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Pokemon Platinum Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Platinum is an enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, part of the fourth gen of series. in the game Giratina has more forms available and there is a new area in the game called Distortion World. Released in 2008 and in other regions in 2009, Pokemon Platinum is already over 10 years old. On our website you'll find a massive collection of Pokemon Platinum cheats which are entered using an Action Replay device, or in the cheat menu of your emulator. We also have more Pokemon Platinum cheats on our Action Replay cheats page for the game.

As well as cheats, we are privileged to have sent in to us an incredible number of Pokemon Platinum tips which we have collected and presented on our website since the game was released. You can also find a complete in-depth Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough

Pokemon Platinum Cheats

As mentioned in our introduction, all Pokemon Platinum cheats are entered using an Action Replay device or in the cheat menu of your emulator. Here we have some instructions on how to enter Action Replay Cheats.

If you are using an emulator, then simply copy and paste the code you are interested in using and follow any specific instructions related to that code. Sometimes for example the code will be activated after pressing a couple of keys such as A and B together.

Remember to always save your game before you activate a cheat and only save after you are sure that the cheat has not damaged your game or acted unexpectedly.

Here are some of the more popular Pokemon Platinum cheats to give you an idea of what can be done, but there are loads more to be found both below and on our Action Replay cheatspage.

Rare Candy Cheat

There are a few rare candy cheats that you can try in Pokemon Platinum, we have a number of different ones on SuperCheats, and most will give you some extra items too. The codes on this pages will give you a chance to try both a rare candies cheat, and a cheat for loads of all medicines.

Walk Through Walls

No Pokemon cheat collection is complete without a walk through walls cheat. Use it to walk anywhere on the map, but it comes with a special not of caution to make sure you save your progress before you try it and do not save your game with the cheat activated or while situation in a place where you are not meant to be. Tap the link to get the Pokemon Platinum walk through walls cheat.

Master Balls Cheat

Get 999 Master Balls with this action replay cheat. With the master ball no Pokemon can escape and you are guarateed to catch whoever you want to from your encounters. Visit this page to get this Pokemon Platinum master ball cheat.

Pokemon Event Cheats

There are loads of events in Pokemon Platinum where you can try to get specific Pokemon in the game. Since the game is now well over 10 years old, the live events are long past and the only way to try to get these Pokemon is with event cheats. We have all of the Pokemon Platinum event cheats here.

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum Tips

While it's great fun to use the Action Replay codes in games, Pokemon Platinum is an incredible game which can be enjoyed without cheats, you'll find some great tips below and more if you continue to scroll down this page.

Bonus Villa Furtniture Items

There is a range of furniture items such as a chandelier, piano, paintings and more that can be unlcoked by completing tasks in the game, the full list is here.

Receive Free Pokemon

Certain actions in the game will give you free Pokemon, some are not hard to do and simply involve going somewhere and meeting or speaking with someone. Follow this link to start getting some free Pokemon.

How to Beat the Elite 4

Beating the Elite 4 is really dependent upon a number of factors including your team setup and what moves your Pokemon know. Here we have some general tips on how to beat the Elite 4

How to Catch Dailga

You can catch the Legendary Pokemon Dialga in Pokemon Platinum, and here's how.

Keep reading below for more top tips for this game. For something specific, browse through, or ask a question.

More cheats can be found over on our Action Replay Codes page for Pokemon Platinum.

More Pokemon Platinum Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 339 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Platinum please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Platinum go to:
Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes
Pokemon Platinum GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Platinum Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Bonus Villa furniture

When you complete the following tasks you will be rewarded with the corresponding piece of furniture.

Unlock Chandelier:

Walk a total of 300,000 steps.

Unlock Great Painting:

Hatch 30 eggs.

Unlock Music Box:

Purchase Racks

Unlock Wall Clock:

Plant 50 berries.

Unlock Tea Set:

Purchase the Music Box.

Unlock Piano:

Defeat the Elite Four 10 times.

Unlock Guest Set:

Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe.

Unlock Pokemon Bust #1:

Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier.

Unlock Pokemon bust #2:

Obtain 5 silver prints from the Battle Frontier.

