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BSAA Emblem Locations

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Resident Evil 5 Guide

BSAA Emblem Locations


BSAA stands for Bioterrorism Security Assesment Alliance, and they have their own emblems.  Throughout the game, as easter eggs, these turquoise colored emblems can be found attached on walls, on top of poles in the distance, hidden between cracks in walls, you name it.  It'll be very difficult finding them all on your own, and while it's certainly a noble attempt to try and find as many as you can by yourself, you might want to find the ones you looking for so badly that you just can't take it anymore.  Well, you're in luck!

This is a list with all BSAA Emblems you can find in the game.  Not all chapters actually have BSAA Emblems, and some have a lot where others have only one.  I hope you'll find this list useful in spotting them.  Needless to say, some of the Emblems are practically impossible to shoot without the aid of a Rifle, so if you go out hunting for BSAA Emblems, be sure to take a Rifle with you.  Good luck, you might need it!

- Absolute Steve


Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint


Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly


Go inside the building with the stairs that has a balcony.  Check the western room that also contains a First Aid Spray.  Head up the balcony and check the building across the street to the south to spot the Emblem.


When you've entered the building with the black goo, right before you jump over the gap to a chest with Gold Bars, look up and find the Emblem right under a water tank.


Before you end the chapter by using the elevator, check behind the fence to your right and spot the Emblem next to a ventilator in the background.

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility


Check the southern wall of the storage hall you start in.  The Emblem is attached to this wall, somewhere up there.



When you've crossed the bridge and are about the enter the sewers, turn around and closely inspect the large bridge's support.  The Emblem is located here.


At the docks area, locate the small green hut near the closed door at the jetty, and look at the back of this hut.  Spot the Emblem in a gap under the roof.


When Kirk has arrived to provide backup at the docks area, climb the building to the right (northwest) and get over to the spot with the Green Herb.  Spot the Emblem through a window in the building across the street.


In Shanty Town, right before you perform the Assist Jump with Sheva, turn around and spot the Emblem on the roof ledge up, a little to the right.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station


Climb the trains and inspect the pylon in the distance to the west. Spot the Emblem on top of it.


In the mines you'll have to make your way over a bridge with a waterfall.  The Emblem is to your right high up in the waterfall.


In the mining area you'll have to climb a very long ladder at some point.  Instead of moving on, turn around and equip your rifle. Turn around and inspect the factory building in the distance.

Chapter 2-3: Savannah


Chapter 3-1: Marshlands


You'll start on an island.  From here, check out the wired pole in the distance to the northwest.  The Emblem is attached to it.  If you're playing with someone else you can sail nearby it and have them shoot it, or shoot it yourself when they're sailing.


Go to the settlement in the northwest corner and spot the Emblem under the roof of the hut.


Head to the center island (where horrific creatures roam), and spot the Emblem under the hut by standing on the jetty near the boat.


When you've opened up the door by placing the slates, drop down in the marshes, turn around and find the Emblem under the wooden walkway.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground


After making your way out of the execution ground through a tunnel, you'll get to some Tricell tents.  Go behind the tents and spot the Emblem between the tents.


At the harbor, when the timer starts running, inspect the cabin at the end of the jetty.  The Emblem will be inside.

Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling Facilities


This one is located in the middle/on top of the first gate you cross under.  If you miss it while boating under it, you can still shoot the lower half from the other side.

Chapter 4-1: Caves


Make your way through the caves and climb a short ladder.  Head over the bridge and spot the Emblem in the ravine to your right, on the lower side.


This one requires a rifle.  When you enter the ancient civilization, check the shiny lens in the distance and spot the Emblem at the base of the lens.


In the labyrinth area with the several colored statues, make your way to the top by jumping over a gap near a torch, located to the right (east) from where you enter.  The Emblem is located above the jade/green statue.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area


When you make it to the bottom floor of the laser/mirror puzzle, the Emblem will be located in the northern room, right above the doorway.

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden


At the flower cave you start out in, make your way over to the right (eastern) side of the area and spot the Emblem underneath the catwalk that leads to the labs.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility


After you've made your way over the conveyor belt with the gas cylinder packages, check the open dumpster to find the Emblem inside of it.

Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility


Exit the area in which you fought the boss in the previous chapter, and check behind the large fan to the right.


When you reach the rotating platform, have it move and wait for it to stop for the first time.  When it does, look for the emblem on floor of the balcony on which the Majini is standing, holding down the lever to stop the rotating elevator.


Inside the ruins area, before summoning the elevator, move around the shaft and spot the Emblem down the shaft.

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck


This one's impossible without a rifle.  Aim for the top of the radar mast at the very far end of the ship deck.  The Emblem is pinned on top of it, and will most likely require several shots.  Try to shoot it when you've made yourself to a higher area, possibly the crane.


When Sheva gets trapped in a cage, the BSAA Emblem will be located in the northern contained out of which Majini's spawn.  It's quite possible to get it by blowing up a Majini holding a dynamite stick, or by throwing a grenade inside, but you can't aim at it with guns.



In the room in which you meet Excella, spot this final emblem behind the spotlight that is shining on the flowers.  It's in a cabinet behind glass, which is located on the wall to the north.

Chapter 6-2: Main Deck


Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck


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Jul 5th 2018 Vitalijus Vytka Antonenkovas
If someone still playing invite in steam VytkaUP lvl 11 to if you wish to play with me !!!
ID #761626
Mar 8th 2018 Riversouk1992
n Emblem #29 you can use the grenade launcher (explosive rounds) into the container, you can get the Emblem. Just tested it.
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Nov 12th 2015 Guest
Anyone still playing and want to play for a bit? PSN: TetraHydrus
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Sep 26th 2015 Guest
Very informative and concise guide. I read it from my iPhone on reader mode and it only took me twenty minutes via chapter select.

ID #611555
Aug 30th 2015 Guest
Thank you very much! This sure helped me complete the game!
ID #603986
Jul 17th 2015 Guest
I hope this helps because I have never found one and I want s.t.a.r.s Chris a lot so if it works for me the a hole lot
ID #585655
Jul 4th 2015 Guest
I found all emblem except 3 emblems at dark underground , dumpstore and uroboros facility
ID #579941
May 9th 2015 Guest
awesome guide lol anyone wanna play with me most of the ppl i play with jist leave me hanging after a couple of chapters
ID #553989
Jun 28th 2016 Guest
Xbox 360/one

ID #662832
May 3rd 2015 Guest
I found all 30 BSAA emblem. thanks
ID #551176
Mar 20th 2015 Guest
thanks man i'got all of the emblem
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Mar 3rd 2015 Guest
thanks. I've collected all the emblem now
ID #523881
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
thanks man I was able to unlock everything and find them all within an hour and a half
ID #518515
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Thank you I went from 8 to 29 in two days I know where the last one is and I'm gonna get it tonight all thanx to y'all
ID #514772
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
i have all the emblems expect one on 3-2 WHY
ID #496244
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
i just got the last emblem! thank you so much
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