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Trio Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Trio Badge

Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town

After choosing your gender and naming your character you'll get a scene and be introduced to your two friends Bianca and Cheren. Then you'll be given the option to choose your opening Pokemon.

Snivy - Level 5 Grass Type
Tepig - Level 5 Fire Type
Oshawatt - Level 5 Water Type

I choose Tepig as Fire type is a good power level for the game. Your two friends will each choose one of the other Pokemon. After you choose you'll fight each of your friends, one at a time, just to get your acquainted with the battle system. These are easy battles and you'll be healed in between. Just keep hitting and you'll win.

Then the three of you will go downstairs and your Mom will give you a Xtransceiver. This is your communication device for the game. There is a TV in the living room there if you want to watch some of the many shows that are on. Head out of your house and down and to the left. That's Bianca's house and you just need to go inside to get Bianca to leave. Afterwards head to the upper left to Professor Juniper's Lab. She'll give you the Pokedex. Right after that leave the Lab and your Mom with give the Town Map.

Juniper also has some TMs for you when you see a certain number of Pokemon. Come back at 25, 60, and 115.

Then head to the upper right for Route 1.

Route 1

Route 1

Tall Grass - Lillipup / Patrat
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino
(Req: Cut) Dark Grass - Herdier / Scraggy / Watchog
(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Feebas
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Feebas / Milotic

As you get to Route 1 Juniper will be waiting for you and show you how to catch Pokemon. Same as always, get their HP down, use a ability like sleep if you can, and then throw a Pokeball.

Very rarely the grass with be shaking. This means that a Audino is in there. They are not that great for keeping but give really good EXP when beat.

Half the route is blocked off until you get Surf so head North and work the Route for a few levels to give yourself an early advantage over the next set of battles. I got up to level 8 using your house to heal and just fighting the two available Pokemon Lillipup and Patrat.

Grab the Potion from the guy standing in the Tall Grass on the right.

Once you're comfortable with battling and your level go to the top of Route 1 and talk to Bianca and Cheren. If you captured both then you win the giant prize of nothing. So no big deal. Then the Xtransceiver will ring and Professor Juniper will let you know she is waiting for you at the PokeCenter.

Accumula Town

Accumula Town

PokeMart Items:
Potion - 300
Poke Ball -  200

Favored Mail - 50
Greet Mail - 50
Inquiry Mail - 50
Like Mail - 50
Reply Mail - 50
RSVP Mail - 50
Thanks Mail - 50

When you first get to town Professor Juniper will show you around town and tell you about the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart which are both in the same builing now. While inside the Pokemon Center check your PC to get a Mail message from Bianca. As you leave the Center you will see a speech being given by Ghetsis of Team Plasma. Then a boy named N will speak you and you'll have a quick battle.

N - lvl 7 Purrloin

This battle just serves to introduce you to N. It's a very straight forward one on one battle.

Next head to the house in the upper right above the Pokemon Center and talk to both people to get new soundtrack options for Drums and Piano. Go to the second floor of the northwest and get a free Poke Ball from the man there. On the way West to Route 2 you can stop by the bulletin board to see some info. Be sure to check these in every city for helpful hints.

Route 2

Route 2

Tall Grass - Lillipup / Patrat / Purrloin
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino

As you start on Route 2 your Xtransceiver will ring and your Mom will come to give you the Running Shoes so that you can travel faster while holding the B button.

The only new Pokemon on this route is Purrloin. A low level Dark Pokemon. Not really for using but fine for catching.

There is a Potion in the middle of the Tall Grass on the left. Then three trainer battles with Youngster Jimmy, Lass Mali and Youngster Roland. Go to the right past Roland and up the stairs and around to a Potion and a Poke Ball. As you almost get to Striaton City you'll have another battle with your friend Bianca. This time she has two Pokemon. A level 6 and a 7.