Receive Happy Birthday Message from Dawn/Lucas

When you have beaten the Elite 4 and you play the game on your birthday and you talk to Dawn/Lucas she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday. If you don't want to wait for your Birthday to hear the message just set the DS clock to your date of birth.

Unlock National Pokedex

This features becomes available when you have completed the Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing ALL 210 regional Pokemon and then talking to Professor Rowan in his lab.

Sky Form Shaymin

You MUST have the Event Shaymin thats given to you via wireless event in TRU for America, or the Movie from Japan. These events have ended already and now require trading specific pokemon to get the item. Shaymin MUST be in the Cherish Ball to prove legitimacy. If you try getting the Gracidia flower from the blond girl in Floweroma Town you will not get it. You will have to wait to get WiFi to gain a TRU Shaymin. When you do get the Glacidia flower which has a magical power give it to Shaymin and then go to your Pokemon and click on Shaymin and he will transform into Sky Form.

Thanks to poke.addicted

Roaming Pokemon

There are 5 Legendary Pokemon that will roam the land of Sinnnoh when the corresponding event (listed below) has been completed. Use the Marking Map application on the Poketech to easily track them down.

Articuno Lv.60 (Ice)

When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Zapdos Lv. 60 (Electa)

When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Moltres Lv.60 (Fire)

When you have the National Dex go to Pal Park and talk to Prof. Oak.

Mesprit Lv.50 (Psychic)

Find in Lake Verity after battling Giratina.

Cresselia Lv.50 (Psychic)

Found on Full Moon Island after event with sleeping boy.

Platinum Orb

When you have beaten the Elite 4 go to the Turnback cave making sure you don't take the same door which you came and then go past the three pillars and you'll find the item Rare Bone and the portal to the Torn World. If you then follow the path you will eventually find the Platinum Orb which if you then give to Giratina will change to it's original form.

Elite 4 Lineups

Below is a complete lineup including stats for the Pre-National Dex and Post-National Dex which as you can see now include new Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex

Pre-National Dex

Champion #1 - Aaron

Yanmega Lv.49, Scizor Lv.49, Vespiquen Lv.50, Heracross Lv.51, Drapion Lv.53

Champion #2 - Bertha

Whiscash Lv.50, Gliscor Lv.53, Golem Lv.52, Rhyperior Lv.52, Hippowdon Lv.55

Champion #3 - Flint

Houndoom Lv.52, Flareon Lv.55, Rapidash Lv.53, Infernape Lv.55, Magmortar Lv.57

Champion #4 - Lucian

Mr.Mime Lv.53, Espeon Lv.55, Bronzong Lv.54, Alakazam Lv.56, Gallade Lv.59

Champion #5 - Cynthia

Spiritomb Lv.58, Roserade Lv.58, Togekiss Lv.60, Lucario Lv.60, Milotic Lv.58, Garchomp Lv.62


Elite 4

This is your last Rival battle and below are their stats depending on which Pokemon you started with. As previous editions of Pokemon (Diamond and Pearl) the lineups are the same but at a slightly reduced level. Apart from one it is the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum that are more powerful.

If Your Starter is Turtwig

Staraptor - Lv. 48

Floatzel - Lv. 47

Heracross - Lv. 48

Roserade - Lv. 47

Snorlax - Lv. 49

Infernape - Lv. 51

If Your Starter is Cimchar

Staraptor - Lv. 48

Rapidash - Lv. 47

Heracross - Lv. 48

Roserade - Lv. 47

Snorlax - Lv. 49

Empoleon - Lv. 51

If Your Starter is Piplup

Staraptor - Lv. ..

Getting an Eevee

This video show you how to get an Eevee

Watch the video

Byron's Gym in Canalave

A high leveled Pokemon which has Fire and Ground attack moves is useful in gym 6 as all three of Byron's Pokemon are weak against those type of attacks. Fighting moves are effective against Magneton and a Pokemon that knows Surf will be able to bowl over Bastioden and Steelix.


