock Jill (BSAA):

5,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Sheva (Clubbin'):

6,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Jill (Battlesuit):

7,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Chris (Safari):

8,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Chris (S.T.A.R.S.):

13,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Sheva (Tribal):

15,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Wesker (Midnight):

30,000 Exchange Points.

Unlock Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.):

50,000 Exchange Points.

'Desperate Escape' DLC - Unlock Josh Stone

To play as the leader of the BSAA West Africa Branch, and Jill's partner you must first complete 'Desperate Escape' on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Mercenary Characters

When you get an 'A' rank in the following Mercenaries mode mission the corresponding character will become available.

Unlock Chris Redfield (Safari):

Get an A Rank or higher in 'The Village' mission

Unlock Chris Redfield (S.T.A.R.S. Uniform):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Experimental Facility' mission

Unlock Jill Valentine (Battle Suit):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Ship Deck' mission

Unlock Jill Valentine (BSAA):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Public Assembly' mission

Unlock Sheva (Clubin):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Ancient Ruins' mission

Unlock Sheva (Tribal):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Missile Area' mission

Unlock Albert Wesker (Midnight):

Get an 'A' Rank or higher ..

Saving Ammunition

You can save ammunition by using a weak weapon such as a pistol and shoot a Majini in the shin. When it bends over holding it's knee run up close to it and press X immediately when you see the command 'Neck Breaker' (with Sheva the command will be 'Throat Slit'). Doing this will perform an instant kill and you will have only have used one shot of your pistol. This can be done with multiple characters in Mercenaries mode.

Unlock Weapons

The following firepower can be added to your arsenal by upgrading the indicated weapon then buying it from the shop.

Unlock M93R (Samurai Edge Custom):

Fully upgrade the M92F pistol.

Unlock Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun:

Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37 shotgun.

Unlock Longbow (Sheva exclusive):

Fully upgrade S75 rifle.

Unlock Gatling Gun (Chris exclusive):

Fully upgrade the VZ61 machine gun.

Unlock Smith & Wesson M500 Magnum (HandCannon):

Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum.


If you have both players stand in front of each other and one of them heals themselves, both players will get healed.

Quick Reload in Mercenaries Mode

To do this display the 'Inventory' screen and combine ammunition manually with your weapon. When you do this weapons like the shotgun will reload much faster than by doing the normal method. This trick also works when climbing ladders or jumping. You can also Reload your weapon instantly by starting the melee sequence when the melee option appears.

Unlock New Game + Mode

When you complete the game under any difficulty setting this feature will become available. In New Game + you keep your inventory from your completed game.

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Unlock Figures

When you have beaten the game figurines which are viewable in the Bonus Gallery will become unlocked.

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Play using Original Resident Evil Gamep

When you begin the level investigate the door three times and on the fourth time a '?' will appear. Press x again enable the original gameplay.

Rotten egg glitch

For this glitch you need 2 players, have the player who has a load of rotten eggs play as Sheva (This is vital for the glitch to work)then have the player who needs money play as Chris and select chapter 2-2 (train station)now have the Sheva player give the Chris player all their eggs.once that is done quit now this part is vital when it says "overwrite current equipment and status" make the Sheva player say NO and the Chris player say YES.The Sheva player will no longer have their eggs but the glitch is far from over redo all the previous steps but MAKE THE CHRIS PLAYER GIVE YOU THEIR EGGS and when it says "overwrite current equipment and status" MAKE THE SHEVA PLAYER SAY YES AND THE CHRIS PLAYER SAY NO and when you both go back both players should still have their eggs,just rinse and r..

Easy Way to Kill The Executioner Majini

In Chapter 1-1, you fight a MASSIVE Majini called the Executioner. Although his attacks hit hard, he's easy to kill. Stun him with pistol headshots, then perform a context melee move. Rinse and repeat, and you'll get the Golden Ring, which'll net you $5,000. You'll need about 25 pistol rounds, some healing items, and the patience of a Saint, but it can be easily done.

Easy Money

Using this method, you can make 10,000 gold in a relatively short while, this does not require a second controller like the other easy money cheat on here.

