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Leveling Up Pokemon

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Leveling Up Pokemon

Here are a few tips to help you with leveling up Pokemon.

DAY CARE - Your first opportunity to level up outside of battle is the Day Care Center on Route 3 right at the start of the game. You drop a Pokemon off and when you pick it up it will be leveled up based on the times you left it. When you get to Nimbasa City you'll help out the Day Care Man and after that you can leave 2 at the Day Care.

SHARE EXP - In Castelia City you can get a Share Exp from the man in the back right of the 55th Floor of the Game Freak building. You give this item to a Pokemon NOT in battle but in your party and they get 50% of the exp. Great way to level them up. A second Share Exp in the Pokemon Fan Club from the Chairman by showing him a Pokemon you leveled up between 25 and 49 levels.

LUCKY EGG - Professor Juniper will give you one in Chargestone Cave and you can also get one from the Sunglasses wearing man that is on Route 13. This item is given to your main Pokemon and give you 50% more EXP when they win.

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Comments for Leveling Up Pokemon

10 comments, latest first.
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
hey how to get a tepig egg
ID #528285
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
tell all the best for the league pokemon white l
ID #494733
Jun 20th 2013 shinobi4444
Is there any trick to finding/catching shinys?
ID #291588
Oct 30th 2012 Guest
Awwhh :( i wanted to know how to evolve them :L
ID #203108
Sep 3rd 2012 Guest
the exp. share is in the battle company on floor 57 . you will need to talk to the man in the the right top of the room he will say hes the janitor and will challenge you . beat him and he will give you the exp. share . hope this helps!
ID #183106
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
A third XP Share is given by the "Janitor" in the stadium. Can't think of his name right now, i'll look it up in my manual in the morning.
ID #115909
Feb 1st 2012 Guest
I train with that. When I hatched a tepig egg that had a 95 damage fire type move flamethrower it leveled upped really fast and it held a lucky egg. Thank you chansy for the eggs.
ID #111313
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
I know that already
ID #56107
May 11th 2011 Guest
ID #42559
Apr 9th 2011 Guest
also there is a pokemon called audino which can be found in rustling grass that gives you a lot of experience for defeating it. just walk nearby some grass and when you see it start rustling step into it. it will not always be audino but it is most of the time and when its not audino it is usually one of a few of the harder to find ones.
ID #36484