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Pokemon White Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

It's been 10 years Since the release Pokemon White and it's still incredibly popular. On our website you will find arrange of Pokemon white cheats and tips.

Pokemon White Cheats

Pokemon white cheats are entered using an action replay device connected to your Nintendo DS and allow you we make numerous modifications to your game for example getting unlimited master balls or unlimited rare candy. That are also wild Pokemon modifier codes to allow you to encounter any Pokemon from the game and try to catch him. If you all having trouble catching Pokemon then the 100% catch rate cheat may help.

You can find some of our cheats below, but most of them are over on our Pokemon White Action Replay Cheats page.

As well as cheats we also have a complete Pokemon White walkthrough and loads of tips.

Pokemon White

Pokemon White Tips

We know there are many players that are not so interested in cheating, and want to completed the game in the way it was designed to be played by the developers. This page offers loads of valuable Pokemon White tips which have been sent in to us from experienced players worldwide.

Here are a couple of useful ones which were picked from our collection below.

Get More Rare Candies

To get almost unlimited Rare Candies, every Tuesday, find the preschool worker in the Small Court in Nimbasa City. If you win, you will get a Rare Candy! Note: You will have to have beaten the main game for this to work, though.

Breeding 3 Legends

You should know about the 3 legend Pokemon Thundurus , Tornadus , and Landorus right? Well did you know that you can breed them even though they are legends ?

When you catch them they will be all males which means that you can breed them with a Ditto that can be found in the Giant Chasm near Lacunosa Town .

Once you give one of the legends and a Ditto to the daycare couple on route 3 just ride your bike all the way until you reach the gate that separates Castelia City and route 4 , then ride your bike all the way back and if the egg is not there yet then just ride your bike back and forth one more time.

Cheap Breeding

If you place two Level 100 Pokemon of the same Egg Group in the Daycare, they will begin to Breed. After you get the Pokemon you were looking for, you can get these two Pokemon out of the Daycare for a total of only two hundred Poke Dollars.

More Pokemon White Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 228 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon White please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon White go to:
Pokemon White Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon White Questions & Answers page.

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The Relocator Option

On the second floor of the Name-Rater Services Building in Castelia City talk to the scienctist who will tell you about a special machine called a Relocater that needs a password. If you say 'Everyone Happy' then 'Simple Connection' and save the game you will be able to use the 'Relocator' option at the 'Main' menu to transfer the Legendary Trio (Raikou, Suicune and Entei) and Celebi. It also allows you get the final TM - TM95 Snarl.


Get the Mystery Gift (the Liberty Pass) from the 'Main' menu (before April 10, 2011) by using the Nintendo WiFi connection. The Liberty Pass can then be used to catch Victini in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden. Victini is a dual-type Psychic/Fire Legendary Pokemon.

Unlock National Dex

Defeat the Elite Four and then leave your house when the credits have completed. Professor Juniper's father will then upgrade your Pokedex to the National Dex.

No Fog on Birthday

Set the system date to your birthday and go to Routes 14 or 15. These routes which normally have fog will now be clear and you will be able to view the beautiful scenery.

Easy Level Up

Put one or two Pokemon in the Day care on route3 then go to the battle subway in Nimbasa city go in it stand near the center and hold down SELECT and hold L and are for a long time (Level up 3 levels hold for 5 minutes) keep it on it's AC ADAPTER/Charger Save before you do this.Note try to put weak Pokemon or pokemn that you whant to train and level up in the Day care.


To get a ditto in Pokemon black and white you must know where to get kyurem ( a legendary ice dragon) and on that path you will run through patches of grass that is where you meet ditto after you beat the game and Just a little hint if you want zorua without the event just get your zoroark and mate it with ditto and walla you have a zorua, It worked for me and my brother thanks again for rating this cheat please rate me high

Zorua and other baby Pokemon you can't find in the wild

Ok if you know where Kyruem is then you are lucky because there are patches of grass on the way there. And in those patches of grass contain a ditto and if you catch the ditto you can mate and make baby pokemon. Please rate this and I am so sorry I don't know the directions to get there

Infinite EXP

There is a distribution of liberty passes going on until April 10. This will get you they Pokemon, once you find it at least, Victini. "This Pokemon is said that if fainted during battle or if you flee from the battle it will disappear. You leave the room and go back and it will be there." Make it faint every time until you want to catch it and you will get high level Pokemon.