Step 1. Select Chapter 3-1 (Marshlands)

Step 2. When the game switches over to you, move past the wooden dock. To the left, you should see a glint on top of a gazelle skull, break it and get the Ruby (Pear). To the right, on a post, you should find a Jewel Beetle. (2000 gold)

Step 3. Turn on your map and get on the boat. Head to the northwestern most island, after docking, jump into the water in the center, if you jump just to the right (your right) of the first set of stairs out of the pool, you will find a Beetle (Brown) right behind you, climb back out and head to the nearby ladder, climb it and run..

Easy way of making money

Ok go to chapter 5-2 Experimental Facility and go through about half the level until you get to the hallway with the lickers. kill all of the lickers and go to the door and press start, quit, yes. then it will say saving. do it as many times as you want to get money. each time you get 5 lion hearts all together worth up to 12,5oo$.


The Rpg can only be used once but the grenade launcher can stay with you. So Use the RPG Wisely when using it in combat.(The RPG Costs $10000 gold)

Clone Items/Weapons

This glitch needs two gamertags and two controllers. First, sign in with both gamertags. Start any chapter. Clear both players inventory slots. Have one give the second player the item(s). Then, have player one quit, and save player 2 profile. Resume the game both gamertags should now have the same item(s). You can do this as much as you want on any chapter. For easy money tou can sell Rotten Eggs for 2,000 gold best places for easy money is on 2-1 and 3-1.

Some extras to be unlocked

The following extras can be unlocked once you have beaten the game once, on any difficulty setting:

The Mercanaries game mode (BSAA Chris and BSAA Sheva are the only characters that can be used when you first unlock this mode, but you can unlock others when certain requirements are met)

Safari alternative costume for Chris

Clubbin' alternative costume for Sheva

The option for Infinite Ammo

The option to play as Sheva instead of Christ in the main game

'Classic Horror' graphics filter (basically, the game in black and white)

Note - The Classic Horror graphics filter and the alternative costumes for Chris and Sheva have to be bought with bonus points.

An easier too make money

There is some things you have to do in order too do this you must have beaten chapter 5-3 on any diffcutly.You must have hand gernades or the infinite rocket launcher.Alright start the level go throught the door up the ladder straight to the room with the saphire mariquise and open the safe and take it.Next take the route to the next door kill the two reapers and take the power soul gems kill everybody else go resete the power for the elavator thing.Go there and kill the pepole on it wait for it to come all the way and for the checkpoint thing to come up once it kill you partner and say yes you should have the treasure in you treasure inventory go to ready and kill your parnter again and go to no and repeat getting as much gems as you want then sell them .


Okay so this glitch may be obvious to many but for those who don't know it's pretty easy to figure out. After completing any chapter in the game, your able to go back to it over and over and break open the same crates from earlier and get gold, herbs and ammo. Then quit and it will save and you automatically keep the stuff. It can be helpful to do this especially for the ammo since bosses are hard to defeat. Be sure to also upgrade weapons as much as possible. So hopefully this helps.

Easy Uroboros Kill

I do believe this is on here, but, in case it isn't, there's a rather easy way to kill the first Uroboros creature in Chapter 1-2. Basically, you need to knock over one of the red gas canisters on the room's walls. Lure Uroboros over this, and it will stick to him. Now, as long as you don't get too far away from him (this makes him teleport closer and lose the gas cylinder), you can lead him into the furnace. Shooting the cas cylinder attached to him will cause him to turn into a puddle, which signifies that he is stunned. Quickly run out of the furnace, flip the switch, and incinerate him. Note: this keeps you from taking his treasure item that he drops, but it will save you tons of pain, time, and ammunition.

Best Inventory

The best weapons to carry around are: The M93R Handgun (Samurai Edge), the Hydra triple-barrel Shotgun, the S&W M500 Magnum (Handcannon), an Infinite RPG, and the Gatling Gun or the Longbow. Make sure they all have infinte ammo. Put in a Melee Vest and a Bullet-proof Vest and two cans of First-Aid spray.

