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The Pokemon League

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

The Pokemon League

Route 223 & Victory Road
Items: TM18, Pearl, TM41, Full Heal, Max Elixir, Full Restore, Rare Candy,
       TM59, Razor Claw, TM79, Zinc.

 ---------------------------    --------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Route 223]       |  | Pokemon [Victory Road]    |
-------------- ------------   -------------- ------------
| Mantyke      | Lv. 38-40  |  | Floatzel     | Lv. 44-45  |
| Pelipper     | Lv. 36-40  |  | Golbat       | Lv. 44-47  |
| Tentacruel   | Lv. 36-45  |  | Graveler     | Lv. 45-46  |
-------------- ------------   | Kadabra      | Lv. 45-47  |
                               | Machoke      | Lv. 44-46  |
                               | Medicham     | Lv. 44-47  |
                               | Onix         | Lv. 44-45  |
                               | Steelix      | Lv. 46-47  |
                               -------------- ------------

At Route 223, There is only one direction you need to go to reach your
destination, and that is north. But there are plenty of trainers waiting to
do battle all over the water though. Head west through the rocks near the
starting point (you'll have to look for an opening to get in). Keep going
left then up to find a TM18 (Rain Dance). Return to the main area and
continue heading up.

You cam pick up a PEARL near Trainer Zachariah's position. When you see the
waterfall, use the Waterfall ability to reach the top. Rest at the Pokemon
Center, save your game and proceed into the cave.

Head north across the bridge and Rock Climb down, From here, go left and
defeat the Psychic Trainer. Proceed north afterwards to get TM41 TORMENT.
Backtrack to the rocky wall and climb back up. Continue east across the
bridge then down the steps to battle another Trainer. After beating Hana,
go north for a FULL HEAL.

Go back and take the bridge going up. Rock climb down the wall, proceed
west and up the steps at the end. Defeat Mariah and climb up to 2F. There,
head down. Use Strength to push the boulders out of the way and head west.
After beating Omar, examine the rock north of his position for a MAX ELIXIR.

Make your way back to the starting point of this floor and head west. Check
the left wall once you reach the dead end for a FULL RESTORE. Run back to
where Omar is. There, manage the rocks and boulders to open a path going
down. Battle with Sydney. Continue right for a bit, then north. Battle
Clayton. Follow the path back to 1F.

Go right and Rock Climb down the wall. Continue north then east. Defeat
Miles and proceed onwards to B1F. Surf on the water and get off the narrow
strip of land going right, to find another Trainer. Surf northeast after
beating Valencia to find Henry. Defeat him as well and surf south. You'll
find two more Trainers (Jo & Pat), beat them.

From here, surf south to dry land. Go west then up the steps back to 1F.
Grab the RARE CANDY. Return to B1F. Go all the way back north until you
reach the waterfall. Scale it to the top and continue west. Defeat Ondrej,
then go down the waterfall to get the TM59 DARK PULSE. Climb back up the
falls. Go west then down. Proceed up the steps to 1F.

After beating Edgar, go west then south for a RAZOR CLAW. Return to Edgar
and head south this time. Rock Climb up the left wall. At the top, go left
across the bridge, then north up the steps to 2F. Push the boulders to open
a path leading to the TM79 DARK PULSE. Go back to Edgar again, and go up the
steps next to him. Take the bridge right, then go around the corner to grab

Again, make your way back to Edgar... for the last time. Go south, Rock
climb up the right wall. Defeat Clinton and continue north across the bridge
to the exit.      

Pokemon League
Surf across the water and scale the waterfall to reach the top. Go into the
castle. You'll end up in a Pokemon Center. Talk to the lady behind the left
counter to heal your Pokemon. The right counter sells items. Stock up on
various healing items. When you're done, save your game and head for the
central passage. Nolan will come in and challenge you to another battle.
You'll receive $5300 for winning.

After he leaves, make sure you're really prepared before going into the
entrance ahead. Because there's no turning back once you get inside! You'll
be battling against all 4 members of the Elite Four, and the Pokemon
League Champion here. Proceed to the first room, save and speak to Aaron to
start the battle.