March 9, 2011

Fire Fox

The master ball x2

IN Pokemon Black and White you can get 2 really easy masterballs. The first one you get from Prof. Juniper after you beat Iris (Eighth Gym Leader) and you get the second one from a man in black from a Pokemon center which I think is near driftveil city somewhere around there to get it from him you gotta trade 50 Pokemon in Pokemon black and white. Happy fighting and trading and vote for me to be best lol nah you don't have to lol

Unlock Wallpapers

Defeat the Elite Four to unlock a new set of wallpapers. If you then defeat them again another set of wallpapers will become unlocked.

Always 100% catch rate no action replay

If done correctly you'll never need to weaken Pokemon again this code works for all ds Pokemon games

Throw pokeball

When you through it press and hold L

When it opens hold R while still holding L

When it flashes hold b

When it falls immediately hold x

When it's finished rolling hold y

When it's done tolling press a

You should be holding L R b x y a

And if you do it right you can catch any pokemon

Easy leveling in daycare

heres a really good cheat I found for the daycare center.

1put the Pokemon you want in the daycare

2go to nimbasa city

3go to gear station

4stand infront of the black computer(don't press anything,you don't need to)

5put something heavy on the up/down button to hold it down

(5.5 hold down b button with the same technique)

6let it run for a really long time

7 go back to daycare and ,after a long time, your Pokemon will have levelled up(bring money!!!)

Team Plasma Sage Locations

After you have defeated N and Ghetsis in N's Castle, Looker will ask for your help in locating the Six Sages. They can be found in any order. Once you find them, they will give some information about Team Plasma. They will also give you a TM.

Sage Ryoku can be found in Relic Castle. He can be found by following the Team Plasma Members. He will give you TM04 (Calm Mind).

Sage Gorm can be found in the new area of the Dreamyard. He will give you TM75 (Swords Dance).

Sage Bronius can be found in Chargestone Cave. Once you find him, you'll have to face Team Plasma Members. He will give you TM69 (Rock Polish).

Sage Zinzolin can be found in the Cold Storage. He can be found in the exact area where you had to face Team Plasma in the Cold Storage earlie..

Best Place To HP EV Train

The Best Location to EV Train is by surfing on Route 8. There is a 100% of Stunfisk appearing. The Stunfisk are between the Levels 15-35. Your Pokemon will receive 2 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk it defeats. That's 4 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk if your Pokemon has Pokerus!


A feature of Pokemon White is Seasonal change. The seasons are not what they are in real life; being a different season every month.

December - Winter

November - Autumn

October - Summer

September - Spring

August - Winter

July - Autumn

June - Summer

May - Spring

April - Winter

March - Autumn

February - Summer

January - Spring

You are able to do certain things during certain seasons, since the wheather is different. Some Pokemon change their form from season to season (i.e. Deerling and Sawsbuck).

Catching a Legendary Shiny pokemon

First save the game before you battle a legendary pokemon. Once in battle if the Pokemon is not shiny reset the game. Keep doing that and it might work. Its a 30 to 50% chance it will be shiny.

Best Locations To Speed EV Train

The best place to Speed EV Train is by surfing on Route 1, Route 3, Striaton City, and Lostlorn Forest. There is a 100% of a Basculin showing up in these areas. Your Pokemon will receive 2 Speed EVs for every Basculin it defeats. That's 4 Speed EVs if you Pokemon has Pokerus! The Basculin aren't really a threat; Levels 5-15 for Route, Route 3, and Striaton City and Levels 5-20 for Lostlorn Forest.

Easy hatching eggs

Have a Pokemon with flame body in your party, and the egg you are trying to hatch, will take less steps to hatch it

Hidden Power Man

The Hidden Power Checker can be found within the Mistralton City Pokemon Center. This is very important to know if you are going to teach your Pokemon Hidden Power.

Passing Down Dream World Abilities

If you obtain a Female Pokemon in the Dream World, there is a very good chance that it's offspring will have the Dream World Ability.

