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The Relic Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

The Relic Badge

Galactic Eterna Building & Route 206
Items: TM46, X Speed, X Special, Blue Shard, Revive, Up-Grade, EXP. Share,
       Flag, Burn Heal, Super Repel, Rawst Berry (x2), Poison Barb.

| Pokemon [Route 206 : Tall Grass] |
--------------- ------------------
| Bronzor       | Lv. 15           |
| Geodude       | Lv. 14           |
| Kricketot     | Lv. 14           |
| Kricketune    | Lv. 15           |
| Ponyta        | Lv. 14-16        |
| Stunky        | Lv. 14-16        |
--------------- ------------------

Cut the "trees" in front of the Galactic Building to access it. Cutting the
"trees" at the northeast portion opens a path leading to a TM46. Proceed
into the building and meet Looker in a Grunt disguise. Beat the first pair
of Grunts then go up the stairs. Get rid of the next Grunt and grab the
X SPEED. Navigate around the building picking up an X SPECIAL, a BLUE SHARD

Save your game at the top floor. You may leave the building and go to the
Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon if necessary.

 ------------------- --------------------- ---------- 
| Boss              | Pokemon             | Rewards  |
------------------- --------------------- ----------
|                   | Zubat (Lv. 21)      |   --     |
| Commander Jupiter | Skuntank (Lv. 23)   |   $1600  |
------------------- --------------------- ----------
| The Skuntank uses Smokscreen and Screech, which    |
| lowers your Pokemon's accuracy and defense         |
| respectively. It also uses Poison Gas, which of    |
| course causes Poison. So make sure you have plenty |
| of Antidotes at your disposal. Use healing items   |
| when necessary.                                    |

After that battle, leave the building and proceed to the Cycle Shop. The
owner will give you BICYCLE. Hold B to switch gears on it. Leave and go
all the way south into Route 206. prof assistant's dad will give you the
EXP SHARE (if you have 30 or more Pokemon in your Pokedex). Go to Route
206 Here, Just pedal southwards. You may battle with other cyclists too.

At the second gatepost, speak to the girl there for a FLAG.

You'll eventually reach a different section of Route 206. Cut the "trees"
and head north along the right side path. Go left at the fork for a BURN HEAL.
Proceed to the top-left portion. Pick the 2 RAWST BERRIES. Turn back, then
head up the right side path. Grab the SUPER REPEL. Proceed further up to
battle Theodore. There is a tree to your right that you can cut to gain
access to a FULL HEAL.

From here, go down a bit then head left to find a POISON BARB. There are
new Pokemon to be captured on the tall grass too. Go all the way back
down to Route 207 when you're done.


The Wayward Cave
Items: Green Shard, Escape Rope, Super Potion, Blue Shard, Great Ball,
       Revive, TM32 Yellow Shard.

Note : This is an optional area.

| Pokemon [Cave 1F]         |
------------- -------------
| Bronzor     | Lv. 14-16   |
| Geodude     | Lv. 15-16   |
| Zubat       | Lv. 14-16   |
------------- -------------
| Pokemon [Cave B1F]        |
------------- -------------
| Bronzor     | Lv. 15-17   |
| Geodude     | Lv. 16      |
| Gible       | Lv. 15-17   |
| Zubat       | Lv. 15-17   |
------------- -------------

< Wayward Cave : 1F >

Use the Flash ability to illuminate the cave as soon as you enter. Head up
to reach the first fork. Go right first and examine one of the rocks there
to get a GREEN SHARD. Turn around to the left, smash the rock and continue
up. At the next intersection, head left past the breakable rock all the way
to the end and go down. You should see a Pokeball containing an ESCAPE ROPE
on the way. Defeat the Trainers. Check one of the rocks below them to find a
BLUE SHARD. There is a YELLOW SHARD in one of the rocks in the room where
you met Mira. You need the Dowsing Machine to find it though.

