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The Mine Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Gude

The Mine Badge

Leave the gym and you'll receive a warning from Nolan, and both he and the
gym leader will leave for the Great Marsh soon after. Heal up at the Pokemon
Center and follow after them. Once you reach the marsh, speak to Wake to
trigger the next scene. Chase the Grunt, heading towards Route 214. Keep
talking to the goon until he finally stops to fight you at the Lakefront.

Route 213 & Valor Lakefront
Items:  TM40, Red Shard, TM92, PP Up, Parlyz Heal, Secret Potion.

| Pokemon [Route 213 ]      |
-------------- ------------
| Buizel       | Lv. 20-21  |
| Floatzel     | Lv. 22     |
| Shellos      | Lv. 20-22  |
| Wingull      | Lv. 20     |
-------------- ------------

At Route 213, pick the berries at the side if you like. You can capture a
Wingull and a Floatzel here as well. It's important that you catch a
flying Pokemon now, because they are the only ones that can learn the
abilities "Fly" and "Defog". Keep heading right until you get to the
beach. There, go down and smash the rocks to find the TM40. There are
plenty of trainers to battle too.

After beating Kenneth, go right along the shore. You may also capture a
Remoraid Pokemon in the water if you like. Bother the Grunt goon and he'll
run off again. Go up the steps after defeating Jared for a RED SHARD.
Proceed north out to the other side of the hotel to reach the Lakefront.

Enter the house to your left and talk to the clown to get the TM92. Proceed
north, west then south for a PP UP. Turn back and go all the way north to
find a PARLYZ HEAL. Go inside the nearby restaurant for some double battles
if you want. Thosr trainers give lots of credits, so I recommend that you
challenge them.

Continue foward and have a word with Cynthia to get the SECRET POTION.
Proceed further onwards to Route 214.

Route 214 & Route 210
Items: Max Potion, Big Root, Heart Scale, Guard Spec, TM28, X Sp Def, Super
       Repel, Hyper Potion,  Ultra Ball, TM30, Smoke Ball.

 ---------------------------    --------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Route 214]       |  | Pokemon [Route 210 (Fog)] |
------------- -------------   ------------- -------------
| Geodude     | Lv. 22      |  | Bibarel     | Lv. 24      |
| Girafarig   | Lv. 24      |  | Hoot Hoot   | Lv. 24      |
| Graveler    | Lv. 23-24   |  | Machoke     | Lv. 26      |
| Kricketune  | Lv. 23-24   |  | Machop      | Lv. 25-26   |
| Ponyta      | Lv. 23-24   |  | Meditite    | Lv. 24-26   |
| Stunky      | Lv. 23-24   |  | Noctowl     | Lv. 25      |
------------- -------------   | Psyduck     | Lv. 25      |
                               ------------- -------------

There is actually just one direction you have to go in Route 214 and that is
forward. The upper stone path leads to a cave. You'll find the TM28 DIG in
there. Head west at the beginning of Route 214 to find a MAX POTION in the
tall grass. You can also grab a BIG ROOT by heading north from the sign
post. Go all the way up along the grassland portion, then go down for an

You're pretty much done here, so have a Pokemon learn the Fly ability, and
head over to Solaceon Town. Use the Secret Potion on the group of Psyducks
up north and they will move away. Cynthia will give you the OLD CHARM, to be
delivered to her grandma in Celestic Town.

Before continuing to Route 210, make sure one of your Flying Pokemon has
learned Defog. You'll need that ability later. Continue further onwards and
grab the NEST BALL at the northeast corner. The area will be foggy from here
on, so use Defog to clear it up.

Make your way north, grab the RED SHARD, then head west up the steps at the
end. After defeating Ernest, head left and pedal across the narrow plank.
Defeat Davido and pedal down the next plank. Smash the rocks, Grab TM30
SHADOW BALL. Make your way back to the split path and take the south path
this time. Grab the SMOKE BALL after beating Nathan.

Keep heading west until you get to another fork. After dealing with Brian,
you can go up and pick some berries if you're interested. Otherwise, go
left to reach Celestic Town.

Celestic Town & Route 211
Items: Dragon Fang, King's Rock, Carbos, TM77.

| Pokemon [Route 211]       |
------------- -------------
| Chingling   | Lv. 27-28   |
| Graveler    | Lv. 27      |
| Machoke     | Lv. 27-28   |
| Meditite    | Lv. 27-28   |
| Noctowl     | Lv. 28      |
| Ponyta      | Lv. 26-28   |
| Zubat       | Lv. 26      |
------------- -------------

Rest at the Pokemon Center if necessary then go back outside, go down the
steps next to the Pokemon Center to the lower portion. Talk to the Galactic
Grunt there and mess with him. After the battle, Cynthia's granny will come
to meet you. Now, go east up the steps to find a DRAGON FANG, then use the
Dowsing to locate a KING'S ROCK on the ledge opposite of the fang item.