 --------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                     | Yanmega    (Lv. 49)         |   --     |
|                     | Heracross  (Lv. 51)         |   --     |
| Elite Four Aaron    | Vespiqueen (Lv. 50)         |   --     |
|                     | Scizor     (Lv. 49)         |   --     |
|                     | Drapion    (Lv. 53)         |   $6360  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Most of Aaron's Pokemon, except Drapion are bug-type. And    |
| those Pokemon have one common weakness: Fire. Bring in a     |
| Pokemon with high Special Attack stat and have it use fire-  |
| type attacks. That should be able to knock your target out   |
| with just one hit.                                           |
|                                                              |
| Use Ground-type moves against Drapion. Earthquake should get |
| the job done.                                                |
 --------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                     | Whiscash   (Lv. 50)         |   --     |
|                     | Hippowdon  (Lv. 52)         |   --     |
| Elite Four Bertha   | Gliscor    (Lv. 53)         |   --     |
|                     | Golem      (Lv. 52)         |   --     |
|                     | Rhyperior  (Lv. 55)         |   $6600  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| All of Bertha's Pokemon are weak to Grass-type attacks. So   |
| moves like Giga Drain and Leaf Storm are extremely           |
| effective in this battle.                                    |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Boss                | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                     | Houndoom  (Lv. 52)          |   --     |
|                     | Infernape (Lv. 55)          |   --     |
| Elite Four Flint    | Flareon   (Lv. 55)          |   --     |
|                     | Rapidash  (Lv. 53)          |   --     |
|                     | Magmortar (Lv. 57)          |   $6840  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| This is where the battle gets tough. Flint's Rapidash is     |
| strong, but Infernape is the one that you should really      |
| worry about. Avoid using Grass or Ice-type Pokemon as much   |
| as possible while battling those 2. Rapidash, Infernape and  |
| Steelix are weak against water. So if you have any powerful  |
| water spells at your disposal, then by all means use them.   |
| Rock-type attacks also deal decent damage to Flint's Fire    |
| Pokemons.                                                    |
|                                                              |
| Use Fighting-type moves on the Lopunny, Water attacks on the |
| Steelix and Electric, Rock, Ice, Dark or Ghost spells on the |
| Drifblim.                                                    |
 --------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                     | Mr. Mime  (Lv. 53)          |   --     |
|                     | Alakazam  (Lv. 56)          |   --     |
| Elite Four Lucian   | Espeon    (Lv. 55)          |   --     |
|                     | Bronzong  (Lv. 54)          |   --     |
|                     | Gallade   (Lv. 59)          |   $7080  |
--------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Dark-type moves work very well on Mr. Mime and Alakazam. The |
| Medicham will be your primary concern here. It throws        |
| punches that cover plenty of weaknesses. Your best bet is to |
| use Flying and/or Ghost moves on it and hope that you knock  |
| it out in one hit, so that Lucian won't get a chance to use  |
| Full Restore on it. Bronzong is weak to Fire and Girafarig   |
| is weak to Dark.                                             |
 -------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------- 
| Boss                     | Pokemon                     | Rewards   |
-------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------
|                          | Spiritbomb (Lv. 58)         |   --      |
|                          | Togekiss   (Lv. 60)         |   --      |
|                          | Lucario    (Lv. 60)         |   --      |
| League Champion Cynthia  | Milotic    (Lv. 58)         |   --      |
|                          | Roserade   (Lv. 58)         |   --      |
|                          | Garchomp   (Lv. 62)         |   $12400  |
-------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------
| This is it, the final boss! And surprisingly, she's a lot easier   |
| to beat compared to Lucian. Her Spiritbomb has no weakness, so     |
| just chip away at its HP with any move, except Normal or Fighting  |
| ones. Chances are, Cynthia will call it back once its low on       |
| health.                                                            |
|                                                                    |
| The Garchomp is weak against Dragon attacks. Use Fire or Ground    |
| attacks on Lucario. Electric spells is yout best choice against    |
| Milotic. As for Roserade, use fire spells. You can beat all of     |
| Cynthia's Pokemon with one hit, provided that the move you are     |
| using is the target's weakness; and that the user has a high       |
| special attack stat.                                               |

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Comments for The Pokemon League

40 comments, latest first.
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Nov 18th 2015 Guest
hey dude, don't brag. I have a garchomp too. And what is with SpirtBOMB? It isn't a bomb. I caught a typo.
ID #626397
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
I only brought one pokemon with me, and that was garchomp. Sweeped all of them with dragon rush, dragon claw, and earthquake. One-hit KO all of those elite 4 pokemon including Cynthia's pokemon
ID #626396
Oct 10th 2013 Guest
[b]Guys the information in this is probably from "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl," not "Platinum." TEST: /color=red
ID #313769
Jun 19th 2013 Guest
actually spiritomb has 1 weakness if u use foresight on him u can use a fighting type move which is super-effective against dark and spiritomb is dark/ghost and foresight cancels the ghost type out and the name is spiritomb not spiritbomb
ID #291471
Jun 10th 2013 Guest
Every time you beat the Elite 4 and Cynthia again they all become stronger. I recently reset my game (I'm about to beat Volkner @ Sunyshore) but I remember that all of the Pokémon are way leveled up and Cynthia's Garchomp is about lv.78 after a few times so you really have to work hard to get through that since Bertha OHKOd some of my lv.100s (when lucky.) Well to all of you, I would recommend using Empoleon (good against Aaron with ice, Bertha with ice, Flint with water) as your lead Pokémon. Since it's part water part steel poison won't affect it, and most attacks won't do that much to it (resistant to rock, steel, ice, flying, poison, dragon, normal, psychc, ghost, dark, bug). It's only real weaknesses are electric and ground. Spiritomb is also helpful, since it really doesn't have ANY weaknesses and can learn tons of moves. Its Defense & Sp.Def. stats aren't bad either. You can get Spiritomb by talking to someone underground 31 times and then talk to the Hallowed Tower. Good luck
ID #289338
Apr 3rd 2013 Guest
BTW, at the start of the game you choose the name of your rival.
ID #270018
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
this is easy all my pokemon are on lv.90
ID #236104
Sep 27th 2012 Guest
I went through it all with just infernape
ID #189428
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
I just got finished with it & now I don't knoe what to do with my life. ._.
ID #172962
Jul 4th 2012 Quiell
Well, in my opinion, you were very detailed however didn't have the correct moves with the correct pokemon. For example, Gliscor is both a Ground and flying, so using a Torterra or grass type pokemon won't affect it. However there is a typo error which you included 2 irrelevant pokemon which would be Steelix and Lopunny. Other than that you have a great Tutorial.
Good luck with upcomming ones.
- Quiell
ID #160539
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
AARON is a piece of cake just use a strong fire type move and one hit KO VESPIQUEN it wont get a chance to use heal order...
ID #156216
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
Almost thru! just a couple of steps left,confusing but helpful this article really helped clueless me!!
ID #156198
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
Slowly getting there... going through Vic. rd now...
ID #156186
Mar 12th 2012 Guest
hey if u followed this walkthrough this should be quite easy with some more training cos earlier about the lake legendaries he said to be like lvl 60 and when i read that, im like WTF!!!!! (O_O)
ID #122602
Mar 2nd 2012 Guest
TM 59 was stated as DARK PULSE but in fact its DRAGON PULSE
ID #119732