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The Coal Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

The Coal Badge

Twinleaf Town
Feel free to check the furnitures in your room if you like, then go
downstairs for a brief chat with mom. Exit out to town and try to enter the
northwest house. Nolan will run into you before going back to his room.
Follow him upstairs, and once he leaves again, go outside and head north to
Route 201 where your friend awaits.

Route 201
Nolan will try talking you into dashing through the tall grass.Rowan then
appears to let you take a Pokemon of your choice, so go on and examine the
briefcase: left -> Turtwig; center -> Chimchar; right -> Piplup. Once
you've made your choice, Rowan leaves and Nolan will challenge you to a
Pokemon battle right away. Go back home once you beat him.

Twinleaf Town
Key Items: Running Shoes

Mom will give you a pair of RUNNING SHOES, which allows you to dash while
holding down the B button. Go back to Route 201 to meet your friend one more
time. He wants to go catch the Pokemon at Lake Verity, and as always, you
can't say no, so head west and go into the lake. Watch the event with Cyrus
here. Leave the area now.

Route 201 & Sandgem Town
Items: Potion x2, Items: Pokedex, TM27 Return, Antidote, Journal, Parcel

| Pokemon [Route 201 : Tall Grass] |
--------------- ------------------
| Starly        | Lv. 2-3          |
| Bidoof        | Lv. 2-3          |
--------------- ------------------

Return to Route 201 and take the east path this time. Proceed north then
west along the tall grass and speak to the lady there. She wil give you a
POTION. I suggest taking the time to battle some wild Pokemon for level up
before continuing to Sandgem Town.
The professor's assistant will greet you the moment you arrive then take
you to the lab where Professor Rowan gives you a Pokedex. Exit the lab to
get an extra gift from Rowan -- a TM27 RETURN. Let his assistant show you
around afterwards. Visit the Pokemon Center and speak to the receptionist
at the front desk to heal your Pokemon. Check out the Poke Mart as well to
purchase Poke Balls or Potions if you want.

After that, go back home and talk to mom. She'll give you a Journal. You
will also get a Parcel from your rival's mother. Now return to Sandgem Town
and proceed southwest along the sandy area for an ANTIDOTE at the lower
section. Turn back up to Route 202.

Route 202 & Jubilife City
Items: Poke Ball x5, Versus Recorder, Quick Claw, Old Rod, Potion,
       X Accuracy, X Attack, Poketech.

| Pokemon [Route 202 : Tall Grass |
--------------- -----------------
| Bidoof        | Lv. 2-4         |
| Kricketot     | Lv. 3-4         |
| Shinx         | Lv. 3-4         |
| Starly        | Lv. 2-4         |
--------------- -----------------

You'll receive some tutorials from Rowan's assistant regarding Pokemon
catching. He or she then gives you 5 POKE BALLS. Try capturing higher level
Pokemon if possible (level 3 or 4 ones are good). Once you're ready, go
along the linear path and accept challenges from other Pokemon Trainers on
the way.

When you reach the end of the path, go left first for a POTION in the tall
grass. Continue north to Jubilife City afterwards. You will meet the
professor's assistant yet again, who suggests you go visit the training
school. Mr. Looker will give a VS RECORDER as well.

You might want to look around town first though. Drop by the Pokemon Center
to heal up your Pokemon if needed. Next, enter the Jubilife Condominiums
and talk to the blond girl. She will give you the QUICK CLAW item. Next,
visit the police station to the northwest of town. Speak to the guy in red,
and when he asks about the old rod, say yes. You'll receive the OLD ROD key
item from him. Take the west exit of the station out to Route 218.

There, you can use the Old Rod to fish for some new Pokemon. To use the item,
register it first using the Y button. Now, cast the line and wait until an
"!" appears on your character's head. When this happens, quickly press A to
reel the line in. You must battle them caught Pokemon before you can keep it.
Magikarp, a fairly useless Pokemon is very common in this area. There is an
X ACCURACY here too. So be sure to grab it.

Return to town and go south into the narrow alley behind a building for a
POTION. Enter the training school. Talk to Nolan, who awaits near the
blackboard and hand give him the Parcel. You'll get the TOWN MAP afterwards.
Talk to the people on the blue carpet for some Pokemon battles.

