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Catching Cobalion

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Catching Cobalion


Moves Required: Surf, Strength, Flash
Story Progress Required: Only that you have the required moves
PokeDex #144
LVL 42 [Steel / Fighting]

You get Surf from Adler as you enter Twist Mountain after winning the Jet Badge from Skyla. Head west out of Driftveil City to Route 6. If this is your first time on Route 6 with Surf be sure to grab the Silk Scarf and TM84 Poison Jab along the river. Then Surf your way into Mistralton Cave in the NorthEast from the top right of the area in the Tall Grass just past the Heal House.

Use Flash on entering the cave so you can see where you are going. Head straight down and use Strength to push the rock into the hole so that you can move on. You'll be doing this A LOT in this cave. There is one of the few Trainers in this cave as you move along the bottom of this level. There is a Max Repel in the upper right near a Trainer and then a Hyper Potion in the upper left. Then head down to the next floor.

On the next floor head down the far right side and then along the bottom to get a Hard Stone. Then up the far right to the top and follow it to the left for TM80 Rock Slide. Finally there is a Iron on the left of the middle rock formation. Then head down again to continue.

Talk to the man and you have to say Yes and listen to his story for Cobalion to appear. Then up the right side for a Dusk Stone. Then left for a Rare Candy and then push the two boulder and go to the bottom for a Revive. Finally up the left side to fight Cobalion.

Hopefully you brought 30 Ultra Balls because Cobalion does NOT want to be caught. This can be a long boring battle as you work him down in HP. If you have Pokemon with False Swipe that auto leaves 1 HP, also anyone who can cause Paralyse or Sleep is a big help. After you beat Cobalion he became my False Swipe / Thunder Wave attacker. Thunder Wave auto causes Paralyse if it hits.

The old man will then come up to you and tell you that Virizion is now out in Pinwheel Forest and Terrakion is now out at Victory Road. You can go and get Virizion right now!

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Comments for Catching Cobalion

12 comments, latest first.
Sep 3rd 2012 Guest
Dive balls work well against tihs guy! i only needed to lower his HP using false swipe and throw 1 dive ball :D thanks for the walktrough!
ID #182839
Aug 8th 2012 Guest
Paralyse straight away! Then use flame charge till orange! Swipe to 1hp, and 3 ultra balls
ID #173553
Jul 9th 2012 Guest
i beat Ghetsis with Arcius Traded
ID #162064
Apr 15th 2012 Guest
I came with twenty eight Ultra Balls, lvl 46 Archeops, and lvl 56 Samurott. Took me three tries but I got 'im. Thanks. :3
ID #133775
Apr 1st 2012 Guest
ID #128260
Nov 5th 2011 peachpuffy1
To beat ghetsis you need really high level pokemon. But I don't know what number so I think around 64.
ID #85139
May 22nd 2011 Guest
1 ultra ball used lmao :D , shedinja ftw with false swipe , the pokemon couldnt hit and i just got him to 1 hp and whoo 1 ball needed
ID #44384
Apr 26th 2011 Myco
i cant get to white forest tho, kuz i cant beat the game.
im stuck on the final battle with ghetsis
ID #40012
Apr 26th 2011 Guest
to battle them again you need to catch an audino and it must be higher than lvl 55. before you go back to batle them again you visit white forest or black city
ID #39921
Apr 25th 2011 Myco
how do you re-beat the elite four? when i go up to them they flat out ignore me
ID #39804
Apr 21st 2011 Mettro1212
if he runs up the wall you have to beat the elite 4 again and he will be back that is what they mean when the say if your strong enough
ID #38718
Apr 18th 2011 Guest
what happens to him in you defeat him the game said he ran up a wall and the old man said that he would come back if your strong enough go search for the other two pokemon
ID #38189