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Follow the dark path or use the light

Noveria Assignments

Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Noveria Assignments

- Smuggling
- Espionage
- Doctor at Risk/UNC: Dead Scientists

Noveria: Smuggling

Speak to Opold, the hanar merchant in Port Hanshan Plaza near the elevator to Customs, and select the 'You heard already?' option on the left side of the conversation wheel. Spectres are generally free of restrictions, so Opold asks you to help him smuggle a package through customs. If you turn the hanar down, Opold's request still stands, so you can return to him and take on the assignment if you change your mind. Agree to help Opold and he informs you that the package can be picked up at the Docking Bay by the Normandy.


Objective: Retrieve the Package
Backtrack to the Port Hanshan Docking Bay and pick up the package on the ground near the Normandy. The package holds a powerful weapon mod.

Opold's Package

Objective: Return the Package
Now that you have the package in your possession, there are a few things you can do with it. Return to Opold's store and tell him you have the package; you can then hand it over to him for a measly amount of credits, or decide to keep the weapon mod inside for yourself. Opold's initial offer of 250 credits can be doubled if you've invested enough talent points in Charm or Intimidate, but 500 credits still isn't very much. The quality of the weapon mod inside of the package is dependent on your character's level, so the higher Shepard's level, the stronger the weapon mod is. However the upgrade likely isn't anything that couldn't be acquired normally.

You may choose to ignore Opold all together and instead bring the package directly to the buyer. Ask Opold about the recipient; he won't tell you at first, but you can get the information from him if you've invested enough talent points in Charm or Intimidate. The package is for a krogan named Inamorda. He can be found on the upper walkway in Port Hanshan Mezzanine. He won't talk to you unless you convinced Opold to tell you about the buyer. Inamorda doesn't offer much more for the package, but you will earn a small number of Renegade points for selling it to him directly. 


The package can also be given to Administrator Anoleis, who can be found in the Administrator's Office in Port Hanshan Plaza. Anoleis gives you a garage pass for Opold's package. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough, additional dialogue options appear on the left side of the wheel once Anoleis has given you the package. Selecting either of these persuasion options allows you to keep the package. The package can then be given to Opold if you wish, or you can keep the mod for yourself.


Noveria: Espionage

An asari named Mallene Calis wants to speak with you. She can be found in Port Hanshan Mezzanine, near the elevator. Mallene wants you to wiretap a salesman named Rafael Vargas. She believes that Binary Helix, the manufacturer of the products that Vargas sells, is illegally using asari biotic technology. Mallene offers to pay 500 credits if you pose as a buyer and talk to Vargas about business until her device has collected the necessary information. Refusing to participate completes the assignment and yields a couple of Paragon points, but you won't receive any credits this way.

Mallene Calis

Rafael Vargas

Objective: Keep Him Talking
Vargas can be found standing next to a table at the north end of the bar. Speak to him and identify yourself. You can either tell him outright that Mallene asked you to spy on him, or go through with Mallene's job and pose as an interested buyer. Mallene mentioned that Vargas is impatient and will refuse to continue the conversation if he suspects a potential buyer is not interested.

You must keep the conversation going until Mallene's device beeps, which signifies that the information has been collected. Shepard must have enough points invested in Charm or Intimidate to prolong the conversation as necessary. Select the blue Charm option or the red Intimidate option to keep the salesman talking about business. When the device beeps, end the conversation and return to Mallene for your reward.

Conversation Wheel

Objective: Turned Mallene In/Hacking Complete
If you told Vargas about Mallene's device, you can still lie to her and receive the credit reward anyway. Going through with the assignment and bringing the device back to Mallene yields Renegade points. Informing Vargus about Mallene and then telling Mallene that you did so earns you Paragon points, while lying to her yields Renegade points. Charm or Intimidate can be used to bump up the 500 credit reward to 750 credits.

Doctor at Risk/UNC: Dead Scientists

Successfully decrypt the terminal in the room at the end of the upper walkway in Port Hanshan Mezzanine to add this assignment to your Journal.


Objective: Find the Doctor
Travel to the Newton system of the Kepler Verge. The Normandy receives a transmission from Admiral Hackett upon entering the system. Hackett tells you that someone has been killing every scientist who was involved in a secret project years ago. Only one such scientist remains, and he is currently located in the Newton system. At this point the assignment's name changes to 'UNC: Dead Scientists.'

Objective: Find the Scientist
The last of the secret project members is being held in the Underground Facility on Ontarom. The Underground Facility is far southeast from the Mako's drop point. Open up your map and place a Destination flag near the facility to keep yourself oriented. A small number of mercenaries stand guard at the facility's entrance, but a couple of blasts from the Mako's cannon can make short work of them. When the perimeter is clear, exit the Mako and head inside.

Underground Facility Entrance

The mercenaries inside are quite tough. Immediately get behind cover upon entering the facility's main room and scan the area for threats. Destroy the containment cells if you're planning to fight at close-range to avoid having them set off while you're close by, or seize an opportunity to use them against the mercenaries. Stay near the room's entrance for an easy retreat if things take a turn for the worst. Once the mercenaries have been dealt with, make your way to the other end of the facility. Enter the hall and step into the room on the right.

You'll find the scientist in this room, being held at gunpoint by a mercenary; one Corporal Toombs. He claims that this scientist and those working on the project with him intentionally led thresher maws to a base-which they then wiped out-as an experiment.  If you've invested talent points in Charm or Intimidate, persuasion options are available on the conversation wheel. Selecting either of the choices on the right side of the wheel gets the scientist and Toombs killed, while selecting one of the persuasion options keeps Toombs, at the very least, alive. The blue 'This isn't justice' option effectively convinces Toombs to give it up and let the scientist live, while the red 'Let me do it' option has Shepard kill the scientist instead while Toombs remains alive.


Conversation Wheel

Objective: Report to Hackett
Return to the Normandy and access the Galaxy Map to report to Hackett and complete the assignment.

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