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Catching Landorus

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Catching Landorus

Moves Required: Surf / Waterfall
Story Progress Required: Must get both Thundurus & Tornadus
PokeDex # 151
LVL 70 [Ground / Flying]

Once you have both Thundurus & Tornadus and they are in your party head to Black City / White Forest (Depending on your version of the game) and enter Route 14. Work your way up the river to the Western side to enter the Abundant Shrine. Then work your way to the North small shrine and Landorus will appear when you get there. Use Water to do double damage and then Fighting, Poision, or Bug to slowly weaken it. Then throw Ultra Balls until it is yours.

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Comments for Catching Landorus

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May 29th 2015 Trinlikespie
Anyone want a lvl 100 pokemon? I can level iy up fast with my AR and trade with you :D I just need a tornadus. If you'd like I can just borrow it and give it back
ID #562852
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
U can also get landorus through a cheat.. which is walk through walls cheat which is
L+A to Enable. L+B to Disable.
94000130 FDFC0002
1216367A 00000200
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFD0000
1216367A 00001C20
D0000000 00000000

Then you get to the abundant shrine...
There u activate the cheat and walk through the shrine and through the trees.. and there u got it landorus is hiding between the trees and actually comes out if you have tornadus and thundurus. Make sure u hv many ultra balls.. have a water or an ice type pokemon and any move like sleep powder... be careful because if u poison it or make it confused it may die.. and the you use any move which leaves it with hp from 1 to 10 or something like that.. it took me abt 20 ultra balls... So ENJOY!!
ID #264564
Aug 31st 2012 Gamekid100
anyone willing 2 trade a tornadus 4 a lvl 51 draniti?
my friend code is: 3354 1278 7105
please please please trade!
iff you lvl up the dratini once it will evolve into a dragonair. if you lvl up the dragonair 3 more times to get to lvl 55 it will evolve into dragonite!
ID #181868
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
neeed a tornadus
ID #161536
May 18th 2012 Guest
[b][/b] i neeed a tornadus i have thunderus anyone wanna trade
ID #143124
May 16th 2012 Guest
how do you get Landorus i all ready have Thundurus and Tornadus

ID #142696
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
U need to trade for tornadus in white
ID #126211
Feb 20th 2012 Guest
i caught thundurus with a master ball
ID #116748
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
beat eitle 4
ID #114604
Feb 2nd 2012 Guest
In pokemon black I killed tornadus so is there any other way to get it back?
ID #111581
Aug 9th 2016 Guest
Defeat the eliet four agaig
ID #673660
Jun 10th 2011 Guest
@Myco Get a Pokemon at the head of your party with either the ability Shadow Tag or Arena Trap, or use Mean Look or Block. That'll stop THUDEROUS (or VOLTROS I'm not sure) from running away.
ID #48159
Jun 9th 2011 vijay92
i play pokemon in pc using desume can i get tornadus????
ID #47935
Jun 6th 2011 marth1000
If you use cheats (and I'm not saying I do, my friend told me this), then you can just walk through the shrine with the walk through walls cheat and go down a path and at the end is Landorus.
ID #47420
May 22nd 2011 Guest
If you have white, you have to trade Tornadus, and opposite of you have Black. To catch Thunderus/ Tornadus, find them, and attack them with Fals Swipe and a combo of another move until they only have 1 HP, then chuck Quick Balls at them (Quick balls have a catch rate of 4 in the first turn as opposed to the Ultra Ball which has a catch rate of 2, and considering they run first turn EVERY TIME) Also try and put them to sleep, this will GREATLY increase you chances. Like I said, after you have one, trade the other. Use the same attack and catch method on Landorus (except you probably will wanna use Timer Balls, which have a greater catch rate as turns pass)

This is my best advice.
ID #44467
May 22nd 2011 Guest
ID #44312