This is very good when building your perfect Pokemon Team.

The Best Locations To Special Defense EV Train

The best locations to Special Defense EV Train would be by surfing on Route 4, Route 17, or Route 18. There is a 100% chance that Frillish appears in these areas. The Frillish are very weak, being between Levels 5-15. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Special Defense EV Point for every Frillish it defeats. That's 2 Special Defense EV Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Not so Bad

After you have defeated N and Ghetsis in N's Castle, a Team Plasma Member can be found in the Driftveil City Market. They are now a sales person. You can buy Incenses from them.

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon White

Victini - Victini can be found on Liberty Island. It will be at Level 15. To get to Liberty Island, you must have done the Liberty Pass Event. It is a Psychic / Fire Type Pokemon.

Zekrom - It can be found at the end of N's Castle, before you battle N. It will be at Level 50. It is an Electric / Dragon Type Pokemon.

Thundurus - It can be found roaming the grasses of the Unova Region, after your first encounter with it. It will be at Level 40. It is an Electric / Flying Type Pokemon.

Terrakion - Can be found deep inside Victory Road. It will be at Level 42. It is a Fighting / Rock Type Pokemon.

Cobalion - Cobalion can be found deep inside Mistralton Cave. It will be at Level 42. It is a Fighting / Steel Type Pokemon.

Virizion - Can be ..

Getting Celebi and the Three shiny dogs

Alright so you want to put your shiny dogs and Celebi on your game? Well you need a few things first. A Copy of Pokemon Black or White and a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. You'll also need two Nintendo DS game systems.

Pokemon Black and White cannot trade with any of the past DS Pokemon games. In order to get Celebi and the three dogs on your game go to Castelia City. You have to go talk to a guy in one of the buildings there. He'll ask for a phrase, answer him with. "Everyone Happy" "Simple Connection". This unlocks a feature on the main menu of the game. When you click on this option it will send out a DS download play. Now get the other DS with your Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum game in the slot. Don't go to t..

How To Obtain The Black/White Trainer Card

1. Obtain Every Pokemon Musical Item

2. Complete The National Pokedex

3. Get a 49 Battle Win Streak Single and Double Lines at the Battle Subway

4. Defeat the Elite Four

5. Obtain Every Entralink Power

You can do these tasks in any order you would like. You will still obtain the Black/White Trainer Card.

Easy exp (real)

I may be telling you what you already know but here goes.

Lv 1-10 go to route 1 and find audino. Run outside the grass so you don't waste time struggling against patrats/lilipups.

Lv50-60 (traded Pokemon work better on this)get a lucky egg then go giant chasm(place where you find kyurem) the Pokemon there range from 55-65 ish so going with a Pokemon slightly lower gives you about 5000-6000 exp per battle. With lv 70's I get about 2000-3000 and yes audino still appears here.

Lv 80 by this time it should be strong enough to take on the elite 4 alone. Give it a lucky egg and a legendary to help it.( I suggest zekrom)

Free rare candies and other stuff. Go to the battle subway with a spammable Pokemon ( like galvantula or hydreigion) and kick some but at the end of the day..

Effort Value Girl

There is a girl in Opelucid City that will tell you if you have or haven't maxed one of your Pokemon's EVs. This is very important when EV Training a Pokemon.

Lover of Stones

There is person in the Icirrus City Pokemon Center that will buy your stones. They will gladly purchase Nuggets, Pearls, and stones used to evolve Pokemon.

Trainers You Can Battle Daily

1. The Elite Four / Champion

2. People in the Big Stadium in Nimbasa City

3. People in the Small Stadium in Nimbasa City

4. People at the Ferris Whell in Nimbasa City

5. Cheren in Victory Road

6. Bianca in Juniper's Lab (Weekends Only)

7. Cynthia in Undella Town (Spring Only)

8. GameFreak in Castelia City

Getting & Restoring Fossils

There are actually two places where you can get a Fossil, one place is within Relic Castle which is in Desert Resort just off of Route 4, enter in the Right entrance and visit a man on that floor and he will let you choose either a Cover Fossil or a Plume Fossil.

