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Demo - Public Assembly

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide - Demo Walkthrough

Public Assembly

|ITEMS: [] Handgun Bullets, [] Handgun Bullets, [] Crate, [] Fruit, [] Hand    |
|          Grenade, [] Hand Grenade, [] Incendiary Grenade, [] Barrel x2,      |
|       [] VZ61 SMG, [] Hand Grenade, [] Green Herb, [] Crate, [] Gold Ring.   |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Majini     o Executioner                                           |
|                                                                              |

You start out with the  M92F Handgun, 20 bullets in total, a Green Herb and the Ithaca M37 Shotgun.  Sheva has the same inventory except instead of a Shotgun she has the S75 Rifle.  Keep this in mind when picking up ammo;  It's best to automatically command Sheva to pick up this type of ammo, unless you snatch or swap her rifle.  You can exchange items, but keep in mind that she'll be backing you up so she needs the ammo just as much as you do.

Make sure that you grab all ammunition from this room, as you'll more than need it in the minutes to come. Use your ammo sparingly, and conserve the grenades for groups of majinis or the executioner. Try to shoot the majinis in the head; you might get a headshot. When a majini flinches to the side (or when you down one and they're still alive) it's best to quickly approach and hit them with a Melee attack.

Walk down the linear path and drop down.  Investigate the notification on the crate, which explains how dying works.  Such a lovely subject.  As soon as you enter the building a cutscene will play and shortly after it's go time, many majinis will quickly be headed for the house.

Act fast!  Grab the [HANDGUN BULLETS] lying in the corner, and examine the drawers under the television for another pack of [HANDGUN BULLETS].  Destroy the [CRATE] and [FRUIT] in the other corner by using your knife to find more items.  Push the two cabinets so that they block the larger window and the door (or you can order your partner to push one of them - this is even faster).  Lastly, grab a [HAND GRENADE] by slashing the fruit near the window.  Now it's time to take the majinis one by one, shoot through the smaller windows.

Note: Majini's will drop items that you'll want to collect.

Things will get rough soon, so you'll want to make extremely good use of your scarce ammunition, shooting only the heads of the majinis.  It's only a matter of time before they break through the roof and the cabinets, as well as the gate outside:  The executioner will slam through it.  He's the one to be extremely wary of as one slash of his axe means an almost-instant death.


He has several attacks you want to be careful of:
1. Overhead swing: Commonly used, when hit this results in the dying status so be extremely careful.  He holds the axe behind him if he plans on doing this.
2. Horizontal swing: He can swing the axe horizontally, giving him quite an attack range.
3. Horizontal Rage swings: When he gets low on health he will swing the axe repeatedly.  Back away if he does this.
4. Grab-Choke: He can grab one of your characters and choke them.  Help your partner or ask for help whenever this happens.  You can also attempt to break free, but it'll cost more time and is harder to do.

>Use melee attacks to your advantage versus regular majini and against the Executioner.

He's got a fair amount of health so you'll want to use everything on him that you've possibly got at this point.  Grenades works best, followed by explosive barrels, and lastly Shotgun blasts to his head followed by a melee attack.  Alternatively you can empty the Machine Gun in his head and once again use melee attacks.  Resort to the handgun only when you're out of options.

Get out of the house and you should hear something from Kirk, the chopper pilot.
Basically your goal is to survive until he can clear the way for you up north.  You'll hear one more time from him before he finally arrives, which sort of tells you that you're about 2/3rd through.  In total you'll have to wait around 8 minutes or so, keep this in mind.

‘American History X' comes to mind for a good reason.

Here are some exploration suggestions:
o There is a house on the northeast/right area which contains a [HAND GRENADE] and a [INCENDIARY GRENADE] on the shelves.

o You can enter the bus and loot the two [BARRELS].

Head to the north of the area and note the inflammable stack of barrels that you can greatly use to your advantage.  With the horde behind you, make a quick turn and shoot when most are close the the barrels.  This will disable a good few of them.  Go inside the bus and destroy the [WOODEN BARRELS].

Continue to the northeast of the area and open the suitcase in the corner.  This holds the [VZ61 SMG] which you can give to Sheva so you don't have to worry about her ammo for a while.  The executioner will probably be on your tails once again, so it's time to move to the west from here.  The fruit contains a [HAND GRENADE] but more importantly you can move to higher ground from here.

Do so and jump over to the platform past the barrel.  Shake off a large portion of the horde by blowing up the barrel.  Grab the [GREEN HERB] on this platform and keep the majinis at a distance.  The good thing is that the executioner can not get to you as long as you're here.  You can also jump on the bus for a somewhat larger movement area, and there's a [CRATE] on the barrel at the end.  You should be able to hold out a long time from here, long enough until the chopper arrives.

Note: If you want to kill the executioner, your best bet is to use a few grenades on him.  Whenever he crouches, run toward him to sort out an uppercut.  When you run out of grenades, resort to the Shotgun and deliver two shots at his head to make him kneel.  Keep this up and you'll down him soon enough.  It's possible to knock a transformer box off one of the shacks near the southern gate, you can use this to your advantage.  If you manage to kill the executioner, grab the [GOLD RING] from his body.  This can be sold for money.

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