When you win the following amount of consecutive battles you will recieve the corresponding trophy

Bronze Trophy - Win 20 consecutive single battles

Silver Trophy - Win 50 consecutive single battles

Gold Trophy - Win 100 consecutive single battles

Thanks to poke.addicted

The Draco Plate!!

Hey, you know the Pokemon statue in Enterna City. Well behind it is plate that is very well. Use your Drowsing app on your poketch and soon ther will be a super small dot. GO to the small dot pick it up and it will be the draco plate!!!

PS:This is a super rare plate so you won't find it in simply places.


Crasher Wake's Gym in Pastoria

Useful Pokemon to have in gym 5 are ones which have Grass type moves which are effective against Quagsire and Pokemon which have Electric type attacks like Luxray to use against Gyarados and Floatzel who are weak against that type of attack.

Free Pokemon

During the game go to the given location and complete the following tasks or see the indicated person to receive the corresponding free Pokemon.

60 - Poliwag:

When you have the Natonal Dex go to the Day Care Center and speak to the man in front (50% chance of being Shiny).

79 - Slowpoke:

Show a child in the Seal shop a Pokemon with a caplse on it.

133 - Eevee:

Visit Bebe in Hearthome City.

137 - Porygon:

Talk to a man in a house in Veilstone.

175 - Togepi:

Rescue the Bike Shop manager from the Eterna City Galactic building to receive an egg containing Togepi from Cynthia.

447 - Riolu:

When you complete the mini quest with Riley and he will give you a Riolu egg at the end.

440 -..

Fantina's Gym in Hearthrome

To beat gym 3 you must first reach Fantina by navigating two dark maze like rooms using a flashlight and finding a blue square with a pattern on it and then matching it to the red door with that pattern. If you are correct you will go through to the next room but if you are wrong you'll be sent back.

Thanks to poke.addicted

How To Make A Lot Of Money... Fast

Place the Amulet Coin on the Leading Pokemon of your Party. After you do this, battle everyone in the Battle Cafe and your Rival. After that, face the Elite Four / Champion.

You will make a lot of money, and quite quickly too.

Unlock Secret Box Wallpapers

If you go to the 3rd floor of the TV station in Jubilife City and say certain words to the TV producer when he asks for your feedback additional secret box wallpapers will become available. Your answer is composed of four words which can be obtained by going to this site TV and entering your Trainer ID.

The Best Location To HP EV Train

The best location to HP EV Train is on Route 212 - South (Grasses). There is a 75% chance of either a Shellos or Quagsire appearing. They will be between Levels 23-46. Your Pokemon will receive 1 HP EV Point for every Shellos it defeats; 2 HP EV Points for every Quagsire. That's 2 HP EV Points for every Shellos and 4 HP EV Points for every Quagsire if your Pokemon has Pokerus.

Calculator Pokemon Sounds

When you use the Calculator App of your Poketch, you will hear a Pokemon's Cry with your sum, product, etc.

Example: 1 + 2 = 3 (Venusaur's Cry - National Pokedex)

If you don't have a Pokemon Pokedex Entry at the number of your sum, product, etc, you will not hear a Pokemon's Cry.

The Best Location To Defense EV Train

The best location to Defense EV Train is in Oreburgh Mine. There is a 75% chance that either Geodude or Onix appears. These Pokemon will all be under Level 10. Your Pokemon will earn 1 Defense EV Point for every Geodude or Onix it defeats. That 2 Defense EV Points for every Geodude or Onix if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Two easy ways to beat the Elite Four!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you want the two easy ways please do the following.

1st easy way:If you have a Action Replay just put one hit kills.

2nd easy way:This one is a little bit harder, First battle all of the Elite Four and let all your Pokemon faint. Then on your pokedex look at the Elite Four's pokemon. Then on your poketch where you have the effective macther (you get it from the poketch president) look at the weak points then catch the Pokemon that can beat the Elite Four's pokemon.

Hope this helped for the people who can't beat the Elite Four.

