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Wi-Fi Plaza Guide

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

Wi-Fi Plaza Guide

This section of the guide has been provided by PhilXZ

The Wi-Fi Plaza is the latest Wi-Fi installment in the Pokemon world. Found on the bottom floor of every Pokemon Center,
it allows you to meet up to 20 people in one plaza place.


The Wi-Fi Plaza has 3 different designs that you randomly stumble on. There's the Fire Starter design, the water Starter Design, and the rare Mew Design. The Fire Starter design is red with statues modeled after the starters with a Charizard Float that you can use to exit the Plaza when your time is up. The Water design is the same as fire but with a Piplup Float and blue colors. The Mew Design is light pink and has all Mew statues with a Mew float. When you get in to the Wi-Fi Plaza, you are given your own pseudo Wi-Fi Trainer Card. This shows your ID, your name, your greeting (if you have one set), as well as your current Touch Toy and the last 12 things you have done within the Wi-Fi Plaza. You have the ability of checking other people's cards by just walking up to their character. You can only stay on the Wi-Fi Plaza once a day. In it you will have a time limit. Various effects will indicate if you are getting closer to leave. You can also check how much time you have left by checking the Time Board. Indicators include dim lights, fireworks, and lastly the arrival of the floats.

Touch Toys

In the Wi-Fi Plaza, you have access to various Touch Toys. You can swap them with different players if you want a different one.  By pressing the button on your Touch Screen you set off the effect of your toy. The toys can be upgraded by winning mini-games.
Once winning one, your toy will get a star as a symbol of its level. The max is 3 and the higher the level the stronger the effect.


The wi-Fi Plaza has 3 different games you can play with the players that are in the Plaza with you.  Each game requires up 4 players to play and, if won, you will be rewarded with a level-up for your touch toy.

-Mime Jr. Top-
The Mime Jr. Top game makes you use the stylus to try and keep your Mime Jr. on the ball.  The longer you stay on the ball, the more points you get. If you survive long enough until all of your opponents to fall off, then you win the game.

-Wobbuffet Pop-
In Wobbuffet Pop you are pitted against three other players. The goal of the game is to make the most balloons by pumping them up quickly by pressing the stylus on the the button on your Tpuch Screen repetitively. However, there are elements on the top screen that will affect your balloon so you have to be careful about how fast you pump.

-Swalot Plop-
The Swalot Plop Mini-Game has you using the stylus to flick berries up to the rotating Swalot's mouth. The goal is to get the berries into the mouth of Swalot before it closes. The speed and accuracy of your flick with the stylus determines how you far the berry goes. The player with the highest score wins.

Other Attractions

In the Wi-Fi Plaza, there are two long boards that several people can use. On these boards, you can select one of six footprints. Once you have selected your print you can touch the canvas and start placing the footprints. The other people will also be doing this.
The footprints will quickly go and walk off the board after you have given them partner prints.

There is also a globe similar to the one in GTS. Here you can check out the locations of different players that are in the Plaza with you.

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Apr 4th 2011 Guest
I hate it when I don't get the chance to play a plaza game. It happens all the time, and never played a game due to that!
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Mar 7th 2011 Guest
What? ,Lanelane
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Mar 5th 2011 Guest
[color puple pichu
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Feb 10th 2011 Guest
I personally like the plaza. Its fun and adorable and you can talk to random people!(:
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