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Follow the dark path or use the light

Virmire Assignments

Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Virmire Assignments

- Wrex and the Genophage
- Assisting Kirrahe's Team

Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage

This assignment takes place at the salarian camp.

Saren has discovered a cure for the krogan genophage (the hereditary virus which causes only one in a thousand krogan offspring to survive) and is currently breeding an army of krogan warriors. Your mission on Virmire turns to destroying Saren's research facility to put a stop to his plans, as the prospect of a dispensable krogan army is not a favorable one. This puts your krogan ally in a difficult position. A cure for the genophage could result in the repopulation of his race, but the task at hand is to defeat Saren. Destroying Saren's research facility would hinder his plans, but the genophage cure would be lost.

Objective: Talk to Wrex
Save your game before speaking to Wrex because plenty can go wrong here. If you've completed the 'Wrex: Family Armor' assignment, keeping Wrex alive during this tense moment is simple. Work your way through the dialogue tree until the 'We are' and 'I wouldn't do this otherwise' options appear. Select either one to set Wrex straight by reminding him that these particular krogan are not his people, and that destroying the genophage would be best for everyone. Convincing Wrex in this fashion yields a large amount of Paragon points and nets you the 'Charismatic' achievement.


If you have not completed Wrex's assignment you'll have to use Charm or Intimidate to convince him. Unfortunately if you haven't invested enough talent points in Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents, there is no way to keep Wrex alive if you also haven't completed the Family Armor assignment. With an adequate number of talent points invested in either Charm or Intimidate, the blue 'These aren't your people' or the red 'Don't be so naïve' options are selectable. Convincing Wrex to back down using Charm yields Paragon points while convincing him with Intimidate yields Renegade points.

Conversation Wheel

Selecting any of the options on the right side of the conversation wheel leads to Wrex's death, either by Ashley Williams or by your own hands. The 'Shoot Wrex' option yields a large amount of Renegade points and is just downright brutal. The other two cause Ashley to step in a kill Wrex; your response afterwards determines the morality points you receive. Wrex is definitely a valuable ally, so keeping him alive would be best. You'll definitely want to keep him alive if you're working towards the 'Krogan Ally' achievement.

Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team

This assignment is added after Captain Kirrahe's speech at the salarian camp. There are several ways to assist Kirrahe's team on the Base Approach map. Passing these opportunities by leads to Kirrahe's death.

Objective: Disrupt Communications
From the Base Approach start point, make your way to the Communications Tower to the north. Destroy the geth surrounding the tower and head up the ramp to reach the walkway. Look for the 'Triangulation Tower' terminal and activate it. You are given a small amount of Paragon points for assisting Kirrahe's team.

Communications Tower

Disrupt Tower

Objective: Destroy Satellite Uplink
The Satellite Uplink Tower to the west is next. When you reach the tower, destroy the geth in the area and head up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, look up to see the destructible satellite uplink. Blast the satellite uplink to destroy it. You are given a small amount of Paragon points for assisting Kirrahe's team.

Satellite Uplink Tower

Satellite Uplink

Objective: Destroy Geth Flyers
Head to the opposite end of the tower and step onto the walkway. Start moving north towards the Refueling Platform. Proceed with caution as there are two geth destroyers along the way. There are a number of geth rocket drones on the Refueling Platform. Destroy all of the drones to earn Paragon points for assisting Kirrahe's team. That's all you can do for now, so make your way to the Research Facility entrance at the west end of the map.

Geth Rocket Drones

Objective: Disable Alarms
The facility entrance is guarded by a couple of krogan warriors and some geth. The krogan, particularly, are quite deadly, as they tend to charge. If you have a biotic-using ally, use Lift or a similar ability to stop a charging krogan in his tracks. Eliminate the krogan before he can get close enough to melee. When the walkway is clear, proceed through the door at the northern end of the walkway. In the Base Entry area, look for a security console on the left side of the walkway and examine it. Disabling the alarms will make things easier for the salarian teams. You are given Paragon points if you choose to help Kirrahe's team.

Disable Alarms

Security Console

This assignment is complete when the Virmire mission ends.

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