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Follow the dark path or use the light

Return to the Citadel

Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Return to the Citadel

Race Against Time: Sovereign

Objective: Find the Conduit
Once you-ve completed the storyline missions on Therum, Feros, Noveria and Virmire, access the Galaxy Map to trigger an event.

Objective: Report to the Council
The Citadel Council is content to drop the issue with Saren, claiming that he is no longer a threat. However Shepard and crew know that the Conduit and Sovereign exist and insist on following Saren through the Mu Relay to reach Ilos. Shepard receives no support from Ambassador Udina on this matter, and the ambassador effectively grounds the Normandy.

Objective: Meet with Anderson
Just as it seems that this mission is over, back aboard the Normandy you receive word from Joker that Anderson wishes to speak with you at the Citadel. You are told to meet him at the Flux club in the Upper Wards. This is your last chance to complete any of the assignments you have yet to complete or trigger at the Citadel, as you won-t be able to return here once you-ve made off with the Normandy. Keep in mind that any assignment that requires you to return to the Citadel cannot be completed at this point.


Anderson is seated at a table near the back of the club. Anderson tells you that he can bypass the Normandy lockdown by breaking into Citadel control and using one of the consoles there, though this puts him at significant risk due to the presence of armed guards in that area. Ask Anderson about other options; since Udina ordered the lockdown, Anderson could break into the ambassador-s office and hack into his computer. Anderson will succeed in unlocking the Normandy regardless of the option you choose, but the cutscene that the Udina option offers is wholly more satisfying and prevents Anderson from coming to harm.


Objective: Go to Ilos
A word of warning: Once you land on Ilos you cannot return to the Normandy, so complete any assignments left undone before proceeding. Check out the 'Optional Assignments' section and its sub-sections for a complete list.

Return to the Docking Bay and board the Normandy to trigger the departure cutscene. When the Normandy is back in orbit, access the Galaxy Map, travel to thr Refuge system in the Pangaea Expanse and land on Ilos.



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