Go inside the cave and examine the pattern on the wall. Cynthia's granny
will come to explain what it was, and Cyrus appears to pick a fight.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Sneasel (Lv. 34)            |  --      |
| Galactic Boss Cyrus   | Golbat  (Lv. 34)            |  --      |
|                       | Murkrow (Lv. 36)            |  $6480   |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| This battle shouldn't be tough if your Pokemon's levels are    |
| high enough. The Murkrow is weak against Fighting-type moves.  |
| You can easily get rid of the Golbat with Electric attacks and |
| the Sneasel is weak against Fighting and Fire type attacks.    |

The town elder will now hand over the HM03 Surf. Now, head out and have
a chat with Cynthia before heading to the Pokemon Center to rest. After
that, take the west exit to Route 211.

You can collect the berries here if you like then grab the CARBOS on the
tall grass. Make your way to the top of the mountain and talk to the guy
there to get the TM77.

Also some areas have been made accessible, now that you have the
Surf ability.

< Twinleaf Town >

Surf on the small pond in front of your house to find an ODD KEYSTONE
Locate the item using the Dowsing Machine.

< Oreburgh Gate B1F >

Pick up the TM31 first then surf on the water located south of the
area. Head west. Defeat the Trainer. You need HM04 to move the
boulder here, which you don't have yet so come back later.

< Route 204 >

Surf on the larger pond and go east to find an HP UP.

< Ravaged Path >

Head west from the entrance, smash the rocks and surf on the water.
Follow the water to the end. Grab TM03 (Water Pulse). Go back into
the water and head for the north bank. Break the rocks along the
way for a LUCK INCENSE at the end.

< Valley Windworks >

Surf on the pond and head north for TM24 (Thunderbolt).

< Route 214 >

Access this area via the south exit in Veilstone City. Surf on the
pond and check the northeast portion for a RARE CANDY.

< Pastoria City >

Surf on the water to the right of the Poke Mart. Go east then north

< Floaroma Meadows >

You can reach this area by surfing south from the Fuego Ironworks.
Start by going down for a LEAF STONE, then go northwest to find a
MIRACLE SEED. The central west portion holds an ULTRA BALL, and a
RARE CANDY can be found at the southeast area. Use the Dowsing
Machine to locate the MAX REVIVE at the center of the meadow. A PP
UP is also being kept right above the Max Revive; locate it with
the Dowsing Machine.


Route 218 & Canalave City
Items: Rare Candy, Hyper Potion, TM48, TM89.

 ------------------------------    ------------------------------   
| Pokemon {Route 218 : Grass]  |  | Pokemon [Route 218 : Water]  |
-------------- ---------------   -------------- ---------------
| Floatzel     | Lv. 28-30     |  | Tentacool    | Lv. 27, 30    |   
| Gastrodon    | Lv. 28-30     |  | Tentacruel   | Lv. 27        |
| Shellos      | Lv. 28        |  | Wingull      | Lv. 29-30     |
| Wingull      | Lv. 29        |  -------------- ---------------
-------------- ---------------

Fly to Jubilife City and take the western exit out to Route 218.

Have a water Pokemon learn the Surf ability to cross the water. Stand on the
small piece of land connecting the two docks, and surf southwest to find a
HONEY. Surf to the northeast portion for a RARE CANDY. From there, head west
across the water towards Canalave City. You can also surf to a small island
with a HYPER POTION on it.

Go inside the first house and talk to one of the ladies there to get TM48.
Continue west across the bridge, and you'll meet up with Nolan again. He'll
challenge you to battle him. You'll receive $3500 for winning. Head for
the area where the ship to Iron Island is docked. Surf on the water and head
south. Grab the TM89 (U-Turn). Go back and rest at the Pokemon Center, save
and proceed into the Pokemon Gym.

Navigate your way around the yellow lifts. Your goal is to get to the red
lift, which will take you to the Gym Leader's location.

