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Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide


This section goes over the various enemies in Resident Evil 5.  The threat level is an indication of how dangerous the particular enemy is on a scale of 1-10.  If an enemy has a move that can instantly put your character into Dying status this will pose a much bigger threat than a loss of a quarter of your health bar.

|Enemy Name:    |Threat:|Attacks:                                              |
|Majini (Town)  |   2   |1. Grab: Majini can run to you and try to severely    |
|               |       |   hurt you by attempting to infect you with some sort|
|               |       |   of a parasite.                                     |
|               |       |2. Weapon swing: Majini will use a variety of weapons |
|               |       |   to hurt you, such as axes, bottles and clubs.      |
|               |       |3. Weapon throw: Majini can throw their weapons at you|
|Kipepeo        |   2   |1. Grab: The Parasite will grab you.  Partner action  |
|               |       |   is very useful here.                               |
|Executioner    |   5   |1. Overhead swing: Commonly used, when hit this       |
|Majini         |       |   results in the dying status so be extremely        |
|[Mini-Boss]    |       |   careful.  He holds the axe behind him if he plans  |
|               |       |   on doing this.                                     |
|               |       |2. Horizontal swing: He can swing the axe horizontally|
|               |       |   giving him quite an attack range.                  |
|               |       |3. Horizontal Rage swings: When he gets low on health |
|               |       |   he will swing the axe repeatedly.  Back away if he |
|               |       |   does this.                                         |
|               |       |4. Grab-Choke: He can grab one of your characters and |
|               |       |   choke them.  Help your partner or ask for help     |
|               |       |   whenever this happens.  You can also attempt to    |
|               |       |   break free, but it'll cost more time and is harder |
|               |       |   to do.                                             |
|Chainsaw Majini|   5   |1. Chainsaw: This means instant death as it separates |
|[Mini-Boss]    |       |   your head from your body.                          |
|               |       |2. Chainsaw swing: This attack will not separate your |
|               |       |   characters head from the body but will instead put |
|               |       |   the character in an understandable Dying status.   |

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PS 3 | Xbox 360

Comments for Enemies

14 comments, latest first.
Jan 26th 2015 Guest
can you walk through enemies?
ID #507733
Jan 14th 2014 Guest
Instead of u all moaning y don't u do a guide then its better then nothing if uve beat meny times try doing 1 as its that easy ?

ID #343778
Apr 9th 2013 Guest
ID #272019
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
there are a lot more than you showed
ID #264137
Dec 20th 2012 Guest
what about ndesu,popokimaru,irving,giant majini,big man majini,gattling gun majini,rocket launcher majini,cephalo,jill(brainwashed),u-8,uroboros,uroboros aheri,wesker and my fuc3 enemy reaper's

yeah, thes website not good enough.
ID #224961
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
Lol. I am seeing very strange descriptions of enemies on these comments, like Ricardo Irving (described as a Kraken lol), Popokarimu (described as a bird ??? WTF? It has nothing to do with a bird, but with a bat and a scorpion, maybe.) and others.
That was the relaxing part, because all I have to say now is that this guide is a true crap. It really seems that you have only played the first two areas, while the game has 16 (subdivisions of 6 chapters). Next time, make sure you post ALL the enemies... What a waste of time...

P.S: And btw, that guide of yours about the health of the enemies is way better, but still not good...
ID #63995
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
Wat about Wesker The ones with rocket launchers the ones with gauthin guns the Kraken and alot of others
ID #58847
Jun 28th 2011 Guest
theres more than that because ive completed it and theres uroboros the big brown GUY that bird at the end of chapter 2-2 ooh and el gigante who's of RE4 you know that one you fight in the car
ID #53027
Apr 24th 2011 Guest
Wow. What a waste of time this guide is. There is TONS more enemy types and bosses. If there where only these enemies then the game would be increadibly easy.
ID #39474
Feb 27th 2011 Guest
dude there is way more enemies than these,
Theres like 4 types of Majini
and u only put 2 mini bosses u forgot all the big bosses and the other mini bosses
ID #30807
Dec 13th 2010 Guest
What about the animals? The wasp things, the dogs? Different types of Majini (there's a crap load more than four). What about the giant ogre-type thing you face in the boss fight somewhere around Chapter 3 (I think)?

Maybe play more than the first two stages before you write a "guide" next time.
ID #21033
Oct 12th 2010 Guest
tell me absolute steve did you ever beat the game, i have many times and found a crap load of enemies. and one more thing the only thing i found useful was i only killed time looking at this guide.
ID #15021
Sep 3rd 2010 Guest
That's all the enemies? Alright!! I'm off to beat the game!!!
ID #11214
Jun 30th 2010 Guest
yeah it,sucks
ID #2435