There is an X ATTACK at the upper-left corner of the room. You'll run into a
guy from Poketech Company when you leave the training school.  He will then
ask you to look for 3 Campaign Clowns and answer their Pokemon questions to
get a coupon. Deliver all 3 coupons to the Poketech guy, and he will give
you a Poketech. The locations of the clowns are listed below:

* In front of the lengthwise building to the right of the Pokemon Center.
* In front of the Jubilife TV Station.
* In front of the Poketech Building.

Now, proceed east from the Jubilife TV Station then past the Condominiums to
Route 203, or you can also head north instead to reach Route 204.

Route 203 & Route 204
Items: Paralyz Heal, Potion, Poke Ball, X Defend, Repel.

 ----------------------------------    ------------------------------------ 
| Pokemon [Route 204 : Tall Grass] |  | Pokemon [Route 204 : Ravaged Path] |
------------- --------------------   ---------------- -------------------
| Bidoof      | Lv. 4-6            |  | Geodude        | Lv. 5             |
| Budew       | Lv. 4-5            |  | Psyduck        | Lv. 5             |
| Kricketot   | Lv. 4              |  | Zubat          | Lv. 4-6           |
| Shinx       | Lv. 4-5            |  ---------------- -------------------
| Starly      | Lv. 4-6            |
------------- --------------------
| Pokemon [Route 203 : Tall Grass] |
------------- --------------------
| Abra        | Lv. 4-5            |
| Bidoof      | Lv. 4-6            |
| Kricketot   | Lv. 4              |
| Shinx       | Lv. 4-5            |
| Starly      | Lv. 4-6            |
------------- --------------------

Head for Route 204 first. There are plenty of Pokemon battles to be fought
here. Have a look at the eastern portion of the area to find a PARLYZ HEAL.

A Budew Pokemon is available for capture along the grassy parts of this area.
There is also a cave entrance further up that leads to the Ravaged Path. You
can get a POTION inside. Psyduck can be captured in this cave as well, but
it hardly ever shows itself during daytime. Go back to Jubilife City and
continue to Route 203.

Your rival Nolan will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. He has 2 Pokemons
-- a Starly and another which depends on your Pokemon of choice from Rowan's
briefcase earlier in the game. You'll receive 124 Exp, and P900 for winning.
Return to the Pokemon Center to heal if you like, then continue along Route
203 and participate in some more Pokemon battles along the way.

Proceed up along the grass then right around the corner for a POKE BALL. Next,
turn back south and east up the upper area. Follow some more linear paths and
participate in some more Pokemon battles.

After beating Madeline, go south then west along the narrow path for an
X DEFEND. At the end of the path, head left down the steps to find a
REPEL item. Go back east and continue through the cave entrance towards
Oreburgh Gate.

Oreburgh Gate, Oreburgh City, and Oreburgh Mine
Items: HM06, Dusk Ball, Heal Ball, Great Ball, Poke Ball x2, Escape Rope,
       Potion, Coal Badge, TM76.

 ------------------------------    ------------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Oreburgh Gate : 1F] |  | Pokemon [Oreburgh Mine : 1F]  |
-------------- ---------------   -------------- ----------------
| Geodude      | Lv. 4-8       |  | Geodude      | Lv. 5-9        |
| Zubat        | Lv. 6         |  | Onix         | Lv. 8          |
-------------- ---------------   | Zubat        | Lv. 7          |
| Pokemon [Oreburgh Gate: B1F] |  -------------- ----------------
-------------- ---------------   | Pokemon [Oreburgh Mine : B1F] |
| Geodude      | Lv. 9         |  -------------- ----------------
| Psyduck      | Lv. 8-10      |  | Geodude      | Lv. 6-10       |
| Zubat        | Lv. 8-10      |  | Onix         | Lv. 9          |
------------------------------   | Zubat        | Lv. 8          |
                                  -------------- ----------------

A guy will hand over the HM06 ROCK SMASH as soon as you get here. The HM06
grants the Rock Smash ability to a Pokemon, but you will need to have Coal
Badge, which you can get from the Oreburgh Gym to be able to use the said
ability outside battle. You can capture a Geodude Pokemon here as well.

Go east towards the cave exit. Defeat both Pokemon trainers along the way.

A guy will show up and take you to the gym the moment you arrive at the city
Talk to Nolan at the entrance and he'll say that the gym leader went to the
mine. Check out the town for a bit before proceeding to the mine. Start off
by entering the first library building (near the city entrance). There, head
to the 2nd floor and talk to one of the girls for a DUSK BALL.

