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- Distortion World - Giratina

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Distortion World - Catching Giratina

Go after Cynthia when the brief scene ends. At the center is an elevator
which will take you down to a new floor. Mesprit will appear here so move
after it. You will soon get to see your character defy physics. Try to
get a hang of things first before continuing further.

Once you're ready, go along the path and hop on platforms towards the
elevator and step on the central depression to go down. There, hop onto the
square, then onto the upper one to go forward, then pick the left one on
the next platform. Press left again to join Cynthia on her spot

Talk to her to continue. Head to the opposite side, leap to the side then
move the elevator east. The next platform should also go east, then the next
one should go down. For the next platform, move it left, hop onto the north
spot then step on the upper one to head further down.

Next, head east on this platform towards an elevator. Again, stand on the
middle to descend. Stand on the lower depression to reveal the next set of
platforms. Go along the path until you meet Cyrus. After he leaves, continue
downward to an intersection. Go east then north. Now, step on the northeast
depression onto a new platform. Here, go straight ahead a bit then go south
and into the depression to reveal a set of platforms.

Go on to the opposite side, onto the T-shaped platform. Hop onto a new
elevator going down. There, navigate along the floating platforms until you
reach solid ground. Head south and try to leap off, so that Uxie shows up.

Leap off the ledge, and use Strength to push the boulder into the hole. Hop
to the bottom and take one more elevator down. Hop off from the west side
onto the main platform, and make your way to the boulder up ahead. Push that
boulder into the hole next to where Uxie is. Doing this wrong will result in
a do-over so be careful. After that, go to the far west end, following the
narrow path 90 degrees to Cynthia's location. Take the elevator back up.

Now, head left atound to the boulder and move it to plug the hole, after
Mesprit appears. Go around to the next elevator, going up afterwards. Hop
off west once again and follow the path all the way up to the next elevator.
Jump off west and head south to reveal a platform, allowing you to get to
the other side. Go right to see another one and cross it. Hop off the
T-shaped platform to activate another elevator going down. Surf on the water
towards land, and keep going until you spot a sideways platform. Get on it
to the next platform and use that one to reach another foothold on the
ceiling. Move around towards the water and surf to a sideways waterfall.
Drop along the falls until you reach the bottom. Surf northwest towards land.

Azelf appears this time. Push the boulder into the hole. Now, go around the
platform and leap off at the end to reach the elevator. Hop over to the first
ledge to activate this lift. Once the lift stops, go west and move the
boulder to Mesprit's desired hole. After that, go right and push the next
boulder into Azelf's desired hole. Now, go find Cynthia and talk to her.

Save your game and take the new elevator down. Follow Cynthia off the lift
and talk to Cyrus to fight him.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Houndoom (Lv. 45)           |  --      |
|                       | Gyarados  (Lv. 46)          |  --      |
| Galactic Boss Cyrus   | Crobat (Lv. 46)             |  --      |
|                       | Honchkrow (Lv. 47)          |          |
|                       | Weavile (Lv. 48)            |  $8640   |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Both the Gyarados and Crobat are weak to electric attacks. The |
| former has Waterfall and the latter has Confuse Ray. Avoid     |
| using fire-based Pokemon when fighting a water-type enemy. The |
| Honchkrow has Heat Wave, which spells trouble for Steel-types. |
| The Weavile, like Sneasel is weak to fight-type moves.         |

After the battle, Cyrus leaves and Cynthia heals your party. Move
forward and jump onto the platforms. Save your game when you reach the
third one. Giratina will attack you.

| Legendary Pokemon Giratina                                     |
| Giratina is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Ice-type attacks. Even    |
| though the 3 elements are its weaknesses, none of them deal a  |
| lot of damage, so you'll have to slowly chip away its HP using |
| your best available Pokemon. Also, Giratina's Shadow Force     |
| makes it invisible. You can't capture it with Poke Balls at    |
| this time. I would recommend throwing Dusk Balls when you get  |
| target down to a tiny chunk of health.                         |

Once Giratina is caught, leave this area through the portal that appears.
You will then emerge at the entrance of the Turnback Cave, where Giratina
used to live in Diamond/Pearl. You can now try to capture the legendary
Pokemon in Lakes Valor, Verity and Acuity.

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Jun 23rd 2018 SMRTKAcz1
Help me please. I dont see Cyrus = i cant fight with him. And i dont see Giratina, i see white lighty bal. Help me please :(
ID #760894
Nov 20th 2015 Guest
I left distortion world without catching giratina. What can i do?
ID #626899
Feb 9th 2015 loyaltrainer
I am stuck in purity forest... I noticed on the videos the purity forest is green... On my alpha version there is snow... Help please
ID #513863
Jan 25th 2015 Guest
we should have a vid
ID #507228
Mar 5th 2014 Guest
thanks im definetly saving this to my favorites (incase I cant beat cyrus and need to train and come back)
ID #361325
Oct 8th 2013 Guest
why is there no videoz
ID #313434
Oct 1st 2013 Guest
Hi - I completed the main journey of Pokémon Platinum a long time ago but when I go to the dirstortion world now, I can't go very far - Everywhere just ends up a dead end... Why can't we go further once we've completed the story?
ID #312041
May 25th 2013 Guest
The guide was O.K. it was confusing without Pictures
ID #285245
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
I lost to Cyrus and had to do EVERYTHING OVER
ID #254717
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
Best guide!!!!!!!!!!!! I found Giratina and captued it with a pokeball, amaing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #233104
Sep 30th 2012 Guest
this was really confusing and didnt help at all... use pictures!!
ID #190458
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
stupid i need ditorition world in diamond or else....

ID #162808
Jul 9th 2012 Guest
hard to follow :( I got the first 2 own my own and couldn't pick up where to get the third one. Add picture!!
ID #162147
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
the strength puzzle is easy you just push the boulders in the holes that the three lake pokemon are on top of...
ID #158976
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
This helped alot... Giratina was easy caught it with a poke ball (MASTER BALL)
ID #157464