Cover Fossil Restores Tirtouga

Plume Fossil Restores Archen

The second place where you will be able to get fossils is from a worker who works on the first floor in Twist Mountain, come visit him each day and each day he will give you a fossil. This is how you can collect the rest of the fossils and add them to you Pokedex.

Armor Fossil Restores Sheidon

Claw Fossil Restores Anorith

Dome Fossil Restores Kabouto

Helix Fossil Restores Omanyte

Old Amber Restores Aerodactyl


Heres a cheat for victini pres select before entering the grass. The level will be what level the grass is and it's tested and works. If it dosent work you entered it wrong and check out my other codes if you want shiny Pokemon or zorua just comment and ill enter the code.

94000130 fffb0000

C0000000 0000002f

12250030 000001ee

Dc000000 00000004

D2000000 00000000

It's shorter than you thought comment please and give me thumbs up Smile

The Move House

In the house right of the Pokemon Center in Mistralton City is home to both the Move Relearner and Move Deleter. It will cost 1 Heart Scale for every move to be relearned.

Free Daily Fossils!

There is a person in Twist Moutain that will give you a free fossil everyday. You must obtain the National Pokedex before you can obtain them. The fossils will be of Pokemon from other Regions.

New Trainer Card Colours

When you complete the following objectives your Trainer will change to the next colour (black, white, gold, purple, red, or silver).

Colour Change:

Deafeat the Elite 4.

Colour Change:

Get a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway.

Colour Change:

Obtain ALL Entralink powers.

Colour Change:

Obtain ALL Pokemon musical items.

Colour Change:

Complete the National Pokedex.

How to catch virizion on Pokemon white

Go to pinwheel forest and then cross the bridge near a running man there will be a secret entrance.Next go down the stairs go to the right.Go up the stairs and go right again.Go through the oak thing.Go up through the tall grass.You will see an other forest entrance. Go in and You will see virizion. Good luck oh yeah you will need many Utral and Great Balls.

Pokemon Potential Checker

The Pokemon Potential Checker is the first person you see when you enter the Gear Station. This character is very important when it comes to building the perfect Pokemon Team.

Random Match up Cheat on Wi-Fi

If you lose a battle just reset the game.but the person that you battled will get their points because you reseted the game.

Hard-To-Find Name Rating Service

The Name Rating Service is very difficult to find, even though your map tells you that it's in Castelia City.

There are three parts of Castelia City. The first part is where the ships and gym can be found. The second part is where the water fountain is found. The third part is a small strip of buildings behind the water fountain area.

The Name Rating Service can be found in one of the buildings on this small strip.

Elite Four Pokemon / Levels

First Time:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 50, Golurk Level 48, Cofagrigus Level 48, and Jellicent Level 48

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 50, Krookodile Level 48, Scrafty Level 48, and Liepard Level 48

Caitlin - Gothitelle Level 50, Musharna Level 48, Sigilyph Level 48, and Reuniclus Level 48

Marshal - Mienshao Level 50, Throh Level 48, Sawk Level 48, and Conkeldurr Level 48

After You Defeat N and Beyond:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 73, Cofagrigus Level 71, Jellicent Level 71, Drifblim Level 71, Golurk Level 71, and Froslass Level 71

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 73, Drapion Level 71, Krookodile Level 71, Sharpedo Level 71, Scrafty Level 71, and Liepard Level 71

Caitlin - Metagross Level 73, Musharna ..

Capture Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion

To get these Pokemon:

Cobalion - Surf over the water on Route 6, where you will be able to reach Mistralton Cave, once in that cave you might need Flash to light the area. Just look around the cave and collect items. Once you listen to the old man in the Guidance Chamber keep walking and you will Soon find the legendary Pokemon Cobalion


Ability - Justified

Moves - Helping Hand, retaliate, Iron Head, Sacred Sword

Virizon - After you catch Cobalion, you can head to Pinwheel forest, to capture the Legendary Pokemon Virizon.


Ability - Justified

Moves - Helping Hand, Retaliate, Giga Drain, Sacred Sword

Terrakion - Once you enter the Pokemon League head to the 6th floor and you will find the Trial Chamb..

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