Leave and head to the 2nd floor of the other building. Talk to the boy who
is at the right side of the area. He'll ask if you can show him a Geodude
Pokemon. Make sure you have the said Pokemon in your inventory, and the boy
will give you a HEAL BALL for it. Also, there's a girl here who wants to
trade her Abra for a Machop. Feel free to trade with her if you like.

Head back outside and visit the library building southeast of the city.
Proceed to the 2nd floor and talk to the kid with a blue cap. He'll give
you a GREAT BALL. Now, go south from the Pokemon Center then head west and
north to a giant boulder. Grab the DIRE HIT and YELLOW SHARD here. Next,
head for the mine at the southmost part of the city. Go inside. You may want
to head northwards to Route 207 and capture a Machop in the Tall Grass areas.
Don't forget to grab the POKE BALL at the nowrthwest corner too.

In the mine, go right to pick up a POKE BALL. Continue down further into the
mine. At the next area, go left then down to find an ESCAPE ROPE. Battle
with some of the workers here.

Speak to the guy in red who turns out to be the Gym Leader. Go on a bit
further to find a POTION. Head back out to the city and into the gym.

Battle your way north and face Roark at the top.

 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Trainer           | Pokemon                       | Rewards  |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
| Jonathon          | Geodude (Lv. 11)              |   $176   |
| Darius            | Geodude, Onix (Lv. 9)         |   $144   |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
 ------------------- ------------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader            | Pokemon                       | Rewards  |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
|                   | Geodude (Lv. 12)              |   --     |
| Roark the Rock    | Cranidos (Lv. 14)             |   --     |
|                   | Onix (Lv. 12)                 |   $1680  |
------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
| If you have a high level grass or water type Pokemon, then   |
| this battle won't be that much of a challenge. Just use      |
| Grass and Water type attacks and win real quick. Fight-type  |
| Pokemon work well on Roark's roster too, so a well-leveled   |
| Machop will be quite effective.                              |

You'll receive the COAL BADGE and a TM76 (Stealth Rock ability). You can now
use Rock Smash outside of battles. Try to leave the city and you'll run into
Nolan... again. He'll tip you off on the location of the next gym, which is
in Eterna City. Heal up your Pokemon and save your game before leaving.

You can't proceed through Route 207. So you'll have to take the long way
starting from Jubilife City.

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Sep 12th 2015 Guest
Why Does my aipom still not obey me?
ID #607574
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
Well u can train all your turtwig and evolve it into a grotle
ID #231767
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
where do we find item rose incenses
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Aug 21st 2012 Guest
Ahem... Badger.
ID #178672
May 20th 2012 Guest
dude get action replay it will get it for you for free
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Apr 24th 2012 Guest
Where do you find mew?!
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Apr 21st 2012 Guest
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Apr 10th 2012 Guest
ID #122068: I'd recommend catching a Psyduck, or a Machop, so you have another with a super effective hit. And since they both can have good defence, they're both decent choices. I'd choose Machop personally, do to it learning Katate Chop, and having higher defence (dependant on natures).
ID #131780
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
help i chose turtwig, is lvl 14(lvls up to 15 in mid battle) but i STILL cant defeat roark! his cranidos always get critical hits at the LAST MOMENT and kills me turtwig. i hate hiiim.... yes i use potions does the shop sell revive? i need. everyone else is useless against him (starly lvl 12 shinx lvl 13) and i need help quick.

ID #122068
Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
My last team deafeting the elite 4 and cynthia was staraptor lv100(nicknamed Star)Empoleon lv86 (nicknamed Steely) (all the rest are traded from heartgold)mewtwo lv75 kyogre lv53 moltres lv52 andtogekiss lv 42

also I'm getting pokemon white for christmas warrior
ID #97747
Jul 15th 2011 Guest
ok so what do we have here
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Apr 16th 2011 Guest
The azure flute can ONLY be obtained by Ds Action Replay... it doesn't come with it. As of 4/2011
ID #37786
Feb 11th 2011 Guest
I need the azure flute. Everybody says its easy to get but i have no clue how to get it!!!!):< ,Lanelane
ID #28782
Dec 29th 2010 Guest
I think you get an Azure Flute automatically with a DSI Action Replay.
ID #23047
Dec 11th 2010 lugia500
how do you get the azure flute
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