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Mass Effect Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Mass Effect

SuperCheats Guide
Mass Effect Guide
The Mass Effect galaxy is monstrously huge, but luckily this guide is here to help you find your way. You'll find a complete walkthrough for the mai..
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Check out our cheats to unlock hidden missions, unlock gamer pics and unlock Class Bonus Talents.

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We have 9 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Mass Effect please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Go to the giant map on your spaceship when you are infront of map thingy then press a then press be when it shows you character then walk sideways intul you fall then you are stuck.

Unlock Hidden Missions

These hidden missions can be found in the Plutus and Cacus systems. In the Plutus system of the Hades Gamma Cluster get 75% Renegade and in the Cacus system get 75% Paragon.

good gun vs. geth

1st get your best gun in what ever class you want for me it was handgun and I used two rail Vl upgrades and the best upgrade for damage to synthedics (spelling) and I was killing geth destroyers in like 6 shots it was really sweet!

How to get the geth weapons and other things

First off to get geth weapons you will have to become a spectre and you need to be high level I'm 44 you need to be at least level 42 to get a "Geth pulse rifle" You can get the VIII version of the rifle by killing geth.
"This may take a while." You can also buy a geth weapons permit later on in the game for around 27000 credits I paid over 550,000 credits for a GPR 5 they are very rare and expensive and sell for good prices and are very accurate.
And to make your machine gun never overheat you need a top of the line rifle. "A VIII model will do." Now you need two high level heat reducting parts and any ammo type you want. "As long as it isnt exploding rounds!" Now you should be able to kill a whole unit of people without taking your finger off the trigger!
Heres a glitch that can only be done after you beat the game and start over. "Make sure you start with your saved game data!" Don't start a totally new game or it wont work. Early on on eden prime after all the movies are done and your free to move around with kaiden and jenkins."The one that gets killed." pull up your equipment screen and you will be able to equipt Jenkins with any type of armor even alien armor! "But his appearance wont change :( you can even bring him up to your current level but he still gets killed.
and by the way each character will have a clone of the weapon,Armor etc that they were wearing when you beat the game in your inventory <3

Unlock Gamer Pics

To unlock two gamer pics that can be used on your profile complete the game on the Hardcore or Insanity difficulty settings gaining the indicated achievement.
Unlock Saren Gamer Pic:
Gain the 'Distinguished Combat Medal' achievement.
Unlock 'N7' Gamer Pic:
Gain the 'Medal of Valor' achievement.

Funny Interview

After a few of the main missions, if you go to the Citadel there will be an interviewer. (She is there as soon as you leave the docking bay elevator with a robot camera thing) She'll ask to interview you. Accept and answer the questions until she asks about the Normandy. Click the bottom right choice and shepard will punch her in the face. Then she curses at you and says your career is over. I thought it was kinda funny.

Fighting the Thresher Maw

Position Mako just within range (before you get far enough away that it goes back underground). Press the A botton to jump over its chemical attack, then fire your cannon (RB) at it. Rinse and repeat until it's dead!

Game Completion Unlockables

When you complete the game on the 'Normal' difficulty setting with the following requirements the indicated bonus feature can be unlocked.
Hardcore Mode:
Complete the game once.
Unlock Insane Difficulty:
Without changing the difficulty setting beat the game on the Hardcore difficulty.
Increased Level Cap (51 - 60):
Complete the game once.

Unlock New Game +:
When you complete the game the 'New Game +' feature will become unlocked where if you select 'Existing Career' you will retain your character and any equipment and skills you earned previously.

Unlock Bonuses

When you complete the following tasks in the game the next time you start a new game the corresponding bonus is unlocked.
Unlock +10% Experience Bonus:
Complete 75% of the Game.
Unlock +10% Hardening Bonus:
With Ashley in the squad complete 75% of the Game.
Unlock +10% Health Bonus:
Kill 150 Organic enemies.
Unlock +10% Shield Bonus:
Kill 250 Synthetics.
Unlock +25% Marksman Cooldown Bonus:
Get 150 Kills using the Pistol.
ALL Exp Rewards Improved by 5%:
Reach Level 60.
Spectre Grade Weapons for Purchase:
Get 1,000,000 Credits.
Unlock Assault Rifle Skill for New Characters:
Get 150 Kills using the Assault Rifle.
Unlock Shotgun Skill for New Characters:
Get 150 Kills using the Shotgun.
Unlock Sniper Rifle Skill for New Characters:
Get 150 Kills using the Sniper Rifle.
Unlock Decryption Skill for New Characters:
Use Sabotage 75 times.
Unlock Electronics Skill for New Characters:
Use Overload 75 times.
Unlock Shielding Skill for New Characters:
Use Dampening 75 times.

Unlocks Talent 'Barrier' for Future Characters:
Use Barrier 75 times.

Unlocks Talent 'Reverse Engineering' for Future Characters:
Use Hack 75 times.

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