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Catching Kyurem

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Catching Kyurem

Moves Required: Surf / Strength
Story Progress Required: Finish the main game
PokeDex # 152
LVL 70 [Dragon / Ice]

From Undella Town enter the cave in the middle of this small Route 13. Work your way down the Giant Chasm to the very deepest section. Start with Fighting, Rock, and Dragon to do double damage. Then Water, Grass or Electric for small bits of damage. Then Dusk Balls to catch him.

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Comments for Catching Kyurem

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Dec 24th 2014 Guest
this is awsome next time but how to beat the elite four in pokemon black 2
ID #489481
Oct 12th 2014 Guest
omg I used ember lvl 71 and killed him in 2 moves
ID #457591
Aug 15th 2013 Guest
I caught kitten in 2 moves and 3 ultra balls
ID #305013
Jul 18th 2013 Guest
use fly from rashriam then use a dusk ball
ID #298253
Feb 17th 2013 BOOM444
Sorry instead of saying I forgot to ki9ll it i meant to say save it my mistake. Smile
ID #255555
Feb 17th 2013 BOOM444
Shiny kyurem it took me only 18 restarts! I used 30 ultra balls did not work kyurem almost killed my last pokemon which I will hav to leave the SHINY. Timer ball was there I used it in full health and boom! Shiny Kyurem was caught! I was playing over night then turned it off. Next morning I wake up go into my DS and i am by a Kyurem and I forgot to kill it so I kept banging my head against the wall. After catching Kyurem i go and ran into a shiny metagross! Caught it then saved the game. Metagross Shiny is one of the bst shiny looking pokemon ever and is better than Kyurem so I was more happy about shiny metagross than shiny kyurem.
ID #255554
Jan 31st 2013 Mullen288
Easiest catch I've ever had 2 attacks and 2 dusk balls
ID #248208
Nov 2nd 2012 Guest
I have found kyurem i have got 30 dusk balls but i tried catching him over and over again but it did not work.
ID #204436
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
if you faint kyurem DONT SAVE! because if you do it is impossible to encounter him again unless their is a event of you cheat!
ID #174727
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
It's possible to get 2 master balls in Black/White; trade with 50 people (not sure if it has to be online). One Master Ball for Reshiram/Zekrom and one for Kyurem.
ID #168977
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
kyurem is impossible
ID #167408
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
i caught mewtwo in HG with a pokeball
ID #156405
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
I put him Asleep once, and he would not get in my Dusk Ball! He is one stubborn pokemon.
ID #151509
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
ID #126341
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
omg all u hav to do is run around in circles around the middle trees so u go all the way around and u cant see it at first but as i said
ID #126188