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The Cobble Badge

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

The Cobble Badge

Pokemon Mansion & Trophy Garden
Items: TM11, Elixir, Great Ball, Sooth Bell, TM87.

Note : You may also check out Route 212. (Its just next to the exit leading
       to Route 208.) This area is completely optional.

 ---------------- ----------------- 
| Pokemon [Trophy Garden]          |
---------------- -----------------
| Kricketune     | Lv. 16-17       |
| Pichu          | Lv. 16          |
| Pikachu        | Lv. 18          |
| Roselia        | Lv. 16-17       |
| Staravia       | Lv. 16-17       |
---------------- -----------------

At Route 212, continue south and you'll find a small tree that can be cut
down at theleft side. Get a TM11 SUNNY DAY behind it. Make your way east,
then north into the Pokemon Mansion.

The leftmost room at the west corridor has a GREAT BALL. The maid in the
next room will give you a SOOTH BELL. The first room at the east corridor
has a TM87 SWAGGER. Go back to the main hall and proceed north into the
Trophy Garden. You can catch a Roselia, Pichu and Pikachu there.


At Route 209, go north at the starting point for a GREAT BALL. Continue
onwards and speak to the fisherman by the dock. Agree with him when asked
to receive the GOOD ROD. You can fish for a pretty high level Goldeen
Pokemon in the water if you like. Proceed northwest across the dock to pick
some berries.

Battle with the twins as well as Danielle along the way. Head south from
Danielle's position, and go around to the top for a HYPER POTION. You can
collect an ETHER in the ditch too. To the right of Jennifer's position is a
crumbling tower. You can insert the ODD KEYSTONE there. After defeating
Shelley, go down for the TM47 STEEL WING.

Defeat Ty and Sue. You can either proceed north to Solaceon Town or enter
the Lost Tower from here. I recommend going to the tower, but you might
want to rest your Pokemon at the town first.

Lost Tower & Solaceon Town
Items: Oval Stone, Revive, TM27, Spell Tag, Cleanse Tag, Daycare Checker
       Pokemon History, Seal Case, PP Up.

| Pokemon [Lost Tower]             |
---------------- -----------------
| Gastly         | Lv. 19-21       |
| Golbat         | Lv. 21-23       |
| Murkrow        | Lv. 20          |
---------------- -----------------

When you enter the tower, climb all the way to the top. Battle trainers
along the way, since some of them reward you with a good deal of cash
for winning. You can also capture a Gastly and a Golbat Pokemon here.
Pick up an OVAL STONE, REVIVE and the TM27 RETURN on your way up.

There is nothing for you to get at the top of the tower this time
around; that is until you get hold of the ability Defog. Once you do, return
to this floor and use the said ability to clear the fog then talk to the
ladies that you see to get a SPELL TAG and CLEANSE TAG.

Take your Pokemon to the Pokemon Center to rest and save your game
afterwards. Pick the berries near the town entrance. Speak to the nearby to
get the POKEMON HISTORY POKETECH APP. You can also check out the Pokemon
News Press and talk to the writer there. He'll ask you to bring him a
specific Pokemon and give you a reward in return.

Further north of town is the Pokemon Day Care. You can have them take care
of your Pokemon. Drop off 2 Pokemon and speak to the new guy that appears
in the Day Care to receive the DAY CARE CHECKER POKETECH APP. Finally,
check behind the Pokemon Center, to the right to find some steps down the
cliff. Jump down the second set of steps. Once you reach the bottom, enter
the house, and talk to the lady there. She'll give you the SEAL CASE.

Take another trip to the back of the Pokemon Center, and take the third
set of steps this time. You'll find a cave at the bottom. Go in.

Solaceon Ruins
Note : Once again, this area is completely optional.
You may check the symbols on the north wall in the first area. The symbols
point the way to the treasure chamber at the bottom of the ruins. Take the
following sets of stairs to get there: TOP-RIGHT, BOTTOM-LEFT, TOP-RIGHT,
TOP-LEFT, TOP-LEFT, BOTTOM-LEFT. Though you might want to check the other
rooms first. The solitary rock within certain rooms contain items. So be
sure to examine them.