NOTES: To get the Samurai Edge, upgrade the M92F Handgun all the way

To get the Hydra, upgrade the Ithaca M29 Shotgun all the way

To get the Handcannon, upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum all the way

To get the Gatling Gun, upgrade the VZ61 Machine-gun all the way

To get the Longbow, upgrade the S75 Rifle all the way

To get the Infinite Rocket Launcher (RPG) beat the game in under 5:00:00 (5 hours)

Infinite Ammo

To unlock infinite ammo for any gun, you must complete the game and them completely upgrade that particular gun. Infinite ammo can then be purchased with bonus points from the bonus content section. To get infinite ammo for the rocket launcher, you must beat the game in under five (5) hours and then purchase the upgrade the same way you would with an ordinary weapon.

Hope it helped!

Shooting rats

Sometimes when you shoot rats they will dropp random amounts of money

Easy Gold

If you want to get a ton of gold just repeat Chapter 2-1, 3-1, and 4-1 because they have alot of treasurs.

Easy money Early on

An easy way to get money early on in the game is to get up to chapter 2-1 and then replay the fiorst mission a few times. The reason for this is it is the easiest mission and has lots of Ammo and Healing items in it. Also when you kill the big guy with the Axe he drops and item woth $5000. Also if you are playing on Co-operative you both get this item so it is at least 5,00 each for an easy mission plus loads of ammo and healing items to boot. Your eally only need to use the handgun in this level too so you can get lots of rifle and shotgun ammo from dead enemies.

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

Unlike it's predecessors, Resident Evil 5 only features two types of healing herb - the ever-present Red and Green herbs. The Yellow herbs from Resident Evil 4 have been removed, and both Chris and Sheva start out with their health bars maxed out. The chart below lists all possible combinations and the effects of herbs when used:

Green - Restores a small amount of health

Green + Green - Restores a large amount of health

Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health

Red - Cannot be used alone

Green + Red - Fully restores health

Note - White Chicken Eggs restore a small amount of health, Brown Chicken Eggs restore a large amount of health and Gold Chicken Eggs fully restore health. Also, First Aid Sprays fully restore health.

Easy way to beat mutated Wesker

You can easily avoid the whole fight with Wesker by following these easy steps.

1:Have a rocket launcher, give your partner one too in case you miss.

2:At the start of the fight have the Chris player run across the bridge until he falls, when Wesker jumps down to follow him get to higher ground, then make sure the sheva player uses a sniper rifle on Wesker from the hill shes on and keep shooting his back until his heart is exposed, then have the Chris player equip the rocket launcher and shoot Weskers heart, if done correctly Wesker will die immediatly,this is useful for an S rank and avoidance of the button mashing parts.

As always hope this helped.

Duplication glitch

start your game in 2 player and have an item of value like a rotten or golden eggs one player gives the other the eggs. then exit the game person who got the eggs saves. the person who gave the eggs dont save. When you start the game again both players will have the eggs. you may do this as many times as wished

Here is what will most likely ammo dropped

Most of the stages they'll drop pistol ammo (almost all the stages will have pistol ammo) but in some stages they'll drop more of machine gun ammo or shotgun ammo but i hope that helped.

Faster reloads, Longer time in mercenaries...

This Faster reload trick can work just about anytime you would want it to... Refular reloading takes way too long and gives you the chance to be vulnerable... The basic one is while your standing still and open your menu. Highlight your weapon box, press X, highlight the weapon that the ammo combines with then press X again. If you have enough ammo your weapon should have max ammo. If not you will just have more ammo. If you've already mastered this technique then try this. Hate being surrounded and need to reload? If you have just about enough ammo left shoot the enemy in the legs, approach them and press X. As soon as you press X your character should perform some type of melee attack. Don't just look at your character be a big shot, while your character is doing the melee attack that'..

Easy Way to get the Achievment: Egg On Your Face

Having trouble killing that Majini with a rotten egg? Heres an easier way to do it, but you have to beat the game once or until you unlock the liquid nitrogen rounds for the grenade launcher (freezes enemies on contact). Anyways, start chapter 1-1 and make sure there are plenty of enemies around to distract Sheva, otherwise she'll shoot them before you get the chance to throw the egg =(. But as soon as you shoot an enemy with the nitrogen round, they'll be frozen...switch to the rotten egg and throw it at them, they should shatter into bits :D! And theres your egg on your face.

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