 ------------ ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
|            | Magneton (Lv. 37)           |   --     |
| Byron      | Steelix (Lv. 38)            |   --     |
|            | Bastiodon (Lv. 41)          |   $4920  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
| Fighting and Ground-type attacks are very effective |
| against his latter two Pokemons. You can also equip |
| the Fist Plate on your Fighting Pokemon, to boost   |
| the power of its attacks.                           |

Byron will give you the MINE BADGE and TM90 (Luster Cannon) afterwards. The
Mine Badge allows you to use the hidden move Strength (HM04) outside of


Iron Island
Items: Metal Coat, Max Ether x2, Iron Ball, Super Repel, Escape Rope, TM23,
       Iron Plate, Magnet, Max Potion, Shiny Stone, HM04.

| Pokemon [Iron Island]     |
------------- -------------
| Geodude     | Lv. 29-32   |
| Golbat      | Lv. 30-32   |
| Graveler    | Lv. 29-34   |
| Onix        | Lv. 31-33   |
| Steelix     | Lv. 33-34   |
------------- -------------

You can reach this place by boarding the ship in Canalave City. Go inside
the house and speak to Byron. He'll give you the METAL COAT. Leave and
examine the smaller rock in front of the house to get a MAX ETHER. Continue
further up into the cave. Talk to Riley at the cave entrance to get the HM04
Take the left stairs down.

Defeat Lawrence. Continue south then up the ladder to get an IRON BALL. Go
back to the previous floor and this time head down the right stairs. In the
next area, head south past the stairs, then west at the end to find an
ESCAPE ROPE. Turn back and go up the stairs. Follow the path east then south
for a SUPER REPEL. Backtrack to the stairs and go down. Continue south at
the lower level.

Go up the ladder behind Summer then down the one to the left. Take the right
stairs down. Go east up the ladder for a MAX ETHER.

After beating Willy, turn around and head south then up the ladder. Defeat
Braden and continue down the steps to get TM23 (Iron Tail). Return to the
previous floor. Take the left stairs down. Riley will join you here.

Head south to battle Kendal & Tyler. After beating them, keep going south
then up the stairs at the end. Head north and grab the MAGNET. Go back
south down the stairs. Go down the trench. You can find an IRON PLATE here
with help from your Dowsing Machine. Exit the trench and return to the lower
level. Continue west then north up another ladder. Defeat Ace Trainers
Jonah and Brenda.

After that take the steps behind them down to the lower area. Proceed east
then south. Defeat both Workers. Head southeast up one more ladder.
Navigate around the area to reach an HP UP. Backtrack to where the Worker
Trainers are, and climb the ladder to the left of one of them. Continue
down to get a MAX POTION.

Return to Jonah and Brenda's location, head down the trench and up the
next ladder. Battle with 2 Galactic Grunts.

 ------------------ -------------------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer          | Pokemon                                    | Rewards  |
------------------ -------------------------------------------- ----------
| Galactic Grunts  | Glameow (L32), Zubat (L31), Zubat (L31),   |  --      |
|                  | Croagunk (L32), Golbat (L34), Stunky (L32) |  $2640   |
------------------ -------------------------------------------- ----------

Riley will give you a Pokemon Egg. But you need to have at least one free
slot in your Pokemon party to actually get it. Ride the lift down. Proceed
to next area. Ride the lift up, and go around to the right side. Grab the
SHINY STONE. Head for the exit afterwards.

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My pokemon are so weak!!!! ( lvl 30. Monferno, Staravia, Luxray, Roselia, Machoke + lvl 23. Gyardiodos). Can I go to iron island without defeating gym leader first??
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Jul 24th 2011 Guest
just used torterra lv.43 earthquake one shot each one except 4 bastiodon was 2 shots that was so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didnt even use noctowl lv.41, luxray lv.41, sharpedo lv.43, lucario lv.39, or giraferig lv.39 at all!!! but, if you got turtwig 4 a starter then u mite have trouble with beating Candice owner of the icicle badge (7Th badge)but, u wont have any trouble with any other 1s just tryin 2 mak it ez 4 u 2 beat the game mite not b ez 4 u but 2 me turtwig mite be the rite choice 4 a starter just sayin,BTW when does slugma evolve i stil have a lv.31 one and he didnt evolve yet pleze help comment me back call me bob or and obvious name like Bill,Bob, Joe,or my favorit GRANDMA dont you just luv it no but seriously rite bac have fun with the gameSmile Smile o bi the way i wrote a comment rite before this P.S. there is a hidden rare candy 2 the rite side of snowpiont citys gym in the snow use the poketch app radar whatever 2 find it have funSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile!!!!!!!!!!!
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man this was helpful when i get older i will be stronger
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