The "rock items" are FIRE STONE, WATER STONE, and THUNDER STONE. The items
in the treasure room are RARE CANDY, NUGGET, ODD INCENSE, MIND PLATE and
HM05 DEFOG. Also, don't forget to capture an Unown Pokemon anwhere within
the ruins, for your Pokedex. 


Route 210 & Route 215
Items: TM51, Super Repel, Max Ether, TM66, Fist Plate, Super Potion, HP Up,
       Full Heal, Ultra Ball, TM34.
---------------------------   ---------------------------
| Pokemon [Route 210]       |  | Pokemon [Route 215]       |
-------------- ------------   -------------- ------------
| Chansey      | Lv. 18, 20 |  | Abra         | Lv. 20     |
| Geodude      | Lv. 19     |  | Geodude      | Lv. 20-22  |
| Kricketune   | Lv. 18-19  |  | Kadabra      | Lv. 20-22  |
| Mime Jr.     | Lv. 18, 20 |  | Kricketune   | Lv. 20-22  |
| Ponyta       | Lv. 18-20  |  | Ponyta       | Lv. 21-22  |
-------------- ------------   -------------- ------------

At Route 210, pick the berries near the starting point. Along the way,
you'll see a girl standing on higher ground to the right. Talk to her to
receive the TM51. After defeating Kahlil, head north to find a SUPER REPEL.
Continue onwards and once you reach the Cafe, go inside for more battles.

Onwards to Route 215. Make your way around and head east under the bridge
for an MAX ETHER. Continue down, then up the steps. Talk to the black belt
guy there to receive the TM66. Now, move along the bridge heading northwest,
then down the steps at the end. Cut the bush to your right. Proceed eastward
and grab the FIST PLATE next to Gregory after beating him.

Jump down, head south, cut the bush blocking the way and pick the berries.
Continue up the steps, cross the bridge south for a SUPER POTION. Turn back
north then east. After beating Nathaniel, go southeast a bit and cut the
tree to get a TM34. Proceed west then jump down at the end to find a FULL

Continue further right and pick the berries. Go on towards Veilstone City.

Veilstone City
Items: Counter, Sticky Barb, TM63, Coin Case.

This is a big city, so there are plenty of things you can do here. Start off
by visiting the department store, located just behind the Pokemon Center.
Talk to the old guy in the first floor to get a Mask of prof assistant's
initial Pokemon. At the second floor, talk to the lady behind the bottom
counter and she'll give you the COUNTER POKETECH APP. Next, proceed to the
fifth floor and speak to one of the buff guys standing near the escalator.
He'll give you a STICKY BARB.

Talk to the man outside the pair of houses to the left of the Game Corner.
He'll give you the TM63. The lady inside the left house will offer to give
your Pokemon a massage and find an accessory for you afterwards. Enter the
other house and talk to the clown, say "LEFT" to get the COIN CASE.

Check out the Game Center next. Talk to the standing brown-haired man and
he'll give you 20 Coins. You can play on the slot machines and exchange the
coins you won for prizes in the house next-door. You may buy coins from the
lady at the counter too. 50 coins is worth $1000 and 500 coins is $10,000.
Lining up the same images diagonally or horizontally is valid.

Head to the Pokemon Gym when you're done. It's a good idea to bring high
level Psychic and Flying type Pokemon, since the Gym Leader uses Fighting
type ones.

Fight the trainers here for experience points then head to the Pokemon
Center to heal before returning to the gym. This gym has changed -- you now
get to hit the punching bags and have them smash the tires to open up paths
that will eventually lead to the gym leader.

 ------------ -------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                  | Rewards  |
------------ -------------------------- ----------
|            | Meditite (Lv. 28)        |   --     |
| Maylene    | Machoke (Lv. 29)         |   --     |
|            | Lucario (Lv. 32)         |   $3840  |
------------ -------------------------- ----------
| The Bite ability works very well on her Meditite |
| so use it if you have it. As for the Machoke and |
| Lucario, the move Earthquake (from Torterra) can |
| knock both Pokemon out in a single hit.          |

Maylene will give you the COBBLE BADGE and TM60 Drain Punch afterwards. The
badge allows you to use the ability "Fly" outside of battle.

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