Return to the split path, go left and down to battle 2 more Trainers. After
beating them, smash the rock and pick up the GREAT BALL. Now, backtrack all
the way to the second intersection in this cave, and head north. At the next
split, go left then down. Battle with the Trainers; grab the TM32 afterwards.
Again, go back to the intersection.

From there, head right then down. Continue east and down again towards
another fork. Head right and battle with 2 more Trainers. Return to the
split. Go south; smash the breakable rock then follow the long, linear pat
all the way to the next fork. There, proceed south. Defeat the last pair of
Trainers and check one of the rocks below them for a RED SHARD.

Turn back and follow the path northwest. Once you get to the end, examine
the bottom rock for a NUGGET. Talk to the girl there and lead her to the

< Wayward Cave : B1F >

At Route 206, proceed to the west side of the Wayward Cave entrance. Then
head east 2 steps under the Cycling Road. From here, head north and you
should be able to access a cave. Use Flash as soon as you enter to
illuminate the area. Push the boulder out of the way and continue downstairs
to the next room.

This part of the cave involves bike jumping, and lots of it. So feel free to
use Max Repels to travel in peace. Start off by heading west towards the
first slope. Examine the top-left rock to get a STARDUST. Pedal up the slope
on your bike. Do the same for the next one.

Shift to the highest gear on your bicycle and pedal east, jumping over all
the ramps. Grab a MAX ETHER at the end. Proceed a bit northwest down the
ledge afterwards. Now, bike jump over the nearby ramp, so that you land
between it and the rock. Continue southeast then north.

Jump over the ramp to your left, pedal across the plank, and down the
stairs. Go up then right over the ramp. Pick up the GRIP CLAW. Turn back
west and up the slope at the end. Proceed east, jump past the first ramp for
a RARE CANDY. Turn back once more, jumping over all the ramps to the end.

There, go around to the top passage. Shift to top speed on your bicycle and
jump over the ramp to land next to the stairs. Go all the way down. Take
the stairs up to the upper floor. Grab TM26 (Earthquake). Use an Escape Rope
to leave the cave.

Route 207 & Route 208
Items: Oran Berry (x2), Cheri Berry, Bluk Berry, Revive, Super Potion,
       Dowsing Machine, VS. Seeker, Great Ball, Rare Candy, Berry Searcher,
       Tiny Mushroom

| Pokemon [Route 208 : Tall Grass] |
---------------- -----------------
| Bibarel        | Lv. 17-18       |
| Bidoof         | Lv. 16          |
| Machop         | Lv. 16-17       |
| Meditite       | Lv. 16-17       |
| Psyduck        | Lv. 16-18       |
---------------- -----------------

Go down to Oreburgh City to rest your Pokemon and restock on items if needed
Pedal back up the slope at high speed afterwards. Continue right for some
Trainer battles.
To the south of Kevin's position is REVIVE. Go back to the lower sector and
grab the SUPER POTION, Proceed further right into Mt. Coronet. You'll run
into the professor's assistant here and he'll ask you to pick between right
and left hands. I picked right so I got a VS SEEKER. He'll also give you the
DOWSING MACHINE POKETECH APP. This app will help you spot hidden items.

The path in this cave is really straight forward. Just head southeast, and
after that dialogue with the blue-haired man, go up the steps then down to
the right side to find the cave exit.

You'll be at Route 208 now. Begin by defeating Robert and take the north
bridge to find a GREAT BALL. Continue right along the bridge. Proceed
northwest and smash the rocks for an ETHER. There is a guy to the south of
the area who will give you an ODD KEYSTONE. You can also pick plenty of
berries to the left of the cottage too.

Go inside the house and talk to the little girl there. Say yes when
prompted to and she'll give you the BERRY SEARCHER POKETECH APP. Speak to
the old man for an Aspear Berry. You can find a TINY MUSHROOM south of the
Aroma Lady using the Dowsing Machine.

