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3-1: Marshlands

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide - Walkthrough

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands

| ______|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|| ____/|               [C3-1] Chapter 3-1: Marshlands                         |
|| |__  |______________________________________________________________________|
||___ \ |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| ___) ||What a chase that was!  Enormous creatures had to be dealt with, and  |
||____/ |the choice between destination and freedom came up. Destination waits.|
|ITEMS  |[] Beast Slate, [] Ruby (Pear), [] Vase x2, [] Slate Map, [] Vase,    |
|       |[] Beetle (Brown), [] Chalice (Silver), [] Beetle (Brown), [] Vase,   |
|       |[] Rocket Launcher, [] Vase, [] Chalice (Silver), [] Egg (White) x2,  |
|       |[] Beetle (Brown), [] Pot, [] Vase, [] Vase x2, [] Pot, [] Emerald    |
|       |   (Pear), [] Vase, [] Vase, [] Pot, [] Vase, [] Vase x2, [] Idol     |
|       |   (Silver), [] Shaman Slate, [] Red Herb, [] Egg (White), [] Vase,   |
|       |[] Vase, [] Raptor Slate, [] Green Herb, [] Beetle (Brown), [] Pot,   |
|       |[] Green Herb, [] Pot, [] Vase, [] Idol (Silver), [] Vase, [] Vase,   |
|       |[] Warrior Slate, [] Vase, [] Vase x2, [] Green Herb, [] Red Herb,    |
|       |[] Vase, [] Pot, [] Red Herb, [] Magnum Ammo, [] Handgun Ammo,        |
|       |[] Vase x2, [] Vase x2, [] S&W M29, [] Vase x3, [] Vase x2, [] Pot x2,|
|       |[] Vase, [] Vase, [] Green Herb, [] Gold (Large), [] Rifle Ammo,      |
|       |[] Vase, [] Vase, [] Ceremonial Mask, [] Vase x2.                     |
|EMBLEMS|4x.                                                                   |
|ENEMIES|1. Majini (Wetlands).                                                 |
|       |2. Alligator.                                                         |
|       |3. Giant Majini.                                                      |
|       |                                                                      |

Grab the [BEAST SLATE] nearby the corpse and slash the glowing animal skill to find a [RUBY (PEAR)].  The two [VASES] nearby are now the new medium for supplying you with items, so keep your eye out for them. You can't enter through the door here, so hop on the boat and get moving.

|Boat Controls:               | The lake is fairly large, and we're going to
|=============================| look for three more slates similar to the one
|Left Stick:  Steer           | you already found just now, making four in total
|Right Stick: Adjust viewpoint| to be found.  Head for the destination marker on
|RT/R1: ..... Accelerate      | the west of your map, hop off board, grab the
|LT/L1: ..... Brake/Reverse   | [SLATE MAP], inspect the door that requires the
|RT/R1 A/X: Turbo Accelerate| four slates, and be on your way again.
|X/Square:    Get off         |

Optional Exploration:

First, this guide will cover a few optional exploration possibilities.  Feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph that interests you. 

First of all, from where you start out, check out the wired pole in the distance to the northwest.  There's a [BSAA EMBLEM] attached to it.  You can try to shoot it from here with a Rifle, or (if you're playing with someone) you can have your partner steer the boat towards it, allowing you to spot it from close by.

BSAA Emblem

Head to the isolated settlement in the northwest corner of the lake and get off the boat. There's a [BSAA EMBLEM] under the middle of the roof - shoot it - and there's a [VASE] here as well.  You can jump inside the shallow water where the fish are hanging, and if you check the edges for a shiny object you'll be rewarded with a [BEETLE (BROWN)].  The outpost contains a chest with a [CHALICE (SILVER)]. Get back on the boat and we'll continue exploring.

BSAA Emblem

Also located in the northeast region is a half-sunken ship.  It should display as a small dot on your map.  You can find a [BEETLE (BROWN)] and a [VASE] here, but also a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] in the suitcase!  You'll have to walk up the ramp to get it.

Next, explore the central island that is populated by the most horrific creatures in the RE universe.  Head inside the hut to find a [VASE] and a [CHALICE (SILVER)] in the chest.  The shelves outside of the hut (on the right side) contain two [EGGS (WHITE)].  The totem pole to the left of your boat has a [BEETLE (BROWN)] attached to it, and a small [POT] can be broken behind the chicken fence.  There's a [VASE] on top of the outpost, and lastly you can shoot a [BSAA EMBLEM] hidden under the hut by standing on the dock.  You may want to use a rifle to see it better.

BSAA Emblem

The Slates:

This video instructs on how to acquire the Shaman Slate, and how to best fight the opposing Majini's.

Let's go slate hunting.  Head to the northeast cross on your map and get ashore.  Destroy two [VASES] and a [POT] here and shoot the shiny animal skull to find an [EMERALD (PEAR)].  Break another [VASE] next to the fireplace to the east, then go inside the hut and break another [VASE].  A [POT] can be found on some shelves next to the hut, and yet another [VASE] can be found in the hut to the left.

The settlement itself contains two more [VASES] along with two outposts.  Give Sheva a hand at the left outpost first which holds an [IDOL (SILVER)].  The second outpost contains the [SHAMAN SLATE].  After you've gotten it, several tribal Majini's will get angry at you (I mean, you did just rob their treasure, didn't you?), which means you'll have to deal with them.