Ps:PLEASE RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Best Location To Special Attack EV Train

The best location to Special Attack EV Train is in the Old Chateau. There is a 100% of a Gastly appearing. The Gastly are pretty weak, being between Levels 14-17. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Special Attack EV Point for every Gastly it defeats. That's 2 Special Attack EV Points for every Gastly it defeats if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

The Best Location To Special Defense EV Train

The best location to Special Defense EV Train is on Route 213 (Surf). There is a 65% chance that either Tentacool or Tentacruel appear. The Tentracool and Tentacruel will be between Levels 20 and 40. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Special Defense EV Point for every Tentacool it defeats; 2 Special Defense EV Points for every Tentacruel. That's 2 Special Defense EV Points for every Tentacool and 4 Special Defense EV Points for every Tentacruel if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Early Evolution Items

In Pokemon Platinum you can find spread around Sinnoh the evolution items of Pokemon like Gligar, Duskull and Porygon before getting the National Dex.

Gardenia's Gym in Eterna

To reach Gardenia in gym 2 you must first deafeat the other trainers to make the blades in the middle move around. Pokemon which have Flying type attacks, Fire and Poison are useful and if you don't have Chimchar you must have Noctowl or Stavia to have any chance of beating this gym.

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP as low as you possible can without defeating it.

2. Use a move that will make the Pokemon Fall Asleep.

3. Use Ultra Balls to try to catch it.

If the Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to throw Ultra Balls.

Battle Cafe Trainers' Pokemon / Levels

Buck - Torkoal Level 61, Shuckle Level 61, Umbreon Level 63, Dusknoir Level 63, and Claydol Level 65

Riley - Ursaring Level 61, Absol Level 61, Metagross Level 62, Salamence Level 63, and Lucario Level 65

Mira - Gengar Level 61, Porygon-Z Level 61, Magnezone Level 62, Togekiss Level 63, and Alakazam Level 65

Marley - Ninjask Level 61, Electrode Level 61, Crobat Level 62, Weavile Level 63, and Arcanine Level 65

Cheryl - Drifblim Level 61, Wobbuffet Level 61, Hariyama Level 62, Wailord Level 63, and Blissey Level 65

Roark - Golem Level 61, Probopass Level 61, Aerodactyl Level 62, Rampardos Level 63, and Tyranitar Level 65

Volkner - Raichu Level 61, Jolteon Level 61, Luxray Level 62, Lantern Level 63, and Electivire Level 65

Team Galactic Spear Pillar / Distortion World -- Pokemon / Level

Once you reach Spear Pillar, you will have to face two Team Galactic Members, each in a Single Battle.

Team Galactic Member #1 - Croagunk Level 39 and Croagunk Level 43

Team Galactic Member #2 - Stunky Level 41 and Glameow Level 41

After you have defeated these two people, Team Galactic Commander Jupiter and Team Galactic Commander Mars will challenge you to battle. Luckily, your Rival comes out to help. You will face Jupiter and Mars in a single battle with your Rival.

Jupiter - Golbat Level 44, Bronzor Level 44, and Skuntank Level 46

Mars - Bronzor Level 44, Golbat Level 44, and Purugly Level 46

Once you and your Rival defeat Jupiter and Mars, Giratina will appear. Cyrus, Cynthia, and yourself will then leap into portal ..


These are rewarded when you complete the indicated task.

Ability Ribbon:

Beat Palmer in single battle (1st time)

Great Ability Ribbon:

Beat Palmer in single battle (2nd time)

Double Ability Ribbon:

Win 50 consecutive Double Battles

Multi Ability Ribbon:

Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles

Pair Ability Ribbon:

Win 50 consecutive Multi Battles (Over wireless)

World Ability Ribbon:

Attain Rank 5 at the Wi-Fi Battle Room

Thanks to poke.addicted

The Best Location To Attack EV Train

The best location to Attack EV Train is on Route 207. There is 35%-45% chance that a Machop appears, depending on what time of day it is. The Machop(s) are very weak; all being under Level 10. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Attack EV Point for every Machop it defeats. That's 2 Attack EV Points for every Machop it defeats if it has Pokerus.

Maylene's Gym in Veilstone

To beat gym 4 you have to move the red punching bags around to get rid of the tires. Noctowl, Staravia, Kirlia and Kadabra are all good Pokemon to have in this gym.