Striaton City

Striaton City

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Goldeen
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Goldeen / Seaking

Favored Mail - 50
Greet Mail - 50
Inquiry Mail - 50
Like Mail - 50
Reply Mail - 50
RSVP Mail - 50
Thanks Mail - 50
Heal Ball - 300

The gym is on the right as you enter the city but the gym leader is not home. Typical Pokemon gym leader. So lead to the far left of the 3 buildings to the school. Talk to Cheren you is leading the class for a quick battle. He'll give you 3x Oran Berries for the victory. Then talk to the kid on the right, he'll quiz you about status heals. Get both answers right (Antidote, Awakening) and he'll give you a Full Heal. We could take on the gym right now but there is a free pokemon that will automatically shore up your main's weakness so head out of two to the right to the Dreamyard.

The Dreamyard

Striaton City

Not much to do the first time you come to the Dreamyard. You'll fight two easy Trainer battles on the way to the reason we even came here. The third guy is going to give us a free pokemon. Since my main is Tepig I get a Pansage. If you had Snivy you'd get a Panpour and Oshawatt gets you Pansear. The reason we want this pokmon on your team is that it helps you against your main's weakness for the coming gym battle. Before leaving head into the small area on the right to get a X Defend. Let's head back to Striaton City for this gym battle.

Striaton City - Trio Badge Gym Battle

Trio Badge

Back in town head to the gym. The puzzle here is to choose the type that is strong against the one on the curtain. First off choose water and face off against Waiter Maxwell with a lvl 11 Lillipup. Next curtain is Leaf with Waitress Tia and her lvl 10 Patrat and lvl 10 Purrloin. Final curtain is Fire and it's leader time. You can pull back to the center if need be to heal.

Who you fight is going to depend on your starting pokemon. You get that a lot in this verson.

SNIVY - Leader Chili - Lvl 12 Lillipup & lvl 14 Pansear
TEPIG - Leader Cress - Lvl 12 Lillipup & lvl 14 Panpour
OSHAWATT - Leader Cilan - Lvl 12 Lillipup & lvl 14 Pansage

Recommended level: 17

Start with your starter against the Lvl 12 Lillipup.  Switch out for your Panpour/Pansage/Pansear for the second battle and it will be pretty easy. Afterwards you'll get TM93 - Work Up.

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Jan 30th 2014 Guest
y r ther ner vidroz
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Mar 25th 2013 GoldReaper101
I battled B with pigknight and I finished the whole game but not that very and I think almost for the pokedex =P didn't mean to mean.
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Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
dude serously do pokemon music, like gym leaders and stuff.
ID #249332
May 3rd 2012 Guest
nice guide man
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Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
PS Just Adding on to what I said yesterday: Maybe in the third game, in the beginning cutscene, it shows your character in this battle with the shadow triad in the middle of a HUGE storm, and when you're just about to be toast, N comes back to your rescue with Zekrom/Reshiram (Depending on what game you had before, if any). And then the screen goes black. Then, at the end of the game, when you're just about to confront the shadow triad, the same cutscene pops up and then you battle (Good music for the battle: Good Feeling by Flo Rida. That'd be SO AWESOME! Lol).
ID #92214
Dec 2nd 2011 Guest
Hey... You know that theory that EVERYONE is talkin bout? u know, th 1 how the Striaton triplets might be the shadow trio? I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT THEORY!!! Problem is, there isn't enough evidence to make it totally true. HOWEVER, if you talk to Cilan right after you defeat N and Ghetsis, he hesitates, right? Plus, Bianca tells you that she couldn't get to the three in time. The one thing that makes this a cliff-hanger is... What'll happen in the anime? Maybe at one point, Cilan says that he has to take care of something at Striaton City, and leaves the gang for a while. And then, whenever they finally meet (Just like they did back in Sinnoh, except it's Team Galactic) Team Plasma, he comes back, but he, Chili and Cress are really the shadow trio! I think it would be totally gnarly, don't you?
ID #92055
Nov 26th 2011 godsome
just want to say i actually found a pansear in rustling grass
ID #90287
Nov 9th 2011 Guest
Cool now i've bet the two rounds of the league but i really need wifi for victini
ID #86319
Aug 12th 2011 Guest
cool i battle them when my snivy is at lv. 14
ID #66664
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
wifi victini which is only in japan version
ID #64877
Jul 28th 2011 jaz has lengendarys
where does victini learn v create plzzzzzzzzz help
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Jul 15th 2011 Guest
This guide is awesome! I used it alot!!
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Apr 24th 2011 Guest
nice guide wouldn't level 17 make your starter be pignite.
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