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The Spear Pillar (Dialga,Palkia)

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide - Sidequests

The Spear Pillar - Catching Dialga, Palkia

To start this quest, head to Celestic Town and talk to Cynthia's granny.
Once you've done that, go to Oreburgh City and access Mt. Coronet from

Mt. Coronet
Items: Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, Stone Plate, TM02 Dragon Claw, Nugget.

Surf on the water going north and Rock Climb to the upper level. Head for
the stairs leading up to the next floor. Make your way around back to the
outside. head east and Rock Climb when you can. Go into the cave to the
right. Now, surf west then ascend the waterfall. Get out of the water via
the top end and enter he next cave.

The rock here has a STONE PLATE, then grab the things that you came here
for -- the ADAMANT and LUSTROUS ORBS. Leave this cave and trace your steps
to the Spear Pillar. There is a TM02 and NUGGET to be found along the way.

Once you reach the Spear Pillar, save your game and examine the blue portal
Dialga will appear and try to eat you.

| Legendary Pokemon Dialga                                       |
| Dialga's Roar of Time deals serious damage on your Pokemon,    |
| and it is also halves the damage it receives from most attack  |
| types. It is weak against Ground and Fighting-type moves       |
| though. Earthquake does considerable damage to Dialga, but do  |
| not overdo it since you're supposed to capture this Pokemon,   |
| not defeat it. Once you get its HP down to red, start throwing |
| Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls (at night). It may take several      |
| attempts to successfully capture it.                           |

Once Dialga is captured, leave the room and return to the previous floor,
then come back to the room where you fought Dialga. Save and talk to
the purple portal. Palkia will try to eat you too.

| Legendary Pokemon Palkia                                       |
| Palkia is very similar to Dialga, except that its a water      |
| Pokemon instead of steel. It also has an attack called Special |
| Rend that can deal a good amount of damage, so use your best   |
| Pokemon and slowly chip away Palkia's HP. You will have better |
| chance of catchin Palkia with Net Balls too.                   |

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Comments for The Spear Pillar (Dialga,Palkia)

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Apr 13th 2015 Guest
I really need help i started playing pokempn platinum again an i caught dialga but killed palkia how to I get him back, do I have to defeat the e4 a second time?
ID #542514
Apr 1st 2015 Guest
Do we need to defeat elite four and Cynthia before catching dialga and palkia ?
ID #536052
Oct 7th 2013 Guest
Staraptor and all of those are easy, except infernape which can only be obtained at the start of the game as the prevolution chimchar for staraptor just level up a starly (can be found on route 201) or staravia found at the route south of veilstone in the grass patch near the lake for luxray go in the grass patches on the route west to sunyshore city catch a luxio and lvl it up a bit snover just go on the route east of snowpoint near the lake and gabite appears on victory road about 7% of the time approx
ID #313323
Sep 14th 2013 Guest
ID #309585
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
Hey, Can you do a guide to getting girantina. THX ps. my team is seaking, staraptor, luxray, snover (lv.37) garbite and my lv 42 fave infernape.
ID #306594
Jan 19th 2013 Guest
I did this, caught both of them with one ball, AND NOW I DEFEAT ANYONE WITH ONE HIT!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #244319
Dec 11th 2012 Guest
thanks nerd
ID #219230
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
ps do you need the national dex?
ID #214224
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
i'm gonna do it right now. wish me luck
ID #214221
Aug 27th 2012 Guest
guyzzzzzz the portals aren't there HELP!
ID #180588
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
i got DIALGA lvl.70 with only 2 ULTRA BALLS thrown, by attacking him with a LUCARIO lvl.52 "Force Palm" and TOGEKISS lvl.42 "Yawn" and with my EMPOLEON lvl.76 taking all the damages. XD
ID #178457
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
i sujest we use a dragon type on both dialga and palkia[e.g,garchomp,giratina.]
ID #178391
Aug 16th 2012 Guest
I am going to catch all legendaries with pokeballs.

PS.I have already got Giratina in a pokeball Smile
ID #176791
Aug 15th 2012 Guest
the portls arent there
ID #176250
Aug 8th 2012 Guest
hey ive been trying to figure this out without a cheat some 1 plzz help ok how can i get to route 224 without a cheat also why is it there if its impossible to get to?
ID #173623