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Pokemon White Guide and Walkthrough

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Pokemon White Walkthrough

Unofficial Pokemon White Guide by swaggers for

Pokemon is back on the DS with a new double edition. The number of Pokemon is more then ever weighing in at over 600 Pokemon and we'll help you Catch Them All. From lowly Lillipup to all the Legendaries our tips and tricks help you get the most out of Pokemon White.

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Comments for Introduction

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Oct 8th 2015 Guest
guys virizon is in pinwheel forest
so yeah
ID #614872
Jul 8th 2015 Guest
could anyone trade me a sceptile, grovyle,
or treeko
ID #581613
May 28th 2015 Guest
I had to go back and get cobalion after getting it from a friend through trade. All I wanted was to catch Virizion >.<
[size=12][color=red][/color] [/size]
ID #562433
Apr 16th 2015 Guest
I want 900 masterballs to send to pokemon white verson
ID #543721
Feb 17th 2015 Guest
how to beat game
ID #517463
Jul 31st 2014 Kiro999
Hey want me to trade n battle with? here is my code and name
Name: Ash
Code: 4169-9805-9231
ID #428782
Sep 12th 2016 Guest
sure just coming on now
ID #681442
Jun 16th 2014 Guest
Where is Cobalion?
ID #400806
Aug 17th 2016 Guest
Mistralton cave
ID #675612
May 3rd 2015 Guest
In thé place were you defeat clay you go near charge stonecave and there is à river. You news surf to go over thé river and there is à cave. You need thé moves ; surf , strength , and maybe flash .
ID #551402
Jun 11th 2014 Guest
eat pie
ID #397825
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
I will do anything in the world for keldeo! Does any one wanna trade or tell me where to find one?!?!
ID #396009
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
I will trade with u what is your thingyjig
ID #593222
May 31st 2015 Guest
you get keldeo by using mystery gift, which wont work. As for trading, sorry.
ID #563855
May 23rd 2014 Guest
What pokemon do I need to beat skyla?
ID #387208
Oct 31st 2013 Guest
What do I do after defeating the elite 4?
ID #317197
Jul 11th 2015 Guest
Once you've defeated the Elite 4 the first time, battle them again to battle Alder.
ID #583213
Jun 24th 2013 Guest
you can't catch genesect fool, it's an event pokemon.
ID #292501
Jun 3rd 2013 Guest
i am trying to get genesect but can't seem to, have completed white and found all of bad guys plus visited p2 lab! help
ID #287525
May 31st 2013 Guest
how do you get meloetta with no replay cheats
ID #286823
May 30th 2013 Guest
I have azelf mesprit uxie deoxys reshiram zekrom kyurem latias latios regirock regice registeel regigigas keldeo virizion terrakion cobalion lugia ho-oh mewtwo heatran cresselia... JUST KIDDING... I have all of those except latios. My name is owen williams.
ID #286483
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
I have most of the legendaries I also have an AR so.......
ID #593219