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Catching Virizion

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Catching Virizion


Moves Required: NONE
Story Progress Required: Must have already caught Cobalion
PokeDex #146
LVL 42 [Grass / Fighting]

Head to Nacrene City and go West to Pinwheel Forest. Enter the main forest area and go up the street. The small opening above the bridge on the right is now open. Head to the bottom right area for HM22 SolarBeam and then to the Northeast to enter Rumination Field and fight Virizion.

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Comments for Catching Virizion

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May 29th 2014 Guest
I killed Virizion bout 3times , hasn't come back Can I make him come back

ID #390447
Sep 17th 2013 Guest
High levled pidove with roost
ID #310084
Jun 20th 2013 Guest
You can just use 1 timer ball to catch them
When you fight them,don't use any moves,potion,or whatever you just wait until its a very long time battle,then you can just trow a timer ball after that
ID #291666
May 27th 2013 Guest
1 question will cobalion be in the same place on 2nd time?
ID #285840
May 27th 2013 Guest
i caught terrekion with 6 dust balls killed virzion cause i'm out of timer dusk and others cobalion killed once kyrurem used 2 dusk balls on red hp
ID #285838
May 12th 2013 Guest
i actually caught cobalion with one quick ball at the beginning of the battle. definitely a surprise. hoping the next two can be caught the same way
ID #282159
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
they will appear again after a while. You do not need to battle the elite 4 again
ID #268585
Mar 21st 2013 Guest
I caught all 3 Legendary in one day thanks to this AWESOME website!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!!!
ID #265921
Jan 20th 2013 Guest
ha lol .. . icaught coballion and volcarona both with great balls ... any ball will work you just have to use enough of them...
ID #244659
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
I had the WORST TIME catching virizion. Stock up on ultra balls, timer balls, and dusk balls. And one of the most important moves to have is false swipe. This leaves the pokemon you are trying to catch with at least 1 hp. Once you get it down to 1 hp then freeze it or put it to sleep or even just paralyze it (this is what I did). Start throwing ultra balls or dusk balls. After throwing a bunch, switch to timer balls. I literally caught it with my last timer ball. I hope this helps!
ID #232512
May 22nd 2012 Guest
you can use a dusk ball
ID #144497
Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
you dont actually have to catch cobalion first i didnt and i caught virizion
ID #78033
Sep 15th 2011 Guest
The best thing I can offer you in ways of help is fight it till it gets in red, if you have a 42+ Grass type like Serperior this works best. Start with Leaf Blade, then Leaf Tornado, then Giga Drain accordingly. and pack a TON of Hyper Potions at least 10+. And roughly 30+ Ultra Balls.

Now the trick to this is draw out the fight, it worked for me against both Virizion and Cobalion. Just like your Pokemon, they have limited PP Moves this will be seen when you go to draw the fight out and they start doing nothing but using Helping Hand. KEEP THEM IN THE RED. You MUST keep them in the Red portion of the health bar while you're doing this, ensure your Pokemon can tank the damage being dealt. Obviously save your game before fighting this Pokemon, after that's done I'll explain in detail the fight process.

If you can't seem to get it to catch, just hold it in it's Read Health, False Swipe is best, OR get in the red and put it to sleep, USE ULTRA BALLS. Nothing else will work. Once it's in the red and begins to Panic it will use Helping Hand OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, start throwing Ultra Balls at that point. After a bit it should get tired enough to take a hint and stay in the ball! ^^

- Chron Aldazaar
ID #74672
Aug 11th 2011 Guest
wthhhh i almost had it on red but i said critical hit -_-
ID #66307
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
it says its already caught how can that be!!!!
ID #62510