This new type of Majini is tougher than regular Majini and they get much faster back up their feet by jumping.  They also use different weapons, mainly spears with which they leap in the air to spike you.  You'll be prompted to press a button (X for Xbox, Square for PS3 I believe) in order to dodge this attack.  Some others are equipped with wooden, spiky shields.  These can be annoying to take down, but in fact they're not that hard if you know how to handle them.  Speaking of taking down, aim for their feet (which is pretty much the only body part that you can aim at anyway), then move in for the uppercut (or somersault with Sheva) melee attack.  This will destroy most - if not all - of their shield and conserves considerable amounts of ammo.

The Raptor Slate is not only guarded by Majini's, you'll have to wade through a pool that is roaming with Alligators! This video shows how you can tackle this challenge best.

After you've killed the unfortunate tribal Majini's, head back to your boat and continue to the eastern cross on your map.  You'll have to wade through shallow water that is swarming with huge alligators.  What can I say?  If they bite you, it's game over.  When you get near one it'll emerge to the surface.  Whenever this happens, immediately back away from the alligator (and you should already have checked that there wasn't one behind you, or you're a goner).

Make your way to the eastern building and (quickly) climb the ladder.  Enter the house through the window and around four Majini will jump you.  Kill them, then search the room for a [RED HERB], an [EGG (WHITE)], and a [VASE].  Proceed to the next hut to find a [VASE] and the [RAPTOR SLATE] inside a chest.

The final slate resides at the southwestern end of a waterway.  Inspect the gate near the left to find a [GREEN HERB] nearby, then move around the structure and keep your eyes open for a [BEETLE (BROWN)] near a tree with flowers.  Get off the boat at the end.

The last slate won't be the easiest to get. Expect heavy resistance from the local tribal Majini's. This video shows how to make your getaway in one of the best possible ways.

The first building contains a single [POT], after which you should head to the jetty on the east.  Grab the [GREEN HERB], loot the contents of the [POT] and [VASE], then open the chest to find an [IDOL (SILVER)] inside.  As you approach the north you'll be assaulted by a large group of Majini's.  Take care of them, then loot the NE building for a [VASE] and the NW building for a [VASE] and the [WARRIOR SLATE].

Head back to the lake and the way will be blocked.  Have your partner kill the 4 bowmen Majini, while you steer the boat around any dangerous bombs.  Up ahead are two more Majini who throw bombs at you; they're located in the two outposts.  With the gate open, speed out of the waterway - but beware of more Majini.  You can steer over them but it might be smarter to avoid them altogether as you might suffer from explosive damage as you move over them.

Go to the destination marker to the western side of the lake and insert all four slates.  Exit to the next area.  Drop down in the water and turn around.  Spot a [BSAA EMBLEM] inside the hold under the walkway.  Proceed to the village and deal with a bowgun Majini in the outpost on your way.

BSAA Emblem

The hut to your left (south) has a [VASE] nearby, and houses two more [VASES] inside.  To the west of the hut you can find a [GREEN HERB] and a [RED HERB].

Head north from here.  This building (on the western side of the village)  contains a [VASE], [POT], [RED HERB], [MAGNUM AMMO] and [HANDGUN AMMO].  Climb the ladder to find two more [VASES].  Explore the northwest of the village, but don't grab the gold near the holes in the ground.  This is actually a trap, and you'll get spiked.  Needless to say, this causes a lot of unnecessary damage.  There are two [VASES] in the corner of the northwest area.

Around now, the villagers start getting pissed off at you grabbing their treasure.  Included are two Giant Majini who are particularly strong and dangerous.  You'll want to grab the [S&W M29] Magnum from the BSAA soldier on the right (east) of the village to use it against them.  There are three more [VASES] around here.  The Giant Majini's are best killed with a combination of using the magnum, shotgun, machine guns and melee attacks - give them everything you got and stick together.

When they're dealt with, go to the northeast side of the village and loot two [VASES].  Proceed to the crank up ahead and either turn it yourself or have your partner do this.

Go over the bridge and break the two [POTS] inside the room - these hold two snakes.  There's a [VASE] to the west of this room.  You can find a [VASE], [GREEN HERB], [GOLD (LARGE)], [RIFLE AMMO] and a document upstairs.  Another [VASE] can be found outside.  Unlock the door for your partner by removing the beam and head west.

Loot the contents of the [VASE] nearby the tunnel, and grab the [CEREMONIAL MASK] from the chest at the end of this tunnel.  Jump over the gap and loot two more [VASES].  Exit the area by the ropeway.

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Comments for 3-1: Marshlands

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Dec 4th 2015 Guest
What are the fires used for it says this could still be used
ID #630864
Feb 27th 2014 Guest
In the raptor slate area there is a ruby right before the ladder after passing all the gators on the right side of the door frame
ID #359348
Jan 13th 2014 Guest
There is a tresure on one of the trees in the swamp area. you musr first get in the boat to get it. look for the tree with pink flowers around it to find it.
ID #343585
Jan 13th 2014 Guest
You can shoot the fish in the holding pond for loot at the northern most island. loot ranges from 200-50.
ID #343569
Oct 17th 2012 Guest
Don't break the two vases containing snakes at the end of the level with your knife, they bite you. Should the vase and then quickly shoot the snake inside to receive (usually) a white egg.
ID #197475
Sep 29th 2012 Guest
there's also a gem in a second animal skull hanging from some rope in the shaman slate area.
ID #190044
May 30th 2012 Guest
cant make partner shoot while i steer the boat
ID #147025
May 13th 2012 Guest
ID #141951
May 7th 2011 Guest
Great info!! Thanks so much!
ID #41776
May 6th 2011 Guest
why the boat cannot move when i using the computer stick on ps3

ID #41748
Mar 10th 2011 Guest
Great guide[color=red][/color]
ID #32098
Jan 27th 2011 Guest
theres a beetle brown on the other side where the first ruby is, at the start of the level too
ID #27010