Hearthome City & Route 209
Items: Glitter Powder, Tuxedo/Dress, Poffin Case, TM45, Amulet Coin, Glitter
       Boulder, Spooky Plate, TM43. 

| Pokemon [Route 209 : Tall Grass] |
---------------- -----------------
| Bibarel        | Lv. 16-18       |
| Chansey        | Lv. 16          |
| Mime Jr.       | Lv. 16          |
| Staravia       | Lv. 17-18       |
| Starly         | Lv. 16          |
---------------- -----------------

Proceed a bit further into the city to meet Keira, who invites you to the
Contest Hall, But first, head to the Pokemon Center to heal if you need
to, then go into the nearby house. Talk to Bebe here for a level 20 Evee
(if you have an empty slot in your party list).

Next up is the Pokemon Contest Hall, the largest building at the northmost
part of the city. Mom will give you a DRESS or a TUXEDO. Keira will also
give you a GLITTER POWDER. Now, speak to the lady in purple at the east
side. She is Fantina, and this time you can battle her right away, unlike
in Diamond and Pearl. Finally, head for the house east of the Pokemon Center
and speak to the man there to get a POFFIN CASE. Time to visit Amity Square.

The Amity Square is an area located behind the Pokemon Gym in Hearthome City.
You can stroll with any cute Pokemon here You'll find a TM45 ATTRACT northeast
of the area. There is a TM43 SECRET POWER at the southern sector. A SPOOKY
PLATE can be found at the northeast part of the upper level. Check inside
the left stone structure for an AMULET COIN. Head for the gym now.

This place is nothing like its counterpart in Diamond/Pearl. First off, you
will be given a torch to see better. Now, move along and battle the first 2
trainers that you encounter, then locate the blue shape on the floor and
proceed into the matching door up ahead. Keep using the same method to get
past the maze, and you'll eventually reach Fantina's room.

 ------------ ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
|            | Duskull (Lv. 24)            |   --     |
| Fantina    | Haunter (Lv. 24)            |   --     |
|            | Mismagius (Lv. 26)          |   $3120  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
| This is one tough battle. Fantina uses Ghost-type   |
| Pokemon so Normal and Ground type attacks are       |
| won't work on them. Your best choice here is to use |
| Dark-type moves such as Bite and Crunch. Rotom's    |
| Ominous Wind move work very well too.               |
|                                                     |
| The Mismagius can use Shadow Ball, a rather deadly  |
| Dark move especially against your Ghost Pokemon, so |
| watch out for that.

You'll receive the RELIC BADGE and TM65 (Shadow Claw) from Fantina
afterwards. Go back outside and try to leave the city. You'll meet up
with Nolan again, and he'll challenge you to a battle. He will have a
different set of Pokemon, depending on which Pokemon you picked from the
briefcase very early in the game. Take the southeast exit out to Route 209.


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Oct 16th 2013 Guest
How can you surf on the water?
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May 30th 2012 Blu21301
IDK who sed the last post they r correct even though $ some reason I went throughout the hol cave and cudnt find a Gible
ID #147109
Apr 10th 2012 Guest
I'd recommend picking up a Gible in the WEST entrance of Wayward cave, found by going right under the cycling road. (It's a hidden cave). Gible is a Dragon and Ground dual type, and assuming you catch/breed it for a helpful nature, is an extremely powerful pokemon. It evolves at Lv 24 to a Gabite, and to Garchomp at 48. The best moves it learns by leveling up are Dragon Claw, and Dig. I'd use that TM 26 you picked up in Wayward cave (West entrance) and teach it to Gible. I'd recommend breeding it for a nature you want.

If you have access to Heart Gold/Soul Silver Diamond/Pearl, or another Platinum game cartridge, I'd recommend breeding, with a power item, and ev training it, to give it it's full potential.

For info on breeding, and ev training (if you don't already know a lot about it) I'd check out other sites, like
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Mar 22nd 2012 Wayneye2000
shadow ball is a ghost type

ID #125232
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
i wish his prinplup was weaker
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Its a ghost not a grass type!!!!(: ,Lanelane
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