Trophy Garden Pokemon

Here is a complete list of the Pokemon that appear in the Trophy Garden at the back of the mansion which is owned by Mr Backlot and situated in Route 212. There are also wild Pokemon at the Trophy Garden (Staravia, Roselia, Pikachu, Pinchu) and when you have the National Pokedex more Pokemon will appear there.

35 - Clefairy

39 - Jigglypuff

52 - Meowth

113 - Chansey

132 - Ditto

133 - Eevee

173 - Cleffa

174 - Igglybuff

183 - Marill (Water)

298 - Azurill

311 - Plusle (Electa)

312 - Minun (Electa)

351 - Castform

438 - Bonsly (Rock)

439 - Mime Jr. (Psychic)

440 - Happiny


Listed below in order are the different gyms and their teams and what you recieve when you beat the gym.

Gym 1 - Oreburgh

Trainer - Roark (Geodude Lv.12, Onix Lv.12, Cranidos Lv.14)

You will receive TM76 Stealth Rock when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 2 - Eterna

Trainer - Gardenia (Turtwig Lv.20, Cherrim Lv.20, Roserade Lv.22)

You will receive TM86 Grass Knot when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 3 - Hearthome

Trainer - Fantina (Duskull Lv.24, Haunter Lv.24, Mismagius Lv.26)

You will receive TM65 Shadow Claw when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 4 - Veilstone

Trainer - Maylene (Meditite Lv.28, Machoke Lv.29, Lucario Lv.32)

You will receive TM60 Drain Punch when the gym has been beaten.

Gym 5 - Pastoria

English translation version of the Battle Frontiers

Listed in order are the Battle Frontier buildings and corresponding Frontier Brains in the English version on the game.

Battle Tower - Palmer

His team in the first round is Dragonite, Rhyperior and Milotic.

His team in the second round is Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia

Streak - BP

Battle Factory - Thornton

Random Pokemon in both rounds.

Streak - BP

Battle Arcade - Dahlia

Her team in the first round is Dusknoir, Medicham, Ludicolo.

Her team in the second round is Togekiss, Zapdos, Blaziken.

Streak - BP

Battle Castle - Darach

His team in the first round is Houndoom, Staraptor, Empoleon.

His team in the second round is Gallade, Empoleon, Entei.

Feat - CP*

# of Pokemon that have not ..

The Best Location To Speed EV Train

The best location to Speed EV Train is the Resort Area (Super Rod). There is a 100% chance of Magikarp appearing. The Magikarp are between Levels 1-100. Your Pokemon will receive 1 Speed EV Point for every Magikarp it defeats. That's 2 Speed EV Points for every Magikarp it defeats if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Battle Cafe

After Looker has arrested Charon in Stark Mountain, you can access the Battle Cafe in the Survival Area.

In the Battle Cafe, you can battle the Gym Leaders with their Leveled-Up Pokemon.

You can also battle trainers you have helped throughout the game.

Roark's Gym in Oreburgh

Pokemon with Water, Grass and Fighting moves will be useful in gym 1 as Roarak's Pokemon are weak against Pokemon with those type of moves. Be careful of Cranidos as it has a high attack but fortunately also weak defenses, a good Pokemon to have against it is Machop who can defeat it easily.

The Easiest Way To Catch A Roaming Pokemon!

To do this, you must first have gotten the Mini Map Application from the Poketch Creator. Once you have gotten it and have pokemon roaming, it is time to find it! Have the Mini Map Application on your Poketch. Fly to Sandgem Town. Go back and forth between Sandgem Town and Route 202. In no time, the roaming pokemon would soon be in Route 202. This is when you can find/catch it! This trick can be used in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum!

Legendary pokemon

how can you catch all of the legendary pokemon without using action replay

Looker's Location (After Stark Mountain Storyline)

Looker can be found in the Veilstone City Game Corner after you have finished the Stark Mountain Storyline. He'll talk to you, but it will cost him his Game Streak.

Pokemon Platinum FAQs

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

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